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Who or What is Q Anon?

Photo of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania about to board Air Force One. Taken at the start of their recent five country trip through Asia (photo – oregonlive.com)

By Phil Hingston

Never heard of Q Anon, or “Q” Clearance, or just plain Q?

Don’t feel bad because if you’re over 50 and not exactly au fait with “message boards”, Reddit forums, and 4Chan, it’s not surprising. We old guys need to get up to speed. This is how crucial information is spread today, given our totally controlled mainstream media.

4chan is a type of online, free-thinking forum where users can engage with each other on various issues ranging from cat videos to world shaking current geo-political machinations. Anything goes on chat rooms.

Enter Q

The designation”Q” usually signifies a person with extremely high level security clearance. (E.g. Like Q, the fictional character in the James Bond films.) Enough said. If he/she is what he purports to be, then he /she is a person extremely close to the President of the United States (POTUS). He even seems to have dropped clues to verify his credentials by posting on 4Chan aerial photos purported to be taken from inside Air Force One during Trumps’ recent trip to Asia.

Q frames his “intel drops” as questions designed to lead readers in the direction he wishes them to focus their thinking on, whilst simultaneously drip-feeding gems of intriguing covert and clandestine intelligence.

William Carr’s Revelations on the Elite


I was sent the PDF, The Book of Q“. This is from the forward:

“All of Q’s messages were posted on a thread called Calm Before The Storm (CBTS), which at this point, has been archived over 430 times – making it the longest thread on 4chan ever.

“As all of this evolves, it is clear that whoever Q may be, his statements, questions and/or insinuations paint a compelling picture: a world about to be set free from the grip of a global cabal that includes CIA, FBI, banker families and royal dynasties.”

You little beauty! End the Fed (Rothschilds and Rockefellers) and their iron-grip on central banking and the criminal banking system generally.

It’s starting to look like President Trump, President Putin and President  Xi (of China) have just about had enough of this garbage from the Rothschild Cabal and they’re putting an end to it.

Also, ISIS (CIA, Obama, Clinton et al) has been smashed in Syria by the Russians. The Chinese have been quietly pushing forward with their “One Belt One Road” initiative, which is, by the way, the biggest infrastructure development in the history of humankind.. Not that we’ve heard anything about it from our Cabal-controlled media. Think “Same Sex Marriage” (much more important).

And Donald Trump is trolling the world and putting a flame-thrower up the arse of the satanic Cabal and their minions. (More power to him).

“Q” is somehow connected to Donald Trump. Q may even be Donald Trump. Q has linked Saudi arms purchases with BAE Systems, which links Prince Charles to Saudi arms purchases under the Al Yamamah “dodgy deal”.  Never heard of Al Yamamah? Check this here!

It gets murkier.

Princess Diana’s assassination is mentioned. Page 45 of “The Book of Q” starts off with characteristic questions.

“Who is the Queen of England? How long in power? With power comes corruption.

“What happened to Diana? What did she find out? Why was she running? Who did she trust to help her flee? What was the cover? Why is this relevant? Why now? Old. Connection. News. Bad actor. London Mayor. Background? Affiliation? Connection to the Queen? British MI6 agents dead. When? How? What was reported? What really happened? Why is this relevant?

“Wealth. Corruption. Secret society. Evil. Germany. Merkel. Migrants. Why are migrants important. Assets. What are assets? Define assets. Why are migrants so important. What are assets? Why are migrants so important?  Assets. Why are migrants so important?

“Operations. Satan. Who follows? What political leaders follow Satan? Who wears openly? Why? Who is she connected to/ Why is this relevant? Spirit cooking. What does Spirit Cooking represent? Cult. What is a cult. Who is worshipped? Why is this relevant? Snow White. Godfather III. Speed. Q.”

Cryptic and intriguing to say the least. Any readers of Gumshoe must have joined a few dots and perhaps are suspecting by now that, whoever Agent Q is, he/she seems to have a deep understanding of the way the world really works.  He/she has found an interesting means and method of disseminating copious amounts of background information, hitherto suspected but as yet not common knowledge amongst the public.

Who Really Killed JFK? 


Here again is the link to the book. If getting to the bottom of some very dark deeds is your thing, then “The Book of Q” might just be what the doctor ordered.

Topics hinted at include Pizzagate, elite child sex trafficking, Satanism and The Occult, bribery, money laundering through charities and foundations (think The Clinton Foundation), Benghazi weapons trans-shipments and the Syrian war, corruption of  Obama, Clinton, Bush, Podesta, etc, 2000+ sealed indictments, Saudis and links to Israel (Mossad), Las Vegas shooting and links to Saudi and Bill Gates’, ownership of the Mandalay Bay, (Four Seasons Resorts), false flags, attempted assassination of MBS (the new King of Saudi Arabia) and possibly Trump in Vegas on the 1st Oct, 9/11, and much more.



    • Fredrick Toban, may I ask you, “What level of Junior High or Elementary School have you actually completed? Better yet, “What Planet are you from?” I guess you have never seen actu photos of men lined u, behind bobbed-wire fences, shirtless, so thin from starvation that their cheekbones, ribs, shoulders, etc. are protruding out and beyond their skin. They stand there with smiles on their faces, moments before they are marched into gas chambers that are disguised as showers. The women, little children and men were told that they could all have nice showers and that they were being released. My father fought the Japanese [allies of Germany during WWII]. As a child, I would here my dad having horrible nightmares about how the Germans tortured the German Jews. Hitler’s girlfriend and other affluent Germans as well as high-ranking politicians would cut the tattoos off of the Jews and make lampshades out of their stretched out, tattooed skin. My uncles were tortured to death by the Germans. I am German. My great-great-great grandparents came here from Germany during the late 1800’s. How dare you speak so foolishly and so ignorantly.

      • For your uneducated infirmation, those pictures are propaganda photos of murdered Russians in the Bolshevik revolution. See how that works to fool all of the lazy little school kids that have no Critical thinking skills.

      • flowerchild7, you are obviously Jewish and have been trained from birth to wail and moan and feel perpetually victimized by the Holocaust. Well, some bad things did happen to the Jews, but just as bad things have happened to many people groups over the history of mankind. How awful the Holocaust was, well let’s say it was awful. But the thing is, Jewishness would not exist if it weren’t for this book called the Torah. The whole claim to something called “Judaism” originates from there. Without it, there is no such thing as a Jew, unless you are referring to someone directly from the particular location of Jerusalem. So, if you do not believe in and adhere to Torah, you are not a Jew. Its like me saying I’m an American but I don’t believe America really exists. So, you and others like you who do not believe in and follow the Torah are not Jews and you have no claim to this never ending self pity. Now, if you do believe and follow Torah, you are Jewish, AND you also know that a Jew who rejects the Law of Torah is to be “cut off from his people.” Which supports the point I just made. And if you do follow Torah, you also know that because the Jewish people were given everything by Adonai, yet repeatedly disobeyed His commands and committed many sins and atrocities, you were told that the price for that was to have everything taken away from you, to be persecuted by your enemies and be scattered all over the world. And as any true Jewish person knows, the Jews are in exile still. So all these things that have happened to you are by decree of G-d, Who made you and Who you disobeyed. Until He restores the nation (and this Israel has been falsely restored by fake Jews) you are still under the decree of punishment and need to look to yourself to become what Adonai commands you to be-a holy people to serve Him. If you do not care for any of that, then take it up with the One and the Law that created Judaism, or stop referring to yourself as Jewish. Other people have suffered at least as much as the Jews, but none of them have attained the wealth, power and influence that Jewish “victims” have attained. So lets have an end to hypocrisy.

        • I suppose you are talking about 0,01% of ‘the Jews’. The other 99,99% are innocent people who were the real victims without any hypocrisy, but only with immeasurable pain, sorrow and losses.

        • I assume that you are either a “Torah following Jew” or a Jewish theologen. Otherwise one might perceive your assertive tirade as audacious, and haightily supercilious. Your entire essay equates to nothing more than an opinionated diatribe. Furthermore, your analogy about America is so nonsensical, I actually laughed out loud. You are in no authoritative position to dictate the qualifications of a persons religion. Especially because the Jewish people are ethnoreligious, which means their ethnic background is jewish as well as their religion being Judaism.
          So since I, myself am not Jewish, I find your foolish notions quite comical. But your cultural prejudice and ignorance have probably offended most others, which was probably your intent. I pray that you will someday graduate from your elementary mind set and join the real world. Until then I look forward to your angry, beligerant reply.

      • What delusion and deception some of you ate under. You must be anti-semetic. There was no cover-up. WWII soilders saw the camps first hand. There were too many witnesses to count and to have agreed to participate in such a complicated cover-up. The Holocaust happened. If you want to look at cover-ups, look at JFK assination and the Clinton Cabal.

  1. Re Q: from a recent Cathy fox blog:

    “WHO IS Q?
    A numerical code on the second and most significant release from November 1st, 2017, as we will see, was “4, 10, 20.”
    Various sleuths have since pointed out that if this is an alphanumeric code, where the numbers correspond to letters of the alphabet, it would be:
    4=D, 10=J, 20=T…
    As in DJT.
    Donald J. Trump.
    I have no idea if “Q Anon” is really the President of the United States, but considering how he has already used Twitter to leak intel, it is entirely possible.”

    Interestingly my father taught me this code when I was a child- and how the enigma code was a variation on this -he worked in intelligence ww2 and considered himself a top code breaker-and I believe he was – when I last saw him in 2012 – he tested me to see if I remembered who 18 was.. of course I did—and then we spoke of alpha beta gamma delta theta omega– and programming amongst other things. Lord Haw Haw comes to mind

    Until now had not heard of the Book of Q–personally been more focussed on members of the Order of the Garter such as Dr Rawlings Rees and how it has impacted on Australia —-
    Of course it is all connected

    Thanks for this post. Seems like we all have a common goal /task –to raise consciousness/awareness — and shine a spotlight on the parts of the story that we know well–and to support those who have been aware of this evil corruption and secret hidden agenda and have spoken out.

    well at least life is not boring

  2. “Seems like we all have a common goal /task –to raise consciousness/awareness”.

    Gumshoe just doing its’ part.

    You can spend hours trying to piecetogether the threads on 4 Chan. Forget about the indecipherable codes. They’re obviously meant for someone in particular.

  3. Thanks for raising this Phill,
    I have noted references to these mystery ‘Q’ ‘codes’ and have no idea. Just very cautious of the messages etc.
    The only thoughts I have on this is; either someone has a lot of time and a mischievous imagination or if genuine, I can only wait and discern any progress.
    Wonder if ‘Q’ will put some of his old gadgets on E-Bay, i would like the brief case used in ‘From Russia with love’, with the sovereigns. Even the electra would be a fun curio for my desk.
    I suppose Lotte Lenya is unattainable now, even for ‘Q’?

  4. The radio program ABC, Phillip Adams, Monday 27th and 28th November, Adams is interviewing Luke Harding and his book Russia and US collusion, as I understood the KGB, of interest are those who are addicted to sex and power and money, Trump seems to be the perfect candidate for this job description, if he Trump was infiltrated as being someone who could be used by the KGB, and also put into power by Russia, it would seem to me, if these allegations are true he would be charged with treason.
    Not only if he has been involved with compromising position with prostitutes, the photographic evidence the KGB may have, would entail him being open or at least compromised as a President? not only is the possibility of he becoming party to issues such as Russian interference in Syria and Georgia, also compromising our political system Democracy, if the morals of a Nation such as America, having now been lost, we are in deep trouble.

  5. I recommend -The Labyrinth -as an example of “art” that comes from a place that is not in the realm of life and death–rather the dialogue between man/woman/child and insanity–that which is unspeakable


  6. Just thoughts. . . The letter Q, in the most ancient languages, represents the number 100, which also represents a whole, essentially the same as 1. In Hebrew, the letter Quph means, circle, time, condense. The original pictograph is a horizon (that could indicate time) or as above, so below. In Middle Hebrew the pictograph/writing looked more like a g or 6 sideways. Just information that may or may not be relevant.

  7. all Q is, is a conspiracy theory made up by a nutter who wrote a book about who Q is and now the other nutters are buying it

  8. Those of you who are Jew Haters. I suppose you have your reasoning’s. But to disclaim the Holocaust or Death Camps? You IDIOTS forget.. there were OTHERS in those camps, besides Jews!
    Jehovah’s Witnesses were in those camps as well. THEY wore the ‘Purple Triangles’. I’m not sure why, but these quiet, polite, non-political group of people are ignored. Google -Purple Triangles, and your denial is flushed!

    • I don’t know figures but I’ve read somewhere that historians estimate around 25% of all European Roma GYPSYS were killed by various governments including Germany. About 1 million … means around 220,000 died.
      15% of Russians died.
      25% of Belarus (next to Poland) 2,290,000 people killed
      12% Germany
      ~2% USA
      2% UK
      17% Poland
      It appears the Jews had a very poor ratio (can’t find an accurate figure)
      It’s clear who were least affected

  9. Q is a bunch of Obama era interns.

    But fun enough until the DEFCON thing.

    If you want exciting info, mega anon reddit.
    Reddit has a list of her posts.

    You won’t be disappointed.

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