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America’s Use of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons Against Humans

(L) Castle Bravo was the first in a series of high-yield thermonuclear weapon design tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, as part of Operation Castle. Detonated on March 1, 1954,

by G5

The most famous non sequitur is: Bats are mammals and can fly. Pigs are mammals. Therefore pigs can fly.

And they certainly do for a large proportion of the world.

The War Addicts who infect America, are not ‘Defending’ anyone, anything, any moral values, any standards, any lifestyles — and certainly not any Rights or Freedoms, in any corner of this world.

Following The SALT [Strategic Arms Limitation Talks] and START Series of Agreements, America introduced The CTR under The DTRA (The Nunn-Lugar Act of 1986. The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Reworked and then based on The Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act of 1991).

Subsequently under The US Atomic Energy Act of 1954, a series of Section 123 Agreements were proposed to 26 nations. On 8/9/2008, George W Bush (GWB) refused to negotiate a mutual agreement with Russia.

In 2000 Russia ratified The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. It was derived from the 1996 Conference, advancing The Preparatory Commission for The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Organization. The Agreement was signed with The Secretary-General of The UN with monitoring including The International Data Centre. America, the initial proposer then refused to sign.

(L) Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, and (R) President Richard Nixon (with translator Viktor Sukhodrev) in the White House on June 18, 1973  (photo – The Atlantic)

It was back on 26/5/1972, Russia (Brezhnev) and America (Nixon) signed the monumental Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM). It held its mutual respect and value for 30 years. Even through the 1997 formal dissolution of The USSR. (Actually ceasing to exist in Dec. 1991).

On 13/12/2001 America (GWB) gave formal notice to Russia (Putin) of America’s intention to withdraw from The ABM Treaty. America previously dishonoured all its arms treaties — but never formally giving notice in this manner.

It followed on the back of The 9/11 False Flag (2001), and the opportunity by America to further destroy the freedoms of its own citizens by the beginning of draconian legislation (The Patriot Act of 26/10/2001), and the formation of the disguised Martial Law of The DHS [Department of Homeland Security] (25/11/2002).

On 24/5/2002; America (GWB) and Russia (Putin) parted company into a more dangerous world. As GWB followed the script of The American Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Believing the American Economy could recover from the devastation caused by its MIC, by further economically empowering it.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty would die as The Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty was signed on 24/5/2002.

America allowed itself to be unwittingly led into its final economic and militaristic phase. Throughout its history, America has allowed itself to be the fodder of agendas it never understood, by leaders who were figureheads for the hidden owners, of a Constitutional, Democratic Republic — that could never serve its People as it unreservedly pretended that it could.

With the aid of Fake MSM Propaganda — paranoia, prejuduce, and naivete, have been orchestrated into the fabric of the instilled fears of The American People. As well as those Peoples; trusting and believing in the Western Nations of vassals; believing they are allies; sharing common fears and common inculcated ideological and moral delusions.

In exchange for this, America expanded its aggressive stance, of Supremacy, Elitism, Full Spectrum Dominance, Empire, and Hegemony in The Middle East and Eastern Europe.

As further millions of people would die, and many millions more would be turned into stateless and homeless — roaming Europe and The Middle East in search of an elusive peace.

America delivers Chaos and Antagonism wherever it places its hand in a dislocated over-militarised world of its creation. It cannot kill its enemies faster than it creates them. It cannot halt the momentum of the collective hatred it has built.

America had now grasped its final phase — its Age of Stupidity. And from which there would be no safe return.

America has refused to sign, or broken every nuclear treaty to which it ever agreed.

So the morons attempting to engage in debate on Nuclear Deterrence, Arms Races, Nuclear Threats, and allied illusions; should conduct more research on truth, rather than work from a foundation of pure fiction.

From Japan through to Kuwait, 9/11, and Iraq, America is the only nation to have ever used nuclear devices against humans. America, from its indigenous, through each of its ‘Wars’, to Syria, is the only nation to have ever consistently used chemical and biological weapons against humans, and lied about it.

A video below — Putin being interviewed.




  1. “America expanded its aggressive stance, of Supremacy, Elitism, Full Spectrum Dominance, Empire, and Hegemony in The Middle East and Eastern Europe.

    “As further millions of people would die, and many millions more would be turned into stateless and homeless — roaming Europe and The Middle East in search of an elusive peace.”

    Maybe so, G5 but nuke-limiting treaties were never a threat to the Big Baddies, and anyway aren’t ALL nations in the game? Orwell said so, and have we ever known Orwell to be wrong?

  2. Slightly off topic. Isn’t it amazing that the nincompoops that feed us the scary bull about human produced CO2, are the same idiots that tell us that the World will be saved by radiation producing uranium and other such elements.

    No matter how uranium is used, producing electricity, weapons of war or Xrays, cancer treatment and MRI’s, toxic man-made radiation is released. This is by far the greatest risk ever known to mankind. The only possible worse scenario, is that these so called experts create accidently or deliberately, Armageddon.

  3. Considering in war the main casualties are civilians and the cost of war is paid by civilians other than a few who usually do not participate in war but make huge profits from this industry, is such a strange occurrence when our politicians and many suggest we need education? is it a reasonable act or a educated proposition to have what we have today widespread dislocation of people and war on such a widespread activity.
    If we have a democracy on voting as to whether arms fairs and the marketing of military equipment which can only harm in the main the innocent.
    At present a arms fair I understand is on in London, although myself I was born in London and lived in London at the time of WW2, I find it extraordinary this activity still exists as widespread aerial bombing is here today.
    It is with some suspicion many would think the governments who are known as friendly governments should be enthusiastic on contributing to war efforts throughout our planet.
    We should be mindful of China’s infiltration throughout the world in setting up infrastructure and investment that is seen as helpful by third world countries and as a result of colonist policies and in particular resolving issues by violent means, is a legacy that will be against the interests of Western democracy and worst weaken our situation world wide.
    Unfortunately we are predisposed to using violence as a historical solution and the divide and rule no longer seems to be appropriate in today’s world, it is as if we no longer have any choice as violence having been so ingrained, the establishment can no longer help itself, other than to become meaningless.

  4. The nuke boys have always been in bed with each other. Their weapons are almost identical.
    Menzies was well placed in Oz, he and Holt were around after a unlikely 1940 air accident into Canberra. Lyons has a heart attack in office shortly before RM tells us we are at war with Germany a couple of years before, reminding me how Howard made that speech in our parliament and somehow Canada’s parliament heard the same verbatim, then little dissent.
    So RM would be aware of Australia and its people were to be a testing ground for total dominance.
    HH being some kinda spook also aware.
    They must have approved these tests.

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