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MSM and Politicians Believe in Miracles and Fairy Tales




  1. I believed it on the day and about eight years. I had doubts about lots of the stories and some of
    the TV at the time, but mostly took the bait. After all a conspiracy of that size and complexity, would
    be impossible to hide. But like most events, the truth is plain when a person is able to calmly look
    at the oddities and ask who gains.
    The MO is to get in our heads with unmittigated terror. In this case, the people jumping, remember at the time, we naturally think of the decision we would make. We are pulled in emotionally, then this is played for vengeance in this case.
    If I try to discuss Port Arthur, people just check out mentally, as they imagine if it were their kids being chased round a tree, the professional markmanship in the cafe looses it traction as I watch
    eyes glaze over. I know that was my reaction once.
    I have little luck un-educating, each must find their own way I suppose

  2. The big disconnect for me was watching the planes. The contrails were turning into clouds.There were dumps that should have alamed the epa. Then the crazy connection about everything discussed here.
    Dane Wigington – hero
    You people getting this site going – all heroes
    Love old heroes like Eutace Mullins (u know who I mean), but above mentioned doing it NOW.
    This page was quiet so I take the opportunity to say thanks.
    …. sorry by planes I mean the giant crop dusters working solar radiation management duties not unbelieveable fable of 911 or as we say in Oz 119 (no we don’t ).

  3. Oops, my comment went to the wrong article. So I repeat.
    The title should be edited to read:
    The lying criminal politicians, the lying criminal msm and the lying criminal public broadcasters believe in protecting mass murderers and covering for their crimes against humanity by those criminal mass murderers on 911.
    Their criminal hypocricy is clearly demonstrated when they care more for dogs than human beings.
    The general public gutless official government 911 tin foil hat conspiracy theorists are a blight on humanity.

  4. In the short term, people did not have a chance to think about what they were being told, so most including myself, took it for granted, that is what happened. However I now know, through experience, that if somebody in authority tells me something, I know that it is probably a huge lie.

    Think of the murder of J.F. Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the murder of Harold Holt, the bombing of the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, Oklahoma City, Waco, Port Arthur Massacre, 9/11, Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, the Spanish Underground bombing, 7/7 London Underground bombing, the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, the Bali bombing, the Syrian Peoples’ uprising, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Lindt Café incident. Have I forgotten any of the targets of the Zionist New World Government? I know that there are more, but you get the idea?

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