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What Happened to Hillary?  Ponies, Paynes, and How Obama Got Elected in 2008

Supreme Vermin (in red gown) – a 2012 US presidential candidate — and his pony, on Main St, Concord, NH, December 5, 2017


by Mary W Maxwell

In New Hampshire this week there was a book signing by Hillary, regarding her new book entitled What Happened? I decided I’d shell out some money in order to be able to approach Mrs Clinton. I wanted to suggest that she watch Wendy Hoffman’s Youtube lecture. I am sure that Hillary and Bill are both mind controlled slaves. It is beyond doubt that the two Bush presidents were tortured in childhood.

As I popped off the bus on Concord’s Main St, the driver said “Watch for the man with a boot on his head.” It turns out that boot-man’s name is Vermin Supreme, and he was staging an anti-Hillary protest. This involved two ponies.

Vermin’s first request for a sidewalk permit was denied. According to the Concord Monitor, he took the city to court on First Amendment grounds. New Hampshire is Bill-of-Rights-heaven — the state motto is “Live Free or Die.”   So, the government settled, with a deal allowing Mr Supreme to protest if he paid a $5.75 parking fee for the two ponies.

Another protestor was there, wearing a Bernie Sanders’ mask, apparently to scare Hillary into moral shame for having stolen the 2016 Democratic nomination from Bernie, a Jewish Vermonter who originally ran as an Independent. Both protests were lightly subscribed. I only saw one apparently Republican sign “Lock her up.”

“Lock her up”

On the other side of Main Street was a long queue of book-buyers. I went over to ask the price of the book ($13.50). However, they were sold out and people wanting Hillary’s signature had to have registered a week earlier, per Homeland Security or something like that. Too bad, no chatting with the former Secretary of State today.

Let’s Look at the Payne Family

I want to mention here some research I did nine years ago.  I lived in New Hampshire during the presidential primary of 2008. (I was a “birfer,” ready to kill Obama for not presenting his birf certificate, as the Constitution assumes that he would.) I suspect a deal was done, such that Hillary would postpone for eight years her “right” to become US president. She would help Barack (Barry) Obama.

Moreover, I think Obama is a Rockefeller. His grandmother Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham may be a descendant of Henry B Payne of Cleveland, Ohio, who may be a hidden Rockefeller.

Henry B. Payne

Per Wikipedia (CIA):

Henry B. Payne (1810-1896) was an American politician from Ohio. Moving to Ohio from his native New York in 1833 [a rather odd thing to do?], he quickly established himself in law and business while becoming a local leader in Democratic politics. He became a state senator of Ohio from 1885 until 1891.”

Of Henry B Payne’s son Oliver, Wikipedia says:

Oliver Hazard Payne (1839-1917) was an American businessman, organizer of the American Tobacco trust, and assisted with the formation of U.S. Steel, and was affiliated with Standard Oil. [Nudge, nudge] Born in Cleveland, Ohio, died in New York City. Was educated at Phillips Academy (1859) and Yale University.”  [member of Skull and Bones]

Oliver died without children. His estate went to the son of his sister Mary Payne, namely Harry Payne Bingham (1887-1955).

And now let’s look at Flora. (1842-1893). She is Henry B Payne’s daughter and Oliver’s sister. She married US Secretary of the Navy, William Collins Whitney (Skull and Bones, 1863). One of their four children is Harry Payne Whitney. Here is an interesting snippet from smokershistory.com, a website that traces the tobacco industry:

Between 1913 and 1918, Bolshevik John Reed’s primary financial support was from the journal “Metropolitan,” which was owned by Harry Payne Whitney. Whitney was also a director of the Guaranty Trust, which funded the Bolshevik Revolution, from ~1899 to 1930. (“John Reed: Establishment Revolutionary,” in Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony C. Sutton.)

That man, Harry Payne Whitney, married Gertrude Vanderbilt (1875-1942).  (Note: Gertrude’s brother’s daughter, Gloria Vanderbilt, is the mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper.)

1902 portrait of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, at NY’s Whitney Museum

I do not say that Obama descended from the Whitneys or the Vanderbilts. But another Payne is relevant here. Frances Payne Bingham (1885-1977), became Frances Payne Bolton. She was a member of the US House of Reps from Ohio for almost three decades, until 1979.

Frances Payne Bolton

Per Wikipedia:

“In the late 1930s Bolton took an isolationist position on foreign policy, opposing the Selective Service Act (the draft) in 1940, and opposing Lend-Lease in 1941…. When the draft was resumed after the war, Bolton strongly advocated the conscription of women. … She saw no threat to marriage, and argued that women in military service would develop their character and skills, thus enhancing their role in the family.

“As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Bolton strongly supported the United Nations [well you would, wouldn’t you] and strongly supported the independence of African colonies.”

My Hypothesis

I am hypothesizing that Obama is descended from the powerful Paynes. His mom’s mom was Madelyn Payne Dunham. Madelyn died two days before Obama’s November 4 election in 2008. She had been vice-president of a bank in Hawaii.

I have no proof that Madelyn is related to the above-described Payne family of governmental and industrial leaders. But in 2008 I happened to notice in the public list of contributors to Barry’s campaign for the presidency that many people named Payne gave the maximum allowed donation ($2,000.). Why would wealthy Payne’s be queuing up to support the little-known Senator Obama of Illinois?

Remember: Senator Hillary Clinton was herself a candidate for president in 2008. I once heard Rayelan Allen (founder of Rumormillnews) say that the plan was for there to be a Bush-and-Clinton occupancy of the White House from 1989 through till “President Chelsea” and President X Bush” – X being Jeb Bush’s son.

Looking back now, I think there was a Bush-Clinton occupancy from 1981 when Bush became Reagan’s Vice President, through till the end of Obama’s presidency in 2017. Thirty-six years. It is remarkable that Trump was able to break this. Indeed, Hillary won the popular vote in 2016; Trump won the states’ votes as expressed in the Electoral College.

I believe the name of Hillary’s book, “What Happened?”, is meant to ask what happened  such that the monster, Donald Trump, got elected in 2016.  However, I’d like to tell you what happened in the 2008 election.

The New Hampshire Primary

I’m offering this first bit from purely personal observation.  New Hampshire is proud of its famous role in hosting the first primary of the year. The candidate who wins New Hampshire in March gets a big public-relations advantage.  Bush Senior “won” it in 1988 (widely believed to have been rigged). Anyway, in 2008, it was clear to me that the Democrats of NH adored Hillary. She spoke at schools and places of employment.  She was everywhere.  A sure winner, while Barry was hardly to be seen. “We Want Hillary!”

Morning after the primary we learn that Obama won New Hampshire.  Hello?

The Democratic Nominating Convention

Secondly, delegates from each state vote their preferred candidate during a national convention.  Party Boss Nancy Pelosi calls out to each state, alphabetically, to ask whom it wants to vote for. She called Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas. Most of them yelled “Hillary Clinton.”

So far, so good, for Hillary, the numbers were piling up.  The next state was California, defo a Clintonite state. But Nancy held back, with Hillary’s permission. Any state can postpone its reply to the call-out.

I think Nancy and Hillary did this because the agreed-upon outcome was that Obama would win. If California threw in its huge number of votes – it is the biggest state – Clinton would look like clear winner, and states later in the alphabet might jump on the Hillary bandwagon. Not every delegate was clued in as to “what Walt wants,” so to speak.

They plodded through the alphabet, sans California, and lo and behold, Barry got the nomination.  (I don’t take credit for this idea; I heard a man talk about Pelosi postponing the California numbers. Sorry, can’t recall his name.)

Note: Trump’s election in 2016 may have been especially bitter for Mrs Clinton if she had agreed in 2008 to sacrifice the White House for two terms so Barry could enjoy it first.

My Abandoned Research 

I did not bother to publish that research in 2008 as I had other fish to fry. My usual fish. But interestingly, tonight, as I went to look up the name Henry B Payne, the Google sidebar to that name said “Others are looking for John D Rockefeller.”  (!) And when I turned to the page for Oliver Payne, the sidebar said “Others are looking for Frank Rockefeller.”


Come on, chop me down. I obviously have an agenda. I want to show that the whole direction of government and industry is of a piece. It is all run by a coterie who mock us.

And that’s not all. I think Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were both “run” from childhood.

Wendy Hoffman said in her Youtube lecture that children (like herself) get grabbed for their role when they are babies.  Physically attractive ones are turned into stars of entertainment, she said.  Bright and well-organized ones are trained as doctors and lawyers. Sociable types are given the task of psychotherapist or politician.

Persons who are naturally sadistic are turned into programmers who program all of the other types by using torture to block their real minds.

Maybe I’m wrong on the Rockefeller connection but I’m not wrong on the Wendy mind-control stuff. And it AFFECTS EVERTHING THAT IS GOING ON TODAY. I think mind control is what Dr Richard Day meant when he said “Everything is in place, nothing can stop us now.”

Oh yeah, Dr Day? Wanna bet?

–Mary W Maxwell is sad for the many politicians who never had a free life.




  1. Obama was smooth, no obvious handler. You think a virus attaches to x or y chomosones, the marriage registeries were tightly monitored to out bastardz. The arstoctracies are even said to have servants generation to generation.
    Mark Zuckerberg is said to be from rockerfella blood. The bluebloods also sire on the side should anything go wrong . Zuc for vice prez.
    Is it just me or does mike pence hang around like a goul.

  2. Thanks Mary, Vanderbilts so much homework for a Sunday. I’m sure your Boston thing is as tidy as can be made. You cover some ground. And the proofs , exciting though, even from the back seats.

  3. All this mind control stuff is ballooning out into the open.
    A while back I listened to a US military historian relate how the US military uses torture from a very early age to grow child super soldiers or child super victim solders as the historian described them.
    When fully controlled, they put the kids to work with politicians and others who stand in the way of the military, get them badly compromised then the millittree has a loyal friend of the military in a high position for as long as they choose to use them.
    I never thought my life would be touched with child abuse but in recent years I have known a little girl through extended family who has been sexually abused as a baby and in very recent times I have met a lady who was abused when she was a child.
    What the hell can be done to stop all this stuff?
    Getting it all out into the open, no matter how sad it is, is the first step I suppose.

    • An odd discovery. While fact-checking the above, I noted that Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (1899-1992) was a founder of Pan American airways. (It has long been said that other airlines are CIA proprietaries.)

      So just now as I was glancing through an article by Ann Diamond (an MK-Ultra girl in Canada), I saw that she was tracing Dr Josef Mengele’s movements after the war. She said “He flew on Pan Am.” We tend to think of government as one thing and private firms as another, but maybe this is a mistake.

      Go to Henry Makow’s website and search “Ann Diamond” if you want to hear about Mengele. Among the American girls who know for sure that he was personally in attendance at their torture are Kathleen A Sullivan (“Unshackled”) and Wendy Hoffman (“The Enslaved Queen”). And if I recall correctly, Carol Rutz (“A Nation Betrayed”).

      Moreover — and I don’t usually report these things for fear of destroying my credibility — Wendy says that Mengele deliberately infected her with polio. See my Malice chapters in “Consider the Lilies.” Giving someone a disease is commonplace. Indeed lab workers give cancer to mice “in droves” as the basis of experiments.

  4. The Vanderbilts were on the Lucitanna (sic the ship that sunk that brought the US to WW1).
    With a story of heroic saving of life at Vanderbilts cost to his life. Its odd that he would board in that the Germans had warned that they were targeting that very ship.
    Vanderbilts, also luckly avoided the maiden voyage of the Titanic by just not getting on. Not sure if you have done a story on Titanic, but it was a job. The capitan is never seen again, but seems likely he escaped.
    Now for pure speculation, Vanderbilts loved building enormous homes. Some removed is unusal as these building seem to be state of the art. Wonder if those stories of underground tunnels in NY connecting mansions are true.

  5. Wow, Mary all new to me, he was a fact checker, intern at cia, is desensitized to violence. I never seen the cnn or 60 minutes. But i can imagine the unflusterd reporting when most people would gag and cry.
    I think w ultra victim, so hard to say, Was expecting scull and cross bones but now I’m off to check out the manuscript society.

  6. Sorry lm not sure if i segwayed myself. Hillary Clinton is a Yale Allummi.
    I must admit I have not read her auto biography, but i have been pinned down by snipers (i have not).

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