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Iraq Claims “Victory”, Turnbull says “Liberation”, but Mosul is Now Rubble

Mosul, July 2017

by Dee McLachlan

What does the word “victory” or “liberation” mean these days?

There is now celebration that ISIS has been crushed. And Mosul, a city that once nourished about 1.4 million people, is now just rubble. It is incomprehensible that a city larger that Adelaide has been almost completely destroyed — ending thousands of years of habitation. It has to be just another sign of human madness.

This is what The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday:

“Australia will maintain a military presence in Iraq well into 2018…  Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the extremist group at the weekend, three years after IS first stormed the country and seized a third of its territory.

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull [said] ‘The liberation of Iraqi cities and towns from ISIS control has saved countless lives and ended a pattern of terror, anguish and murder,’… The Australian Defence Force has also contributed to air strikes against IS targets in Iraq and neighbouring Syria.”

Last night ABC’s Foreign Correspondent told the remarkable story of an Iraqi surgeon. To quote the program summary:

“He fled Saddam Hussein’s brutality to become detainee #982 in an Australian refugee camp. Now Munjed al-Muderis is a world-leading surgeon giving amputees a second chance at life. Sophie McNeill tells his inspiring story.”

His story is extraordinary — about a young doctor escaping Iraq. In the SMH:

“Suddenly, at around 8.30 that morning [1999], a swarm of soldiers had stormed into the hospital… a senior army officer demanded that elective surgery for the day be cancelled in all 10 operating theatres. Three busloads of army deserters and draft dodgers had arrived and each was to have one of his ears partly amputated, by order of Saddam himself, he declared.”

Muderis hid in a woman’s cubicle, and then later escaped. After a torturous journey he ended up in the Curtin Detention Centre in 2000.

I only watched a few minutes of the program — about how Muderis, now a expert surgeon dealing with amputees and artificial limbs, returned to Iraq to assist many amputees to walk again. However, it seems that the program did not address the fundamental question: why did the West invaded Iraq in the first place? And thus, why are there so many amputees in Iraqi?

(L) Adelaide, (R) Ruins of Mosul

A year later, a few weeks after 9-11, a memo circulated in the Pentagon. It described the destruction of Iraq, even though officials knew Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on New York.

The West invaded Iraq in 2003 on the pretext to eliminate WMDs.

So how can Mosul be liberated? The place has been completely erased. Destroyed. Annihilated. There is nothing left to liberate.

Mosul students, 1970

These questions need answers:

  • Why did the US and allied countries go in and bomb Iraq in 2003?
  • Why the West fund the moderate rebels to overthrow Syria?
  • Who supported ISIS?

Drone footage of Mosul a few months ago.



  1. For anyone too young to remember, here are the barebones.

    Soviet army enters Afghanistan. Probably arranged by World Government. It provides excuse for America to combat this “communist threat.” How so? By training Pakistani jihadists. So said Brzezinski in 1998.
    US “discovers” Saddam of Iraq amassing troops to invade Kuwait. US ambassador had given him the green light to do this. Such military action provided the excuse for US to give Iraqis the full treatment, including “shock and awe” so they would know they were defeated from Day One.

    1990s. The American public gets propagandized that Iraqi people are bad. I mean how bad can you get, following US ambassador’s “permission” like that. News of Saddam’s sons brutalizing folks, etc. (And don’t forget Dad is an incubator emptier.) Not so much news about US brutalizing Iraqi’s and causing birth defects by using depleted uranium.

    Lo and behold those ungrateful, obnoxious Iraqi’s crash into the Twin Towers. Oh wait a minute it was the Afghani’s. No, it was a Saudi national harboured by the Taliban (the heretofore Us-sponsored Taliban) in a cave in Afghanistan. Oh, it was the Cheney gang.
    seventy-two hours later Congress passes a bill: The Authorization for the Use of Military Force, aka AUMF. By October we are bombing Afghanistan (which seems connected to a pipeline and the poppy crop). Pat Tillman meets friendly fire at close range.
    Based not on any reference to 9-11, but only on the story of Saddam having WMD (weapons of mass destruction – don’t forget that’s what the Tsarnaevs had too, oh I mean they did not have) a coalition of the willing — many Western nations – destroyed Iraq, beginning March 18m 2003. Howard later apologizes.

    Did you follow that? Did you work out what Iraq did to deserve being attacked and Fallujah flattened and white-phosphated? If you did please let me know.

  2. I hope that all Australian Federal Politicians (as well as previous ones) and the ADF are now happy that the total destruction of Mosul and other parts of Iraq have been completed to the satisfaction of the One World Government.

    All those mentioned above should hang their heads in shame. In fact they should all be hung as “war criminals”.

    This crap about the ADF fighting Isis will be go down in history, I am sure, but the truth will be that they were out to destroy Iraq, under orders of the US.

  3. Just to give you the flavor of the ADF hierarchy to which Mal refers: In a 2016 article by Mal Hughes we see this exchange in Parliament of a senator grilling the now-chief of ADF, Air Marshall Binskin. Boy, if he were piloting the plane I was riding in I’d jump off.

    [The subject matter in this quote is the Lindt Cafe siege, which is now 3 years into history.)

    Senator CONROY: Liaison can be formal or informal. Were the ADF providing advice to the New South Wales police? I appreciate the point you have just made, thatthey all just work together. They were very integrated and they knew each other, but were they providing formal advice?

    Air Chief Marshal Binskin: They may have in a particular specialist area, which I do not want to discuss openly. We have certain capabilities.

    CONROY: I am trying to understand. Were any of those specialist capabilities deployed?

    Binskin: I would have to take that on notice. Again, I think you are heading down a path that is different to what I am thinking. They are specialist technical areas, if I were to be precise. You can see where that might be.

  4. It would be hypocritical for those who are even have a elementary understanding to ask the question why was Iraq attacked by the Western Allies, the overthrow of the Middle East is one, money, or oil, and resources, two, the colonists do not like the religious ideology of Islam, the propaganda the Western Allies having created the image of the evil countries within the minds of the public evades the truth of what our governments are.
    Listening to Turnbull on Q and A as happened last night on the 11th Nov, is some what sickening, the cost to Australia in keeping our military in Iraq, is money badly spent, it is to our shame that Australians support someone who having obtained vast riches from American banking of money from ill gotten gains is incredible.
    Can one be forgiven for someone to become naturalized as Australian,to awake from the dream and have the realization that one having got off at the wrong train stop, and now a alien i the lucky country, what is more if you keep your ear to the ground you find in this Lucky country, we are in a police state whereby I personally know of many neighbors having dobbed in their neighbor.
    Forget the myth of Fair Go, this country having sunk so low outsiders would not get it.

  5. The finest toast to Malcolm, Chateau Rothschild from Geronimo’s scull.
    I hear he’s learning mandarin, perfect man for any positions in the China investment bank or China future fund. Options aplenty wait this wiley ol coyote

    • If ol’ Andrew Robb brings in about $2 M (800K from Landbridge alone) in political retirement — you can bet Malcolm, when he retires, will be racking in triple that. As soon as they retire he’ll be like the Bitcoin bubble

  6. And no where, in any of the posts, is there a mention of Israel and it’s desire for a “Greater Israel”.
    Now that is rather odd.

    • IMHO
      Dee wants us, while watching the above video, to think that the US and Australia did the damage.
      Eddy, you seem to think it was Israel.
      I think it was none of the above.

      Wow, Mary, do you mean it was China? No, of course not. These things are not done by nations.
      Biggest trap in the world — to blame a nation or race.
      Jim and Gerry have shown, in Hidden History, that the planners of WWI were not the accused suspects but were two “lords” in Britain — Esher and Grey.
      Does that mean “Britain” did it?

      I’ll answer by quoting quote Eddy from a previous post:

      No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

      [I think Eddy added a few more No’s. He was replying to my question “Should Australia have a British monarch?”]

      Somebody please trust me. We American folk have no clue what is going on.
      I’ll grant that Americans in soldier’s uniform do the fighting, but does that mean “America” sends them? Or Israel?

      No, no, no, — etc.

      In a comment above, I indicated that ADF leader Binskin is stupid and manipulable.
      That is the purpose of placing in “leader” positions men who can never lead. So who placed him there? Malcolm? But who placed Malcolm?

      More to the point: who placed Bibi? He is about as stupid as Binskin. Bet he’s never had a thought in his life.

      The “Greater Israel” story is a cover for something else. I have said that Chris Bollyn gave a perfect lecture on September 7 inn Watertown this year. He meticulously ties many factors of 9-11 to Israel. His lecture started with the Yinon Plan, Menachem Begin and all that.

      While I thank Chris for showing that “persons from Israel or with ties to Israel planned and carried out the 9-11 attacks on NYC,” [See, Eddy? I am not afraid to say that.] — I would bet my house that it was not done on behalf of the Yinon Plan for a “Greater Israel.”

      And I strongly cling to what I say in this comment DESPITE this amazing video of Congresspersons jumping to their stupid feet like maniacs to applaud Stupid Bibi.

    • I think we reported in an article that mentioned the destruction of the Middle East so Israel could expand and take over the rubble.

  7. Now THIS is a Victory speech – none of those sickening cheap throw-away lines from Mr ‘white-helmet’ turnbull (still pi**ed off/bitterly disappointed, I’m sure, that they did not replicate in Aleppo their ‘successes’ in Mosul and Raqqa).

    • Putin's Victory Speech in Syria
    • https://youtu.be/2T97-bPFQNI

    From 3:55 …

    “Syria remains a sovereign independent state. Refugees are returning to their homes. All the necessary conditions have been created for a political settlement under the auspices of the UN. [sic] In compliance with the international agreements Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides is continuing to operate in Syria.”

    And the best part …

    “Two permanent bases have been created by Russia – in Tartus and here in Hmeimim.

    And if the terrorists raise their heads once again we’ll strike them back with the strongest blows they have ever seen.” [I guess that puts turnbull, bishop, payne et al on notice in no uncertain terms :-)]

  8. Given that the world is so dangeous, even Australia had to wake up and change and add laws.
    I don’t think we should risk our political assets. Whilst travelling to little places like Tel Aviv, might be a fantastic personel choice and experience, our PM and onterarge are exposed to missle attacks
    that are frequent by reports from this city. John was almost taken out 911, but he was steel.
    Video conferencing is clearly the answer, we save time money risk to our assets. Then we know the 5 eyes have it and they would have no more plausible denialbility, that they can not know (any)everything.
    I would like to hear any recent ex adf comments, as I know, your world was turned upside down.

      • Johnie was ‘taken out’ by being a warmongering duped killer idiot and being persuaded to join the coalition of the killing. So was his whole government with their mass media running dogs.
        So he was ‘taken out’ of Bennalong by missing McHugh.
        The Bennalong by-election might be interesting this Saturday, maybe banker Turnbull might be ‘taken out’ by Christine.

  9. I stand to be corrected, but Howard was traveling to the (ok I’ll work harder but I was burnt linking before)
    GBjnr made the man of steel comment.
    Bibi could have been there and London 711 (you know the show I refer ) but Im shooting from the hip now, because its a comment page.His itinerary is well, interesting, hangs around like a mike pence

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