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Hands Across the Ocean – Against Fake Terrorism

12 killed, 48 injured on December 11, 2016 near a church in Berlin, “by ISIS”

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

How can this be?  How can “Western society” not react to what has been going on for a quarter-century.  I am referring to fake terrorist acts, the almost routine psy-ops planned by democratic governments — which usually involve the death of many people.

I choose the time period of a quarter-century in order to catch the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center’s basement, which killed 6 people. Or we could use 1996 bombing of the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, which took 168 lives, many of them children. (They were in a day-care center — no doubt that’s the reason that building was picked for the psy-op.)

I myself did not “get the message” till 2005, so maybe I should agree to a time period of just the last 12 years of knowledge about these things. Or, to be even more lenient, I could choose 2013.  On that date with the “bombing of the Marathon,” the people of oh-so-smart Boston should have said “Not in our city you don’t!”

All right, we won’t try to establish an exact time period, but the fact is that people seem happy to avoid noticing or talking about what amounts to a war against us.

How’s that for amazing!

Starting a Club

In all my “protest” books (do I write any other kind?), I ask citizens to form little clubs and have a regular meeting at which you have to work on how to get us out of this mess. It is my belief that a small group is best. If you have six people or more, all will not participate – it is natural, when there is a crowd, for most to take a spectator role and let the loud mouths prevail.

I think the smallest group should be 3 people (although two is a lot better than nothing). If you meet as a threesome, one of the three should be assigned as monitor to make all stay on topic, as it would be easy for such a small group to wander into a discussion of other issues.

You will be surprised at how being a “club,” on a protest matter, gives you much more assurance about you own authority then would marching or rallying in a large crowd.

A Paper Club

Another way to get together has nothing to do with face-to-face meetings. It is to declare that certain individuals, and yourself, have joined up in some way – and others had better take notice.

I am here today to announce a club that was formed today by three protesters.  This began when Elias Davidsson emailed me to say he has finished another book. It’s about the incident in Berlin last year in which truck crashed into people who were Christmas shopping. (His verdict: Hoax.)

I know you are scratching your heads.  You are thinking that was in Nice, France, wasn’t it and during warm weather? Well, good try, but no, there have been many of these things. In fact we in Australia are told that Dimitrious Gargasoulas was arrested for allegedly driving up onto the sidewalk in Melbourne’s Bourke Street, killing 6 people.

And you may recall that an incident occurred just before Christmas in 2014 in Glasgow. Here is a snippet from TheGuardian.com about that:

“Clarke had admitted driving in September 2015 in the knowledge he had suffered a loss of consciousness on 22 December 2014 while at the wheel of a moving refuse lorry in Glasgow city centre, resulting in six deaths and leaving 15 people injured. “Sheriff Martin Jones, sentencing, told Clarke he passed the “custody threshold” but that he was legally prevented from jailing him because he was a first offender.

“He said: ‘You must understand that the decision you made to drive your vehicle on the road, even for a short distance, was one which was wholly irresponsible and reprehensible.’”

Well, that’s a bit unusual, in that the perpetrator was not labelled a terrorist or even a disgruntled employee with an axe to grind.But here is another one reported by USA Today on October 7 of this year:

“Eleven people were injured Saturday when a car plowed into a number of pedestrians outside the Natural History Museum in London, according to Scotland Yard.

“The Metropolitan Police Service described the incident as a traffic collision and said in a statement that it was not terror-related.”

And from the New York Post on October 17 of this year:

“A terrorist in a rental truck sped for nearly a mile down a popular bike-only path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday — killing eight people in the shadow of the World Trade Center. ‘This was an act of terror,’ Mayor Bill de Blasio declared at an evening press conference. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan, was shot by a cop after getting out of his car at Chambers and West streets with two realistic-looking guns while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ — Arabic for “God is great,” police sources said.”


I think the “kill people by driving into them” routine is a fad and is organized. I think the same was true of serial killers – they were a fad in the 1970s. No amount of similarity seemed to cause public rejection or even arouse much questioning. Then we had Arab hijackings – many of them.

I am now thinking maybe the planners use the repetition theme as a way to inform us that “this is how it’s done” so that we become educated to that way. We believe the fad is not a fad – although at times a newsperson opines that it may be a copycat phenomenon.

School shootouts have been called copycat phenomena – Dunblane in Scotland, Erfurt in Germany, Columbine and Sandy Hook in the United States.

Email from Elias

Back to the email I received. Elias Davidsson has already published two books in English – Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11 and The Betrayal of India (about the Mumbai massacre). He’s got one in German about 9-11, followed by the new one in German about the Berlin plow-through. Naturally it’s folks in Germany who would be most interested.

Mind you, in his Foreword to my book Inquest: Siege in Sydney, Davidsson said that Maxwell is wasting her time investigating, as the pattern is already so clear. Then he goes and writes another investigation!

So I emailed back and suggested that we form a club of persons who not only want to investigate but do something to stop these “allowed” killings.

I immediately thought of Malcolm R Hughes (aka “Aussiemal”) who never can swallow the fact that “everybody knows” about Port Arthur and yet they can live with it just fine.

Update: Mal has said he will join.  And I’m pretty sure Elias will say jawohl.

Update: Elias said “Jawohl bitte.”

What’s in a Name?

We need a name for our club.  The first club title I thought of was Hands Across the Ocean, what with Elias being in Europe, me in North America, and Mal in Oz. Possibly that won’t work, I don’t know, and will appreciate suggestions.

In any case the point is to say Hey, we don’t have to let each country confine itself to the latest local incident. We should instead let The Perps know that we are all aware of what is going down, globally, and won’t continue to tolerate it.

Note: Elias puts his money where his mouth is. For many years he posted an offer on his website (juscogens.com which is maintained in four languages!). “Reward: $10,000.00 for anyone who can prove the official 9-11 story.”

He didn’t lose a penny, though.

The Treason of the Trucks

May I remind Americans of “three-three”? That’s my nickname for the US Constitution’s Article III, section 3. It defines treason as levying war against the US by persons who owe allegiance to the US.

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

Needless to say if the persons who drive trucks into pedestrians are doing so deliberately that is treason. We haven’t much jurisprudence on this, federally. The “levies war” phrase was nevertheless used to accuse citizens of treason in the Whiskey rebellion when they physically attacked tax collectors in 1798. And it was used against Americans who rebelled as part of the secession of Southern states in 1863.

So if treason requires a physical attack, surely the use of one’s car or truck as a weapon would meet the definition.

Whom to charge with the crime of treason today?   We ‘ve got names.  We’ve got addresses.  We’ve got witnesses.  We’re all set and ready to go.

What are we waiting for?

Note: I did not mean that the Mary-Elias-Mal Club is THE club. We are going to be a teeny-tiny part of a bigger bunch.  That means you have to form a club, too. It can be a paper club where you don’t actually meet. Please tell us if you form a club.

To qualify for “membership,” all that’s needed is that you have been a pedestrian at least one day in your life.

–Mary W Maxwell is the author of the 2017 book Inquest: Siege in Sydney, which contains a guest chapter by Malcolm Hughes and a Foreword by none other than Elias “Berlin attack and Mumbai attack” Davidsson.



  1. To Aussiemal: I am speaking to people almost every other day about Port Arthur. They have no clue that Bryant might be innocent. They are mostly ignorant of the facts.

  2. Any of ya’s wanting to start your little club? See Isaiah 6:8

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

    • Simon (or anyone), you can send Martin Bryant a Christmas card per this:

      “The Tasmanian Prison Service encourages communication between prisoners and their families, friends and other professionals.
      Mail for prisoners should be addressed per the following example:

      Mr John Smith
      PO Box 24
      Lindisfarne, TAS 7015”

      Needless to say, you shouldn’t talk about the “event.”

  3. Mary, I think that you have given our reader’s the wrong impression of my belief “that everybody knows”. I actually believe that most people should NOW know about the real story of the massacre, but as Dee comments, “they are mostly ignorant of the facts”. This is mainly because they refuse to read or listen to the alternative information. Many still will not accept as reality any information or proof given in a conversation.

  4. The problem with groups to gain increased awareness is the diversity of what is happening to society and its impact of destruction upon people.
    The group that are the controlling members are small in number but have a ideology as to how to deal with the masses, that is to confuse the masses as to who and how to deal with the elite?
    It is doubtful if any method is available to deal with the overthrow of the elite.
    When one of the revolutions happened in France, was successful because it was polarized and the over throw of the Monarchy could be understood as to who was who.
    The problem with any attempt to change from the tactics of the elite being set ups of subversive incidents is ambiguous also the cartel having been in control for some centuries, the masses cannot perform as a group against being controlled as they are as a mass in a state of inner and outer exhaustion.

  5. “………… the masses cannot control as a group..”
    There is a simple explanation.
    Each ‘group’ is financed to oppose the masses and each other by splitting their interests.
    Bloody big game underway.
    It is basic, look up Plato. For a king to suceed and control; promise all to all to gain the throne, then piss off the lot by murder etc., create dissension, control the dissenters, protect the throne by creating fear, direct the dissenters against each opposite dissenting group and then sit back and watch the calamity and hate and be the saviour of the duped populace and remain in control.
    Nowdays the king/s are the bankers. Put everyone in debt control the purse.
    Maybe I could be a king, it is not rocket science…… then again, it is only the fascist corporate control freaks who think tney are our kings, then again with thought, I would rather be a honest peasant…. after all, it is only a hundred years in billion to put up with the sick psycho arseholes and their msm dupes and politicians.

  6. Oh shoot, Mal, thanks for the correction. I see now that everybody does not know.

    I meant something like “The reality of Port Arthur has been so well brought out by researchers that there is no room left to believe the official nonsense.”

    So, all the more need for clubs. Look for an article next week “Hands Across the Tasman.”

  7. Maybe a club page on this site .
    Sometimes things are playing out that warrants going off topic, but might hurt the archive value this site has for inquirers in future.
    Off topic, is the timing of the winding up of the Australian Royal Commission (with terms of reference) just before Christmas planned? Get it out, people in the distracted/feel good zone.
    Everybody have a cry, get close, party, then next year clean slate all issues delt with. Seems the public anger level is just to low for what just went down.
    The whole commission from Royal to report was planned to have us believe this is a historical event is it not?

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