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A New Era Has Commenced for America and The World


by G5

Truth is immutable. It cannot be ignored, adjusted or blocked. It cannot be invented. It stands as Factual History.

Between 2008 and 2016, America passed through a condensation of Reality — its Post Truth Era. Its Reality became a fictional and adjustable illusion.

Its Government Departments and Agencies became exposed as rogues of independent illusory gains.

Delusions attempted to drive the rewrite of reality.

Congressional Hearings became an expose, as liars were paraded in numbers and variety. The deceivers believed they could adjust Truth and Perception to what they purported.

By lying, distraction, silence, and avoidance, they exposed all.

Whatever America in its varied history (from its colonialism to the contemporary) tried to achieve — it destroyed in less than a decade.

Truth cannot be retraced. And it cannot be repaired. It cannot be invented or deleted.

Factionalism by sex, race, and religion,destroyed all that was purported to have been ‘gained’. America was Socio-Economcally vanquished by its Post Truth Era.

As The British Empire finally suicided by misguided over-reach in 1914, the fledgling American Empire began its short-lived overlap from 1898.

A century of Hoaxes, Fakeries, and False Flags, delivered America to destroy itself by its own deceptions, by 2016.

Fallacies, however inculcated, indoctrinated, tutored, or reference channeled, can never become reality. The desperate posture of the sword, is the final stage of all that purports ‘Empire’. Economy and trade, cannot be invented.

Government stands bare, as the ultimate Enemy of The People. It having abrogated all its theories of existence and specific purpose. It having never protected, guided, or built — but misled, destroyed, and denied all its assumed responsibilities.

A New Era has commenced for America and The World. Whether America admits it or not.



    • Not in NSW, our government is to spend a billion or more ripping down two sports stadiums to replace with two more collaseums for the people’s distr…… err, sorry, meant enjoyment. Beat that Dr. Day.

  1. I am a Vietnam veteran. I came back in April 1970 and only watched TV for 6 days and gave it away – same BS, didn’t want or need the waste of my time on that crap.

    Fast forward, October 1978 and my roommates had wanted a TV to watch, so I bought one (they were renting). I came in one day and watched a program – and freaked out.

    I could see it all happening again. It wasn’t over, they (the deep state) were going to do it all over again. I was standing there going “oh shit, it’s not over, oh shit, I’ve got to get out of here, oh shit, it’s not over.”

    My two roommates got up and tried to comfort me – “it’s just a program” “relax” etc.

    I started working on my exit from the U.S.

    Good article G5.

  2. Reading your last article , it seems that you have changed your views 180% . Why now ?
    Anyway , no matter what country , the people are not to blame . It is usually the system dictated by the select few that makes life difficult for everyone else .

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