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Was Alexander Downer Really Boozed Up That Night?


by Dee McLachlan

Alexander Downer was born in Adelaide (1951), the son of Sir Alick and Lady Mary Downer and the grandson of Sir John Downer. He was educated at Geelong Grammar, then in England at Radley College.

In March 1996, Alexander Downer became Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Howard government — a position he held until 3 December 2007. After resigning from parliament in July 2008, he held University appointments, a partnership in a small consultancy firm, and then a UN envoy appointment. In June 2014, he went on to become Australia’s High Commissioner in London — just like his Dad. He is soon to be replaced by George Brandis.

Papadopoulos Whispers

Having served as a house Liar for two decades, Mr Alexander Downer’s greatest moment was allegedly in May 2016. This is when he changed the discourse of world politics. Maybe he was “honored” with this important assignment. I ask: was he asked to play the role of intermediary — retroactively! — in the Trump-Putin “election collusion’ thing? And to add realism, the exposé was said to have occurred during a drunken booze-up.

The New York Times (30/12/2017) wrote:

“During a night of heavy drinking [we couldn’t expect anything less from our representatives] at an upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

The Australian:

“And on a night in May 2016 amid copious alcohol, cheese and Spanish meats… Alexander Downer, sparked the chain of events that led to Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian interference…”

Australian officials allegedly passed the information to their American counterparts, and now the MSM believe there is a person with “a new level of credibility” to cause Trump concern. Wow!

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote this:

“Another CSIS expert, Michael Green… said Mr Downer’s dramatic appearance at the centre of the case ‘gives this story of Trump campaign collusion with Russia a new level of credibility that will be problematic for the White House’.”


A Mark Knight cartoon referencing Downer’s stocking episode

Downer and The Iraq War 

Although we supposedly don’t know if any politician in Canberra understood that 9-11 was a false flag, the Department of Foreign Affairs assuredly knew that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks in New York. However, the Howard government dutifully danced with the devil and agreed to a preemptive war with Iraq.

Downer was just another War-against-Iraq-supporter, but as Foreign Minister, he should have known better. He even argued that Iraq, the Middle East, and the world would be better off without the regime of Saddam Hussein — and he defended the claim that weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq. (God protect us from these leaders.)

I quote from a transcript, on ABC’s PM regarding a former weapons inspector’s resignation (31 August, 2006):

JOHN GEE: There were no WMD in Iraq and we were all wasting our time pursuing the illusion that there was something there… Officials were not free to report what they genuinely found on the ground.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: [Dr Gee] claims his resignation letter never even made it to his superiors there, because it was stopped by the Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer…

JOHN GEE: …he had ordered our letter of resignation not to be circulated outside the Department.

SAMANTHA HAWLEY: …Mr Downer’s office described the allegations as a conspiracy theory… In his resignation letter Doctor Gee also expressed as his belief that the Iraq Survey Group’s activities are determined by the CIA.

KEVIN RUDD (Shadow Foreign Minister): The Australian weapons expert sent in to help came back and told Mr Downer to his face that there were no WMD there at all. What did Mr Downer do? He covered it up. He didn’t want that message to get out to the Australian public before the 2004 Federal elections. That’s where this thing stinks.

The Perfect Track Record

On 12 October 2002, the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali was bombed, killing 202 people. Mr Howard admitted to Parliament that the Government did receive US intelligence warning of Bali threats — but they decided not to act. I quote the ABC:

“Shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, an Australian intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments, wrote a report warning tourist hotels in Bali would be an important symbolic target. They also briefed the Foreign Minister on their concerns.

Mr Downer had said that the warnings were not specific enough to warrant their further release to the Australian public.

Let me walk you through some of Alexander Downer’s other career highlights:

  • He played a role in the diplomatic dispute known as the Tampa affair in 2001, when Australia denied permission for the MV Tampa to dock at Christmas Island.
  • In August 2004 he made the claim that North Korea’s ballistic missile had a range sufficient to reach Sydney.

I quote Downer’s biography which appears on the website UpClosed:

  • Downer supported the United States Government’s incarceration of two Australian citizens, David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib, in the Guantanamo Bay…
  • …six months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Downer had argued that participating in the invasion would be commercially beneficial for Australia [our wheat market].
  • In April 2006 he appeared before the Cole Inquiry regarding the oil-for-food scandal and testified that he was ignorant of the huge kickbacks paid to the Iraq government…
  • During the Tampa affair, the government claimed that asylum seekers had thrown their children overboard. The Senate majority report in August 2004 had found that the Australian people had been deceived. In 2003 Mr Downer had said there was no attempt to mislead the public. Please!

A Woodside Petroleum Employee

Woodside Petroleum has a London office in Cork Street. I wonder if Mr Downer was invited for tea while living in London as the High Commissioner.

Back in 2003 and 2004, Australia and East Timor were working on a deal to share revenue from the oil and gas deposits under the Timor Sea. It was Woodside Petroleum that wanted to exploit the field, and ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) was used to spy on the East Timorese to gain a commercial advantage.

It was only when a former ASIS operative learned that Mr Downer had become an adviser to Woodside Petroleum (after retiring from politics), that he decided to blow the whistle.

To quote the ABC:

“…[Woodside] was working hand in glove with the Australian government and senior ministers to score the best possible deal.

“…[a] former ASIS operator decided to blow the whistle after learning Mr Downer had become an adviser to Woodside Petroleum… Mr Downer says the allegations are old and he will not comment on matters regarding national security.”

Mr Downer’s employment is national security? What!

So was Alexander Downer “working” for Woodside Petroleum while serving as a minister? Most likely.

It is like Andrew Robb’s “consulting deal” with Landbridge, where he does not have to do any consulting. I guess Mr Downer’s employment was also a corporate kick back for the support he gave Woodside during his term in office. Maybe he was under their employ all the time.

This is the man we now must believe over the Russian collusion story?

According to Fiona Barnett, there is another chapter to be revealed.

I see Downer as the perfect political yes-man patsy. The “Russian revelations” might even prod him towards a knighthood, like his father and grandfather before him.



  1. Congrats, Dee. I think you may be the only person in the world who noticed that the Papadopoulos “revelation” is [most likely] a crock. And how is it that you have an eye for these things? Years of lifting that barge and toting that bale at Gumshoe.

    I feel sorry for Alexander. Must have happened to him when he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

    Dee, Trump should hire you as his Palace Guard. Or at least as his food-taster.

  2. The poor ‘dupe’ (?) [ ref: General Wesley Clark 2007 interview with Amy Goodman; the pre 911 plan to invade, kill and thieve in 7 countries in 5 years!] cetainly has the appropriare surname,…………… he realy is……
    Do we really have to have him back here?
    How about appointing him our ambassador to Afghanistan or Iraq?
    After all, he was instrumental in helping to destroying those countries and a few more.
    and the killing of a milion or so in the process.
    Yep, worthy of a knighthood! His sister, married to Henry Park”s grandson, would be so proud.

  3. Interesting question about Downer’s (I wont say education) schooling is that he attended Geelong Grammar. Why? Did his parents move from SA to Vic or were not SA education facilities appropriate for someone being fine tuned by the Cabal.

    My own opinion of Downer has always been the appearance of being a mop without tassels, cup without a handle or a limp rag. In other words, without substance. Then again I never ever wanted to be in the lime light. Many without substance seem to have achieved that target.

    • AHH – I went [was sent to –on a special scholarship] to Geelong Grammar’s sister school– Geelong is the significant link-Prince Charles timber top- Aussiemal–maybe it is time to stand up and be counted –united we stand etc etc

  4. OK, this way out and I hesitate to mention this fellow.
    His name is Benjamin Fullford. Some refer to him as Ben ‘Fullofit’.
    Having watched his modus over several years I conclude that he is a cut and paste merchant putting together incredible conspiracy theories from various outlets with possible snippets of truth.
    He has a subscription service, but his articles/reports are embargoed to about the Thursday of every week.
    However, I source a oral repor by most Tuesdays.
    So find it if you can or wait.
    He is presently riding in on the EO ( by inferences) and alledging the names of some new Gitmo inmates and alledging financial upheavel iminent. (Dr. Day?)
    To understand his paddock, one has to be familiar with some of Dr. Day’s disclosures.
    He only generally counters the plans of the usual suspects by reporting that they are going down…. that fits with DT’s EO and the NDAA legislation.
    Interesting, but one may only be watchfull…….. particulary, watch the banks and your cash accounts.
    Remember that Dr.Day alleged that we will awaken one Monday to a new financial system…… but where, keep in mind, we are a day ahead!!?

  5. They used to say that if you couldn’t find a girl for the night there was always a Geelong Grammar boy waiting in the wings.

    Geelong Grammar: Filling a hole (or two) since 1855.

  6. BTW, noticed that they have moved the next stage of the Yinon Plan on to Iran this week? They must be fuming that Syria didn’t go as planned.

  7. Downer’s stupid mug is featured in Fiona Barnett’s Page of Miscreant Pedos on her website. top right 3rd from the end.

    One only hopes Trump’s Executive Order reaches Downunder to help any whitehats in the Aussie intel agencies bring these degenerates to justice. A pedophile haven?? Truer words, Miss Barnett


      • Justice Murphy ? Is one picture his , he could have been offed 1986 (family law Australia)Before him a Menzies nominated by Robert Menzies.
        After Kirby , he must known Dr Day
        This is our only way of pilloring them Mary

    • Alexander’s late mother, Lady Downer, was associated with good causes in SA and his wife ran an excellent music festival in the Barossa Valley. If I recall correctly, one or both of his daughters was dux at Pembroke.

      (I don’t have any basis for saying he is a pedo.) (Or not).

      Gonna say it again, even if Phil will be angry: I feel sorry for every person shown on that photo page above. It is irrelevant that they made oodles of money. Money or no, they lead very sad lives. They need our help. Or at least we need the help of getting them to break out of their captivated state.

      Ned says they cause our troops to make cruel war. Well, that may be a way to arrest them. Certainly all recent foreign ministers (Downer, Rudd, Carr, Julie) played up the lies about the Middle East.
      You can sue for fraud if it causes you an economic loss. Why not sue Howard instead of just whingeing about him.

      In the US you can arrest anyone for war crimes, per 18 USC 2441. So just go into a police station and make a Complaint. Or send it to the police with a copy to the local court. Imagine if thousands of people would spend the money for a postage stamp on this.

  8. You could pursue Dee’s idea. That is, crack the nonsense (if nonsense it be) about Downer being chosen to act against Trump.

    During the period mid-May to mid-August, 2017, as I was campaigning for US Senate, I had to watch TV in America every morning (something I otherwise don’t do). You would not believe the energy that went into framing and cursing Trump.

    It started with the allegation about Russian collusion, then it moved to his saying the wrong thing about a racial incident. (How can you fill tens of hours just on the subject of Trump saying the wrong thing?) Then that he “illegally” fired Comey. Or was about to be impeached.

    Then it was about footballers kneeling during the anthem (ditto re hours spent bashing Trump). On and on. I don’t have a TV now, but they are probably inscribing the Downer-Papadopoulos story into everyone’s brains, saturation point. Both CNN and Fox were going at those fabricated events as you would go at a real event.

    Let’s just ask Alexander to tell the truth. He may be wanting to do so. And if the hold they have over him is blackmail, well, Downer, ol buddy, it seems you’ve been outed anyway. Come on, tell us if you were forced into pedophilia. I WILL SUPPORT YOU.

  9. Oz appears to be a casual nation on the surface . Everything is ‘matesie’ until one becomes part of the working sector . Then the true colours of our communist dog eat dog survival is realised .

    In Sydney elitism stinks more than in North America . The divide became noticeable at the turn of the century when the erosion of the middle class (the real productive workers) commenced .
    Rapidly inflating house prices and mass immigration changed everything not for the better . Wages have been stagnant for well over thirty years . These days we have debt slavery for most and the parasite blind emperors at the top . It’s a pyramid system with wealth trickling down the levels .

    Downer is a fool on the gravy train that rewards its lackeys henchmen . Like most politicians he is a groomed movie star in the mainstream , where scripted lies are constantly tranceforming us .
    Although they have been rewarded with prestige their lives are not ideal . Most of them have been compromised so as not to expose the hidden hands that rule in this demoncracy .

  10. ” I feel sorry for every person shown on that photo page above.”

    I don’t.

    I feel sorry for their young and vulnerable victims. They’re now adults and can choose their actions (maybe).

    Their victims have the shit scared out of them and live (or die) in terror. Their victims have no free choice. Their victims suffer, apparently forever, at the hands of these egocentric, opportunistic miscreants. And the rest of society is bled dry socially, morally and financially providing a lavish lifestyle for them. They are a plague on society.

    And we honour them with titles??

    Sir Rolf, Sir Jimmy, Sir Edward, Cardinal George, Lord Monty, Commissioner John, Justice David, Dr Antony, Reverend Bill……

    Are all victims future pedophiles?? Obviously not or we wouldn’t have whistle blowers. If some victims are pedos and some are not, then it must be a choice.

    Bad choice. Suffer the consequences. Fast trials-death penalty.(for the worst of the worst)

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