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More on the Executive Order Cracking Down on Human Rights Abuse and Corruption





  1. It runs for about 40 minutes and is hilarious …… when one realises that the msm are ignoring the executive order and the implications explained by Greg Hunter.
    Just think; how the msm depends on heaps of advertising provided by the targets of Trump”s EO of about 20th December last.
    Quack quack msm quack …….. that included you lot; msm, public broadcasters and shock jokes.
    Love it when the msm et. al., ignore this, but the internet viewers are getting the real news…… why do I love the msm deceit and ignorance?
    Because the fate of the lying msm is its doing and may be greatly realised by the informed as the msm lies are exposed that will lead to a well justified dead msm.
    Hunter is worth every minute up to the last minute. Put the cricket on mute and invest 40 minutes on sound and send on to the ignorant duped peasants.

  2. Seizing assets of all the abc media might create a new style of journalism–perhaps handed over to universities with ombudsmen oversight committees. Large corporate advertisers and spin-doctor public relations conspirators’ assets would be available for enhancing communications networks capacity for free and open exchange. As the Bible says, “all things will become known”.

  3. Nice work Dee.

    Trumps’ Executive Order seems to extend to “foreign persons” and “foreign entities” including governments.

    I guess that would include our corrupt, filthy, stinking, pedo-riddled, criminal government??

    I bloody hope so…

    • And our corrupted msm magnates.
      Now we see why our msm is running a rear guard action dumping on Trump.
      Poor journo snoflakes migh be facing the consequences of decades of their deceit and their corrupt lies.
      As Hunter says; some will be able to just go away.
      Hey msm journos and the likes of ABC’s Faine, just PO whilst you have the message and the opportunity.

  4. It looks like Mr Trump may be able deliver at least part of his policy promises, that of draining the swamp. What a great idea of using unforseen and unusual battle tactics.

    What Greg did not mention, was that even though some people may escape the prison walls, the ones that do get indicted will be enough to break the evil system.

    • Perhaps the take down of the ‘corrupt’ in Saudi Arabia was a test case. It worked!
      Well, at least until to the beneficiaries enjoy the loot and same over same.
      Trump will be learning from the SA take down?

  5. Hope this does not come out wrong but it bothers me , did with bushes obama and now trump.
    exectkve orders should be for dire war at home (America). We know they will only look after us (Aus) if it suits or pays. We should never accept orders from abroad (without debate).
    I do of course hope that something positive happens from this, why not just write a eo to audit say cia nsa , and get them to share the info

  6. Just a observation.
    In short we know that Soros et.al. want a violent uprising in the US (and tge destrucgion of the Western middle class) and are creating social uphevil in Europe with African immigrants……. covered up by the Merkel gang and sympathisers, including the running dogs of the restricted mass media.
    Meanwhile, Israel is throwing out black Africans as being not representative of a ‘Jew State’
    The left groups like ANTIFADA are sponsored by Soros and commies.
    Trump is avoiding violence and social uphevel by targeting the pockets/resources of the persons and groups seeking a U S revolution and fascist UN nwo.
    If the leaders of the deep state revolution are stript of their assest for treason, corruption etc., the the left deep state revolutionaries (nwo freaks) are discredited, being thieves of the people.
    If such leaders are proven thieves and corrupt, the what US peasant will man their barricades?
    They will go to watch the hangings.
    Thus no violent revolution and society continues peacefully.
    Well, just a thought!

  7. Turn off the TV , have a look at the sky and start thinking . We are ruled by “occult diabolical elite power” . They’ve been spraying us with nano particles for decades (aluminum barium lithium etc) .
    All our bodies are full of Morgellons . The system is evil beyond description .

    The only saving grace , is that consciousness pre dates matter . The Way the Truth and the Life .

  8. Trump may be good at EO’s. He may be good at dog-walking (see below), but he is not good at Article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Con.

    The federal judge in NH has dismissed my lawsuit as unjusticiable.

    “Case closed, Jan.5.” An appeal would cost $500.

    What would you do?

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