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Humanity In Crisis, Part 9: Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Cell tower, with an “interesting” sky background (photo – stocksyndicate.com)

by Dee McLachlan

The first time I learned about electro-sensitivity was when a South African friend moved into a new house on the edge of a parkland in Johannesburg in the 1980s. Two massive high voltage pylons ran close to house, and their young daughter soon became ill — becoming allergic to almost everything. The doctor’s advice: ‘move house’.

In the 90s, I went for a meeting at a television station in Johannesburg. The building had a massive dish on the roof. I believe it was transmitting the TV signal. In discussion with employees, they pointed out that many of the senior staff were on leave — suffering from cancer. They were worried about being promoted, as all senior staff offices were on the upper floors — closest to the dish. They all suspected this was the cause of the cancer cluster.

The Namib Desert Reprieve

Gobabeb Research Centre (photo – Robert Logan)

Then about four years ago I was hired to direct a documentary in Southern Africa. We landed up in some remote areas — including several days at the Gobabeb Research Centre, deep in the Namib Desert in Namibia. Apart from one landline, it is essentially cut off from the world, and is one of the most remote places in Africa.

When I returned to Melbourne, I was unable to sleep properly for close to six weeks. At night, lying awake, it felt my brain was being “fried”. After visiting doctors and an ear specialist, the experience forced me to consider the possibility that the smart meters installed next door, and Wifi were affecting me. The “microwave” feeling, and the ringing in my ears, finally subsided. An associate returning from the Antarctic had the same experience.

Then last month I read about a study reporting the exodus of bird, bat and termite species from the Mount Nardi area. The study at the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Area, in northern NSW Australia, was done over a 15-year period — from 2000 to 2015. The species disappearance corresponds with an increasing amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from the telecommunications tower complex.

More about this study in a moment. So what are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Frequencies

The natural world, including our bodies produce electromagnetic fields. But technology is pulsing huge amounts electromagnetic radiation into our environment — for our convenience. The amount of photon radiation in the spectrum is expressed in terms of energy, wavelength or frequency. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength.

At the low end, 50- to 60-hertz, is for our household appliances. At the higher end we find cell phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, etc. You wouldn’t put your hand in a microwave, but apparently many cell phone towers operate in the microwave range.

So it makes sense to think that maybe we are being affected. So are strong artificial EMFs entering our bodies and interfering with the natural way our body works?

The Mount Nardi Study

The botanist who did the research on the exodus of birds is Australian botanist Mark Broomhall. Can we trust what he says? He lived on Mt. Nardi for forty years; been forest coordinator for a decade; director of the Pacific-Eco-forestry projects in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands; and the Australian representative for the international ‘Save the Siberian Tiger Project.’

In his study, Broomhall estimates that from “70 to 90% of the wildlife has become rare or has disappeared from the Nightcap National Park within a 2-3 km radius of the Mt. Nardi tower complex”.

I quote from the botanist’s report:

“The Mt Nardi-Mt Matheson plateau is of unique importance… could be considered the ‘jewel in the crown’ and holds an exalted status within the global context of prehistoric Gondwanaland forest.

The tower on Mt Nardi (photo – Angus Fraser)

“From the 1960’s until just after the millennium, the Mt. Nardi telecommunications tower complex used analogue technology. Since late in the 1970’s Mt. Nardi residents have witnessed a steady increase in species diversity.

“It wasn’t until the… advent of digital wireless technology in the years 2002 to 2004, that I began to notice a decline in insect diversity and population.

“In the year 2009, enhanced 3G technology was installed and a further 150 pay television channels were added to the tower. Following these additions, I witnessed the exodus of 27 bird species…

“I witnessed the rapid exodus of a further 49 bird species [after the ‘4G’ upgrade in 2012 and early 2013]… This statement can be summarised with concrete data:

  • 3 bat species once common have become rare or gone
  • 11 threatened and endangered bird species are gone
  • 11 migratory bird species are gone
  • 86 bird species are demonstrating unnatural behaviours
  • 66 once common bird species are now rare or gone

Power Cuts

Minyon Falls, Nightcap National Park (photo – nimbin.com.au)

Broomhall found that when there was a cutback of power output in 2015, some bird species returned. There was a three day power cut, and he describe a “biological explosion” —  demonstrated by termites (Isoptera) leaving their nests. He says, the ” precision of the biological response to the 3-day power cut was both extraordinary and telling,” and concludes that pulsed microwaves are particularly toxic to wildlife.

Apparently, in the US, the maximum power allowed in in urban areas is 100 watts, whereas in rural areas it is 500 watts. This could go some way into explaining the dramatic results of the Mt. Nardi study.

Danger for Humans

The Australian government is not convinced EMFs are dangerous. In an old government report on “Electromagnetic Radiation from TV and Mobile Phone Towers: Health Aspects,” it says:

“…While there is no convincing evidence as yet that low power RF sources such as mobile phone towers can increase the incidence of cancer, some caution is warranted given that existing health standards are based on rather narrow criteria, and that cancers often have a long lead time.”

The report mentions that in 1995, a preliminary study (by Hocking, Gordon, Grain, and Hatfield) of cancer incidence in Sydney appeared to show an increase of childhood leukaemia in homes relatively close to TV transmitters. I suppose this preliminary didn’t justify the main study?

Belo Horizonte, Brazil (photo – planetware)

Brazil Study — 7,000 Deaths

In 2013, Natural News wrote about a study in Brazil, linking 7,000 cancer deaths to close proximity to cell phone towers. The study concluded:

“The closer you live to an antenna, the greater the contact with the electromagnetic field… [Studies in] San Francisco in addition to cities in Austria, Germany, and Israel, dating as far back as the 1970s. All the studies shared similar findings: living within a certain proximity to a cell phone tower increased the risk of cancer…”

Our governments, and society have been captured by the tech giants. Phones, Netflix, Wifi — well, we want them now — so no one is going to give them up easily.

We are living in an electromagnetic soup, so are we going to microwave humanity (as we know it) to extinction?



    • The comment was cut off from the server, so another try.
      There is a lot of information as on how to minimise the effects.
      I keep the mobile devices away from the bed across the bedroom at night.
      We turn off the wi fi system when little brains visit.

    • I have been saying this to people for years, ever since I saw a documentary on youtube about it. These death towers are everywhere now, all through the hills and deep into the bush.

  1. Why do we need 4g and soon 5g. How many movies can we download and watch at the same time.
    We just dont need this bandwidth. I am yet to see the robot surgery in remote areas done by city specialists that needed this high speed internet roll out.
    The internet of things needs this because of the beyond vast devices (everything is a device), to be connected. Now iam off to ground my foil hat . I dont see why a home made farraday cage would not work.

  2. For sure electro magnetic pollution has consequences.
    On a similar tangent, I heard an interview with Professor Darryl Hamamoto of UC Davis who (inter alia) wondered why UC Davis’ head of Humanities is a person with expertise/patents in the field of electronics transmission/antennae technology.
    Was he hinting that “learning institutions” are using/experimenting with electronic technology to somehow augment the absorption of the data that they inplant into the minds of students?
    Could this help to explain the more or less mainstream acceptance of ideas that were considered ideas of the lunatic fringe only a decade ago?

  3. About 10 years ago now, the ABC’s news room at Toowong Brisbane was shutdown as a result of the large number of women employees who developed breast cancer. They didn’t find the cause of the cancer, but they did say it was highly unlikely the cause was EMF’s. Hmmm

    Lets roll out 5G and put WIFI in all the classrooms across Australia. What could possibly go wrong?

          • I think the moon landing was genuine.

            The very fact that there was a “coke bottle” discovery to make us all be convinced otherwise, is a factor for me.

            As for the problem of the van Allen belt, how come no professional physicist said Hey wait a minute…

            back on July 20, 1969.

            I think the children died at Sandy Hook, in spite of there also being a drill that day. (Surely some people died in the twin towers, despite there being a drill that day.)

            For both the moon landing and Sandy Hook, there needs to be proper interviews, publicly made, with the principals in the case. Just because we truthers have discovered for certain that the Boston Marathon was fixed, the Port Arthur massacre was fixed, the 9-11 attacks were an inside job, does not mean every piece of information out there is a hoax.

            Of course it is POSSIBLE that the moon landings and Sandy Hook are what conspirators claim — i.e., there was no moon landing and the children did not die (“they sang at the Superbowl”), but for now my money is on “NOT.”

          • Pine Gap Exmouth and chemtrails have been changing Oz weather for quite some time . Tapping in to the monsoons and Indian Ocean to bring many low pressure systems across the continent northwest to east . Why are they greening the deserts ? It’s strange how these lows are moving close together , as in groups , in fronts that cross the whole country. If you look at synoptic charts , for past 15 years or so , it’s all there to see .

            Looking forward to reading your investigation.

            When I was a young grasshopper , told my grandfather that men had landed on the moon . He just looked at me and said bull$#£€ . He probably didn’t know about the van Allen belt , but I think he was on the money .

          • How did they get the dune buggy and lunar probe down and probe back up ? According to the flag televised the wind was blowing . On the moon ?
            I believed then but not now .

          • And our jindalee over the horizen radar can shoot energy into the ionisphere , Laverton WA and Longreach Qld can join smaller Alice springs, these arrays are exactly like HAARP.
            If ML370 had flown into the southern ocean our radar would have picked it up according to the fold out brochure.Makes you wonder why we bothered looking there, but we mapped the ocean floor and no doubt killed a lot of sea creatures.
            Sandy Hook made obama cry, so it must be ..
            Took 911 to rattle me enough to go back through the Apolo missions, I built models of rockets as a kid. But im with 56 and grandpa now. Watch the interview with Armstrong after Apollo 11 returns , looks like a honerable man having to lie for his country. The lack of dust the most telling for me , landing and taking off should have had dust hovering for hours and i would expect as they were jump walking, dust to puff and float from their boots.The earth landing within 12 miles seems unlikely, and not sure if the memory is from Apollo 11 but I can remember the 3 parachute capsule landing in the sea, but no steam from the just re entered capsule.

          • The coke bottle was only seen by a few in Perth… because they had an uninterrupted feed. I was working on a film in Sri Lanka. The Rigger said he was in Phoenix in a moon studio — and they were copying a feed that was apparently coming from the moon in case the feed dropped — and they need to continue to broadcast. This was a back-up plan — or was it?

  4. “Chemtrails”. I wish they would not refer to all the junk in the sky as chemtrails. Here are two other phenomena up thrre. In this music video, at 4 seconds, you see a “wool sky.” I guess it was taken by someone on the ground, but recently when I flew in a plane I looked out the window and saw the same thing from above. A nice, expensive wool rug.

    Now go to 3.43 on this tape. It is time-lapse photography of “toss-ups” in the sky. That’s my name for what I saw in the sky almost every morn (8.00am) in Adelaide for about 2 years, though not after 2016. As I faced south I would see these toss-ups coming from the ground, behind Mt Lofty.

    So they sure did not require to be delivered by a plane. They ain’t “chemtrails.” On most days they would grow and grow and by 4.00pm the sky would be more or less a full white cover. Yo think I could get any of my neighbors to gaze up at this-all? Nah. (Remember in this video at 3.43 minutes the toss-ups are moving much faster then in real life.)

    • They look like they deliver them with rockets or something, I have so many photos and videos of non comercial aircraft depositing whatever the hell it is they are depositing into the atmosphere. Some of them look like they launch from locations close to the city, like even on the outskirts, very localised if you ask me, which is the most troubling aspect of it all. Who the hell is doing it and under whose orders are they doing it?

      • We have possible, Musk with space x we have Branson (virgin velocity Australia were major dusters, and he sold his beloved Virgin Records to invest the lot in green jet fuel).
        g4 jets can operate at 60,000 feet plus , and I saw on facebook about 4 years ago a preditor drone dusting Surfers Paradise , video taken from the top of the big tower there.
        Branson plays around with rockets and rocket fuel too and has the midas touch like Gates , Zuckerburg (you know , invent tech either in uni dorm room or parents garage).
        RAAF , you have a lot to answer for, if you have ears listen, your primary and only perpose is to protect our airspace. We have payed for this, so your in breach of contract.
        Bring your birds home and purchase more appropriate machines

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