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Q Anon — Learn To Read The Map


by Phil Hingston

Who is really in charge? The above video is worth 10 minutes of your time.




  1. It seems unlikely that this map would be a false story put out by trolls, as it names too many people and organizations that we know to be involved, with the attempt to take down the World.

  2. Hey Mal,

    I think many of us are past the point of questioning whether something monumental is happening during our lifetime. I understand that many of we “red-pilled” are cautious of being sucked in again, but I have long since become satisfied that “The Cabal” is toast. May they burn in hell for eternity, and let the rest of us get on with fixing things on Earth.

  3. Thanks Phil, did you get the address the video was pointing to. Even if he is a psyop, the propaganda is 90 per cent thruth, if done well. Easier to edit this than start anew.

      • Thanks again Phil , the search engines seem to be primed for qanon, even had a top link back to you and Gumshoe. I think there is a pdf of qnon screenshots, but I was unable to locate. But I have looked at much of the content in the above video.
        We are on the same side, but I must push a little bit on this. The content I saw is not new,and I do like they way some of it is re faced.
        But, and while we don’t anything for sure it seems to be trying to take the high ground and become The Source of alternate news in my opinion as google is pushing many links back to alt sites. This is unusual for their algorithm (filter). I’m a double red pill taker and my problems with it are.
        The reptilian archon angle will cause a lot of intelligent people to dismiss the rabbit hole entirely .
        I have come to the conclusion that nobody and no content is anonymous on the internet, so qanon can only release what is desired, with this amount of traffic to qanon posts.
        I think its a tavistock operation, so has multiple outcomes planned.
        Anyway i am sure your ok with this view, as I am with yours, in fact ai hope your fully on the money, we don’t want to splinter ourselves over this, as I now believe this is one of the intended outcomes.

  4. Ok trying again.
    I do not have the resources to download and examine the map.
    In any case I think I know the scenario.
    Back in 2008 I was present at an address by G Edward Griffin.
    He presented a flow chart in the form of a wheel with a hub. Around the hub and controlled by it through various circles were the organisations generally known as “think tanks.
    Via a central ‘hub’, control the think tanks sprouted the propaganda to manipulate social conscience.
    Thinking people need no further explanation of the control mechanism and calculated agendas.
    In short, I expose the Sydney Institute whose financiers it will not disclose.
    A typical example of its modus is when the director vilified Malcolm Fraser in the following January [SMH] after his last interview which was with Dee and may be found here at gs.
    Fraser said that the Israeli attack (murders) on the USS Liberty was a deliberare attack.
    ABC Jonathon Faine said it was just a errant missile……. from his ‘recollection’ but still challenged Fraser. ( ex PM of Australia and ex Defence Minister of Australia)
    So here is just one example of the modus of those at the ‘Hub’…… to lie, deceive and manipulate history……. with the ABC, the bastards are sending the deceived people the bill…….. billion per year!
    Sell the ABC, they are in on it and hopefully are named somewhere on the map. If not, it belongs there…….traitor to democracy!

    • Lighter note , electric chair could restart her heart.
      Your next post is good for clarification, we all want to destroy these running dogs but then we become them.
      She needs her trial, then to serve her punishment, without prison extras that most people accept as real and deserved for convicts.
      Not that I think she would live long enough to get parole, if she did she would have to live among us and that would be her main fear.

      • Should include if found guilty, also the comment is in the context of a fair trial.
        I of course recuse myself of jury duties , should we get to extradite her, as I am to biased on this matter.
        We also need 12 reptilians for her peers to sit on a jury

  5. On second thoughts, perhaps humanity needs her to be preserved, to remind the world as to what pure evil looks like in then human form

    Also as a reminder to the Cabal operatives that no one is above the law…

    Put her in a high security, glass fronted museum.

    Very high security..

    Dr. Bill Deagle once stated that she scared the crap out of him and had the psychic energy of “a 14foot Draco reptilian monstrosity” (whatever that is)

    But it doesn’t sound good.

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