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William Carr’s View of Money Manipulation

In 1886, Jekyll Island was purchased, and became an exclusive winter retreat for the Jekyll Island Club gang. It was “the richest, most inaccessible club in the world.” Some members: J.P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, William K. Vanderbilt, and Marshall Field. (photo – jekyllclub.com)

This is a follow up to my previous article (12/1/2017): William Guy Carr’s 1958 Book and Lecture — “Pawns in the Game,” in which Carr describes a diabolical centuries-old plot by a few to dominate humanity. This article focuses on Monetary Manipulation (Chapters Five and Six).

“A Little Bird Told Me” 

We’ve heard this story before, but it’s worth another read. The rest of the article is extracted from Carr’s book (with my headings and bolding):

“Nathan Rothschild, and his international clique, had backed Germany to defeat Napoleon. They had planned to make money regardless of the outcome of the struggle… He had arranged also to have agents on the field of battle despatch to him by carrier pigeon information regarding the fighting. Nathan Rothschild also arranged to have false information sent to England by carrier pigeons regarding the results of the battle. Once he was sure Wellington had been victorious he had his agents inform the British public that Wellington had been defeated and that Napoleon was on the rampage again. The fact that carrier-pigeons played such an important role in this conspiracy gave birth to the expression “A little bird told me.” 

“Nathan Rothschild’s little birds told lies of such magnitude, regarding the battle of Waterloo, that the people of Britain went into a panic… The International money-lenders made astronomical fortunes.

“…the Rothschilds LOANED England £18,000,000 and Prussia £5,000,000 of this ill-gotten gain, TO repair THE damages OF war. When Nathan Rothschild died in 1836, he had secured control of the Bank of England and the National Debt which, after his big financial killing in 1815, reached £885,000,000. It is most unlikely that one Freemason in a thousand knows the true story of how the heads of the Grand Orient Illuminati infiltrated their agents into Continental Freemasonry.”

Gold, Silver and America

“When the Rothschilds obtained control of the Bank of England… he and his associates insisted that Gold be made the only base for the issuance of paper money. In 1870 the European Bankers experienced a little annoyance in their control system due to the fact that in America a considerable amount of silver coin was used. The European Bankers decided that silver must be demonetized in the United States.

“…The European International Bankers sent Ernest Seyd over to America and placed at his disposal in American banks $500,000 with which to bribe key members of the American legislature. In 1873, at the instigation of the bankers, their agents introduced a “Bill”, innocently named “A Bill to reform Coinage and Mint Laws”. It was cleverly drafted. Many pages of writing concealed the real purpose behind the Bill… Three years passed before the full import of the Bill began to be realized. It was a camouflaged Bill to demonetize silver. President Grant signed the Bill without reading the contents…

“In 1878 a further withdrawal of currency, and restricting of credits, caused 10,478 business and banking failures in the United States… Between 1882 and 1887 the per capita money in circulation in the United States was reduced to $6.67. This action increased the total business failures from 1878 to 1892, to 148,703, while proportionate foreclosures were made on farms and private dwellings. Only the bankers and
their agents, who made the loans and took foreclosure proceedings, benefited.

“It would appear that the International bankers were deliberately creating conditions of poverty, and despair, in the United States… The man in the street blamed the government. The average citizen never even suspected the part the bankers had played in creating chaos in order to feather their own nests.”

Creating Financial Chaos

“In 1899 J.P. Morgan, and Anthony Drexel, went to England to attend the International Bankers’ Convention… As the result of the London Conference J.P. Morgan & Co. of New York, Drexel & Co. of Philadelphia, Grenfell & Co. of London, Morgan Harjes & Co. of Paris, M.M. Warburgs of Germany & Amsterdam and the House of Rothschild were all affiliated.

“The Morgan-Drexel combination organized the Northern Securities Corporation in 1901 for the purpose of putting the Heinze-Morse group out of business. The Heinze-Morse controlled considerable banking, shipping, steel and other industries. They had to be put out of business so the Morgan-Drexel combination could control the forthcoming Federal election.

“The Morgan-Drexel combination succeeded in putting in Theodore Roosevelt in 1901. This delayed the prosecution which had been started against them by the Justice Department because of the alleged illegal methods used to rid themselves of competition. Morgan-Drexel then affiliated with Kuhn-Loeb & Co. To test their combined strength it was decided to stage another financial “killing”. They created “The Wall Street Panic of 1907”. The public reaction to such methods of legalized gangsterism was sufficient to make the Government take action, but the evidence which follows clearly proves how the public was betrayed.

“The Government appointed a National Monetary Commission. Senator Nelson Aldrich was appointed head of the commission… Aldrich… was just about the last man in the Senate who should have been entrusted with such a task. Immediately after his appointment Aldrich picked a small group of trusted lieutenants and they all departed for Europe. While in Europe they were given every facility to study the way the international bankers controlled the economy of European countries… Aldrich was so close to the Rockefellers that J.D. Jr. married his daughter Abby.

“Prior to the tour of Europe Aldrich had been advised to consult Paul Warburg… It turned out afterwards that he was a member of the European Financial House of M.M. Warburg & Co. of Hamburg and Amsterdam. This company was as we have seen, with the House of Rothschild.”

The Private Coach to Jekyl Island

“On the night of November 22nd, 1910, a private railway coach was waiting at the Hoboken, New Jersey, Railway Station. Senator Aldrich arrived with A. Piatt Andrews, a professional economist and treasury official, who had been wined and dined in Europe. Shelton, Aldrich’ s private secretary, also turned up. He was followed by Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York; this Bank represented the Rockefeller Oil Interests and the Kuhn-Loeb railway interests. The directors of the National City Bank had been publicly charged with helping to foment a war between the U.S.A. and Spain in 1898…

“Others who joined Aldrich were H.P. Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan & Co., Charles D. Norton, president of Morgan’s First National Bank of New York. These last three had been accused in the American legislature of controlling the entire money and credit of the U.S.A. Last to arrive were Paul Warburg and Benjamin Strong…

(photo – judicial-inc-archive.blogspot.com.au)

“It took years to discover what happened that quiet week-end. A secret meeting was held on Jekyl Island, Georgia. This hide-away was owned by J.P. Morgan, and a small group of his financial affiliates. The business discussed at the meeting referred to was “Ways and means to ensure that proposed legislation to curb financial racketeering and monetary manipulation in the U.S.A. be sabotaged and legislation favourable to those attending the secret meeting be substituted.” To achieve these two important objectives was no easy task. Mr. Paul Warburg was asked to suggest solutions. His advice was accepted…”

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913

“To make a long story short, Aldrich, Warburg and Company, drew up the monetary legislation which Aldrich ultimately presented as the work of his special committee. He had it passed by Congress in 1913 under the title “The Federal Reserve Act of 1913“. The vast majority of American citizens honestly believed that this act protected their interests, and placed the Federal Government in control of the nation’s economy.

“Nothing is further from the truth. The Federal Reserve System placed the affiliated bankers in America and Europe in position to bring about and control World War One. This statement will be proved. World War One was fought to enable the International Conspirators to bring about the Russian Revolution in 1917.

“The majority of citizens in the United States believe that the Federal Reserve System benefits the people of the Nation as a whole. They think the Federal Reserve System protects the depositors’ money by making bank failures an impossibility. They think that profits made by the Federal Reserve Banks benefit the National Treasury. They are wrong on all suppositions… It benefited only the American Bankers, who were interlocked with the International Bankers of Europe.”





      • “Sir, we are going to war, to take down 7 countries in five years”.

    • The book mentions underground tunnels, and subway connected systems.
      Have not seen it for awhile but the walmarts closing cause of amazon, were alleged by some to being reconfigured for tunnel entry. Anyone seen the ceremony at CERN , creepy stuff, they are getting quite bold

  1. Speaking of Bohemian Grove, I wonder how well attended this years ritual will be.

    Trump should let them all in, seal all exits and raid the place with Marines. Any attempts at escape should be met with appropriate force.

    It really does look like the noose(s) are tightening on the Banksters and their minions. I’m hearing Monday, 15th January, 2018 could be one for the records. Let’s see. 10,000 sealed indictments have got to be unsealed sooner or later..

    • Great idea. Haven’t seen much on this in the last few years… maybe more business is done at Bilderberg meetings.
      Maybe they are be worried about drones spying on their sacrifices.

  2. Portions of Carr’s book reads like a science fiction horror movie. I quote from the book, Pawns in the Game:

    In 1776 Weishaupt organized the Illuminati to put the plot into execution. His plot requires :

    1. Abolition of all ordered national governments.
    2. Abolition of inheritance.
    3. Abolition of private property.
    4. Abolition of patriotism.
    5. Abolition of the individual home and family life as the cell from which all civilizations have
    6. Abolition of all religions established and existing so that the Luciferian ideology of
      totalitarianism may be imposed on mankind.
    • And we spent: tens of millions ferreting out perverted sick paedophiles and over 100 million to decide that some minor lot can be called ‘married”.
      Oh now msm, bring on the republic and Malcolm for the next lot of obfuscation and a royal wedding to boot.
      When underneath the distractions and all the msm charades the bankers are screwing us, the msm is on it and the politicians could not see or smell a elephant in a backyard brick dunny on their bare thighs with the door closed.
      By jove those illiuimnati bastards have; us, the msm and politicians by the ………s.
      Well lets see?
      Wake up readers, send all this on, blackball the new world order fascist running dog msm and it’s advertisers.
      Who needs a gun when one has a wallet with cash?
      We are 99.9999%, they are in-bred sick psycho criminal trash.

      • Right, they are planning to take our cash as well!
        How many realise that when you ‘bank’ your cash or credit your account that you do not own it anymore?
        They can sqander it however they wish and you can whistle for it until the dinosaurs come home to roost.
        It belongs to the bank and it can do what it pleases with it….?. You are just a peasant creditor at the bottom of a long line.
        Read the msm financial pages. Has anyone told you. NO!.
        They say you will be guaranteed some ( 250,000? In Oz. When?). Believe it will be honoured? Ask the Greeks!
        The US bank guarantee fund/s cannot provide more than cents in the dollar under such a guarantee.
        All planned to bankrupt the middle class to fiscal slavery and to be dependent on government controled handouts to protect and save you. TOTALITARIANISM.
        And how much are we spending on those pesky terrorists threatening our freedoms and way of life?
        They have been deliberatly created by those who want you to run to the banker ( government) crocodiles FOR PROTECTION!
        Look up Dr Dunegan’s report from 1969 here at GS. Paraphrasing:
        Governments who oppose our plans will be subject to terrorism. We see no need for terrorism in the US now. But if they do not comply there will be terrorism. After all, the US has had it so good, a little bit of terrorism will ……..” yep, 911 learnt them!
        Now examine Dr Day’s address in 1969 in full and match the contents of Carr’s addresses and books from 1958.
        By the way, note his prediction that you will awaken one Monday and the whole financial system will have been reset. Now who will be the winners/profiteers be?
        Awakened yet?
        Then, go back to sleep and throw your grandchildren to the totalitarian banker wolves.

        • The law provides for serious jail time for parents (or anyone) being cruel to or abusing their children.
          Think on the future.
          How cruel are you being now, by not being competently concerned, for their futures by being deliberately ignorant and in denial of what is obvious for the planned outcome of their destinies, with the knowledge of the information now at your hand.
          On the other hand, how many of you would watch across the street a dog being kicked to death or chained without necessary sustenance and not do a fucing thing.
          Who is more important to you, the dog or your children and grandchildren?
          Try both!
          Cross the street and do something, even if it is just to pass on these articles and comments.
          What? A click of a keyboard to forward reality to a friend and stuff up the msm lies and awaken our politicians, is too much?
          Oh well, maybe the dog finds a decent home? “I feel good’.
          There you go, 20 seconds to pass on this information and you can help change the world, you are an essential part of it, so join it.

  3. Re, “a little bird told me”. Ironical, isn’t it! The pigeon, a member of the dove family or vice versa, was used to betray the governments and public in a time of war. Will these criminals ever stop throwing their vile analogies into our face. I hope so, in a very time from now, if Mr Trump’s apparent strategy works.

  4. The Rothchilds control the free west in a call of a idea that is a great call in words only, what is meant is all people are incarcerated with out knowing they are, in a state of slavery, all must prostate themselves to the regime as God, reincarnated.

    • The bare thighs belong to the male politician seated with his pants around his ankles.
      The elephant is the one squatted thereupon with the bare bum.
      Of course I have no knowlege of the positioning of other genders in a similar circumstance and I have no need to know or speculate thereupon.
      By the way, why do wives confuse the seat with the cover, being required to be placed thereupon? S’pose it has something to do with not being able to read a map or diferentiate, East and West.

  5. “It would appear that the International bankers were deliberately creating conditions of poverty, and despair, in the United States…” (and everywhere else)

    How long before the average citizen understands the fact that the people running the banking system are not our friends?

    Never were and never will be.

    Ponder this riddle:

    Why are private corporations (as all banks are) when they get into trouble through their own stupidity, incompetence or greed, given government bailouts (or bail ins) at taxpayer expense??

    • In the book if I understand correctly stolen grain was dumped on the international market in 1930. The depression in America was bad and people were starving in California, as the food bowl was in drought according to our history books. But if the cost of production is more than the export price, a farmer will only plant his own needs.
      Being a conspiracy watcher, I had speculated that the drought in Cali was maybe engineered.
      he made rain, but the making deprives other areas
      but this grain dump was the main reason for people starving in such a county of such bounty.
      The starving thing is big with the perverted . Plenty of examples in history. One example would be to potato blight that caused starving in Ireland 1845-1849 killing est 1.5 million deaths. This caused crazy starved Irish to flee there home, and become absolute dicks in other countries (i am of this desent). But, this story is crazy, the blight brought to Ireland also affected Scotland and others with little affect, because you can not live on potatoes alone. Their other food sources were removed as well, to force the immigration to plantations after the slave trade was disrupted.

      • Do not forget those tens of million of Ukraians srarved by the Stalin Bolshevik regime.
        “Now that was a holocaust”! [Apols: Crocodile Dundee]

      • Sorry, had a thought the grain dump would only be a facet.
        Organised religion, used starvation and weather to control the people, even to sacrifice their own children. They had information that told stories of cleansing rains after cities were sacked and burned. The burning wood and people, animals caused chemical to rise into the air and attract rain. This is no doubt some of the knowledge taken from Alexandria to the Vatican.
        Now if you knew, weather and patterns, you could time the fire to start rains . This is how molok or whatever , got the people to burn their possentions animals and their children, to appease the gods.

  6. What to do ? We need a treaty with the Aborigines, not Parliament, us . When able we promise to return all crown lands, goverment owned land including national parks . Also all land belonging to entities that pay no tax (just the land, they can remove the buildings if the land is reabilitated.)This is church ground but they can investigate a agreement to remain. God is not in buildings.
    This is a moral imperative.
    The next step is to remove the stupid laws that put companies and corporations as equal to a human. As these entities can live generations, they have the a unfair advantage (no accident)
    Result , we will be kicked in the face and attacked on every front .
    But is that any worse than where we are going

    • We all actually needed conquest and surrender. Chances are everyone would have got a better deal over time because even a surrender requires that you still be recognized as an actual people/entity. Way back though, there was no over-riding ruling structure or evident Nation-State in Australia that the English could contract with (be it treaty, surrender, whatever), just disparate groups roaming the countryside with no coherent leadership or political presence (by British definitions of the day), hence Terra Nullis. Retrospectively big mistake by the British.

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