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11 Count Indictments Unsealed — Clinton, Obama and The Podestas Coming Soon?


Mary Maxwell sent this through as a post. Please note: This is not the ‘Voice of America’. 



  1. Interesting times ahead. Mind you these court cases will be dragged out to as long as possible. Hoping that the accused will die of old age before a verdict is handed down.

  2. Speaking as a retired editor, It’s great to see the indictments are being unsealed but the headline is a little off – Clinton Podesta and Obama are not the subject of this indictment as far as I could ascertain listening to the report by clicking to YouTube full screen. They are certainly mentioned in the above report, but the headline is misleading since it implies that the indictment that was unsealed relates directly to them. Accuracy is everything. The headline might have read “11 Count Indictments unsealed – Clinton, Podesta Obama Coming Soon?”
    That said – Gumshoe is one of my must-read sources, and having just listened to an interview with a very courageous woman journalist, Liz Crokin, I’d encourage watching her reveal the breadth and depth of the pedophilia crisis – which has already seen 11,000 indictments in America alone. But it’s a worldwide issue, Australia included

    • Quite correct, alternative news sites must take care and be accurate, (leaving aside fat finger typos on i-phones) otherwise it/they will fail like the msm, shock jokes and our ABC.
      That noted.
      Search Hilary, McKain, Podesta orthopaedic boots and consider.
      Perhaps the next headline will be accurate and fullfill your apparent wish?

        • Its ok for some to speculate if they wish, we are pushed to it because the spooks will not or can act morally.
          Saw the boot thing and we are screwed if this is a anti corruption tagging operation . All it would do is alarm other group members underground. Even cops could covertly watch them these days.
          Senator Faulkner was spyed on by palimentrary services to identify wistleblowers.
          Say no to secret groups even anti corruption ones
          Catherine Burn was on one and she used it to bury any good cops that could rise to higher positions. Later rising herself. She knows the Lindt coordinator, this is speculation but true.

          • And for speculation, abc net au (never link these revisionists)
            has Malcolm Turnball sighing a city deal for Hobart.
            Gearing up with Christchurch for Antarctica for some, and the city gets put on the hook to our ol friends the bankers. Hope Hobart has a lot of things to sell, cause the interest can be problematic little alone the principal being reduced.

          • Yes some speculation is needed at times when a bad odour is detected.
            Police do it all the time with a whiteboard and slowly scrub out the impossibe etc. Leaving what is possible and follow the scent.
            That is how 911 was eventually exposed, particularly with building 7.
            Jiim Stone (investigator) has raised some interesting speculations on the alleged ‘wrong button’ “stuff up’ with the Hawai nuclear alarm. Additionaly to his theory, the correction notice took an extraordinary long period to fix a basic ‘stuffup’……..could not locate the ‘unstuff’ button!?
            Time may tell, if and when it is determined that someone is missing a Dolphin and crew.

      • ‘…. my must-read sources…’
        A great compliment to Dee and Mary and other contributers.
        They are creating a most credible news source with reasonable opinions, contributed to by many knowledgible commentators.
        But not one msm journo or shock joke to be noticed in the comments, even in defence of their stupidity.
        Where is ABC Jonathon Faine? What about a politician? Josh Freydenberg, MP., have you withdrawn your nasty ignorant accusations against Kevin Bracken in a question to, PM Gillard in the Australian Parliament on or about 20th October 2010 castigating and trying to ruin Bracken because Bracken has the intellect to question the destruction of building 7 on 911 in a ABC broadcast with Jonathon Faine. (Search: 911 Julia Gillard, stupid and wrong, parliament question time)
        They are squatting on a brick backyard dunny seat not knowing why for, they are there.
        Take a bow GS.
        Many more will find GS a ‘must-read’ source as truths and the msm deceits are exposed.

        • With the greatest respect for Mary’s past curiousity, I take it that there be no inquiry as to what it is that they are passing.

        • Mary,
          Your Superman faciitates phone boxes to present his persona.
          If you search; “backyard dunnies in Australia” you will be able to identify where our msm, shock jokes and politicians hang out.

    • Dee, for the record, I don’t believe any of these indictments. I mean couldn’t it be fake news?

      It seems to me that the president and the atty general “can’t” or “won’t” act. Of course i hope I’m wrong.

      (If they have made up their minds to do the needful they sure are being shy about it.)

  3. Whilst not endorsing the webmaster, have a geek at kangaroocourtofaustralia to see that we could have a need of a Trump here in Australia.

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