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The Surreal Nature of Modern Australia: Some Recent Examples

F35 and a map (Russia – green, and China – orange)

By James O’Neill*

Returning to Australia after a six-week sojourn in four small, civilized, European nations has been a surreal experience. It seems as though 2018 has begun with not a single lesson learned from the foibles and follies of 2017.

First up was a report that the bucolic Deputy Prime Minister and the almost invisible Defence Minister had labeled Russia and China as bigger threats than international terrorism. That had a familiar ring to it and not because those two intellectual giants had espoused similar views on the past. It was because I had read exactly the same comments in the European press, sans attribution to Joyce and Payne. It was the exact sentiment expressed in the United States’ National Security Strategy paper, released a few days earlier, and reinforced by United States Secretary of Defence ‘mad dog’ Mattis in an interview that he gave.

Even the ignorant prejudices of our politicians are recycled from someone else’s intellectual garbage heap.

Nick O’Malley (SMH)

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 27 January 2018 written by Nick O’Malley followed this. Mr O’Malley quotes a recent speech by US President Donald Trump to the effect that Russia and China were competitive States that “seek to challenge American power, influence and interests”. We are clearly meant to take that as a bad thing.

Even the most casual perusal of the history of the past 70 years would readily identify the nation that has done the most to disrupt, bomb, invade and/or destroy nations in that period, causing tens of millions of deaths. Hint: it is neither Russian nor China.

O’Malley then quotes an article by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that “a resurgent Russia had invaded its neighbours Georgia and Ukraine in the past decade and undermined the sovereignty Western nations by meddling in our election and others.”

O’Malley simply presents this claptrap as unvarnished truth. He reinforces it by claiming “overwhelming evidence of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.”

Mr O’Malley clearly occupies some parallel universe in good company with the mad queen from Alice in Wonderland who demanded the sentence before the verdict, let alone before any evidence is presented. What is readily apparent to those willing to look and learn is that there is zero evidence of any Russian invasion of Ukraine, or of Georgia other than a limited police action necessitated by Georgia’s own conduct in relation to adjacent semi autonomous regions.

As to the so-called ‘Russiagate’ scandal, the actual evidence established thus far is that there was interference in the electoral process on a grave scale, but that was not by the Russians. We now know, (although not from reading the Sydney Morning Herald) that the Clinton campaign commissioned a company called Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. Fusion hired a former (?) MI6 man named Steele who duly produced a dossier full of what then FBI Director James Comey described as “salacious and unverified items.” Steele himself has admitted in UK Court proceedings that his dossier was “merely a compilation of bits of war intelligence that were unverified”.

So far, so bad. This shoddy document however was then used as the basis for an application to the FISA court for a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. As part of that application, the director of National Intelligence, the director of the FBI and the director of the CIA all lied to the court.

The documents released thus far also show, to borrow O’Malley’s phrase “overwhelming evidence” of a high level conspiracy to intervene in the United States presidential election to try and prevent Trump’s election. There was also a conspiracy involving the same agencies to undermine a Trump presidency should the unlikely occur with Trump actually winning the election.

This is the real scandal and it is not fully revealed yet. But to O’Malley and other alleged Australian journalists, this information must not be discussed because it is clearly contrary to the Russian meddling meme that has filled acres of newsprint space.

On Tuesday 30 January 2018 the ABC’s Leigh Sales interviewed an American commentator on the ongoing war in Afghanistan. There was little factual material in the interview with which one would quibble. As is so often the case what was interesting about the interview was the material it carefully avoided mentioning.

There was no mention, for example, of Trump’s statement last year that Afghanistan had $3 trillion of estimated reserves of mineral resources, including the invaluable rare earths essential to modern technology. No mention of the pipeline from the Caspian Sea basin, the contract for which to an Argentinian company Bridas was the basis for the original decision to invade Afghanistan, made in July 2001, two months prior to the ostensible excuse of the events of 9/11.

Equally missing from the interview was the flourishing drug trade, with Afghanistan accounting for 95% of the world’s heroin. To process the raw opium grown under US supervision into marketable heroin requires chemicals unavailable in Afghanistan. These chemicals are flown into Afghanistan by US and other coalition aircraft. The refined heroin is then flown out of Afghanistan to strategic US military bases such as Camp Bond Steel in Kosovo from where it is then distributed to its various markets.

All of this is readily ascertainable from UN drug agency reports and elsewhere. Yet it remains the great unmentionable on Australian TV.

The fourth foray into surrealism was the limping and fatally compromised Prime Minister Turnbull desperately trying to resurrect his evaporating political career with an announcement that Australia was aiming to become one of the world’s top 10 arms exporters. It is difficult to know whether to laugh or cry it this manifest absurdity.

Leaving aside the moral and ethical issues, of which there are many, an arms industry to be competitive on a world scale requires a sophisticated and technically qualified labour force.

The PM announced a multibillion-dollar subsidy to local arms manufacturers to promote growth in this area. As usual with this government, the rhetoric obscured the reality. There is rhetoric about jobs and growth, and an agile and innovative workforce from a government this has been the most anti-science in living memory. It is a government that has slashed the science budget, gutted the CSIRO, fought against climate science, made higher education prohibitively expensive and has presided over an expensive and already obsolete NBN.

Expert commentaries on the arms industry proposal have pointed out its manifest technical flaws. I am not competent to judge those objections, but I would pose one question: why would one trust a government with a track record like this one, including expending vast sums on the flying boondoggle that is the F 35, to make anything approaching the right decisions on any matters involving science and technology?

As I said, it has been a surreal few days, and the prospects for the rest of 2018 look no better.

*Barrister at Law and geopolitical analyst.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au



  1. Fairly pointless trying to get any where on world politics, considering its all a game played by the players that take up oxygen and it seems a waste, besides this comment it seems a waste meaning Gumshoe, writing never produces any follow up as before when this site was before upgrade, pointless.

  2. Ironical, isn’t it? The very creatures that tried to disarm the Australian population, now wants to arm every other country in the World. Why do we put up with these morons, whose only service is to the Cabal?

    These creatures and their predecessors, don’t want anything to do with evidence in any subject. Evidence gets in the way of their plans.

    Just look at all the evidence proving that the Port Arthur murders were manufactured by politicians and the Intelligence agencies and that Martin Bryant was kilometres away from the Port Arthur Historical Site when the shooting started.

    The evidence, pointing to the fact that Malaysian Airlines MH 370, was hijacked and used as a replacement for MH 17 is not mentioned by politicians or msm. Flight MH 17 never left the tarmac in the Netherlands that day. How can these creatures explain that the rotted corpses on the supposed MH 17 ( MH 370) were mainly Asian and very few child corpses. There is video footage to prove this information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB2-Ra1SPqE

    What happened to all the so called Dutch casualties that a huge service was held on behalf of?

    Where is the evidence, that the Netherland authorities based their ridiculous version of the MH 17 saga. This story belongs aside “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

  3. I’ll try to stay on target. Target csiro and radalaide.
    Remember the mulifuction polis , became Adelaide technology park.
    Bit of backgroud , Joshua Lederburg and Norton Zinner discovery tranduction , basically gene transfer of bacterial and virus DNA and not to forget the ladies Esther Lederberg discovers the timing of the transfer (qualifies it). Joshua also has Nasa connections and it the father of AI.
    Kuru is a disease in PNG sometime called laughing sickness . Madness , brain infection , mad cow after clonal transfer.
    Vincient Zigas arrives Australia 1948, most likely operation paperclip, as so little history of the man.He is in PNG 1950 discovering Kuru as the only Australian Medical Officer there. I would say he had read some Dutch research from the colonial times. Sorry Ned classic Jesuit.
    Now Australian Frank Macfarlane , gets called to London, and receives Rockafeller grant money, and shows flu aeasol transmission , and isolates a virus canarypox .
    Back in Australia , he looks into deaths a Bunderburg from deptheria vax gone wrong.He works on herpes virus and q fever, warning the Australia government that the virus has spread to the local native birds. He gets brought into line.
    Ww2 brings him back to playing with flu and scrub typhus, accidently killing Dora Rush , who was working for him. He vaccinates first a few medical students , then 107 soliders , then 20000 soldiers with flu type a . Project abandoned (really). Visit Harvard and Fort Bragg on his way home to Melbourne and sets up a lab, that experiments with virus. This is later moved to the ANU.
    Gustav Nossel replaces MacFarlane in 1965 in Melbourne, he later works for Gates Foundation
    1968 Marshall Warren Nirenberg cracks the genetic code for protein synthesis.
    Now Daniel Carleton Gajdusek turns up in Melbourne 1954 of military discharge .If you care to there is a institute that ties them together. He goes to PNG and starts playing with the Kuru , he takes 50 png children back to US to study, experiment and (pedo on , but I digress)
    Dr Alex Sinclair was also a head doctor in png with the above late fifties , for a Psyop, I mention because I will later get back and show how it ties back to what the lone wolf attacks are for.
    Myxomatosis had been tried in Australia since 1920s but did not tranfer easily.1950 myxo is released and sweeps up the country , a panic in the people because they are getting brain swelling (maybe Murray River enchiphatitis).
    CSIRO chairman Ian Ross , MacFarlane and Frank Fenner inject themselves, to no affect , proving its safety to humans (easy studies back then).
    Around 1990 myxo had become inaffective and the CSIRO was asked to help.
    Wardang Island is used again as a test isolation area . Carlicivus is tested there and is so infectious it escapes , and soon is Australia wide. These viruses get less affective at outright killing but weaken the immune so other bacterias and parasites overun the host causing slow death.
    Blindness , fatigue neurological damage and candida , stap infections.
    When did the koalas start dying off , the kangaroos are also under stress and are showing the same symptoms but they are considered a pest.
    The Tasmanian Devils cancer face also turns up about this time. Bacteria is thought to cause cancer.
    CSIRO , still want their state of the art bio security.
    CSIRO , GMO , gene splicing , trailing crops then saying they are so safe that we don’t need to label oils as gmo . Canola and cotton seed oil is all gmo in Australia , they have cross bred with the natural now .
    I’ll leave it here, i will have to be encouraged for part two.
    Wiki the names its all there in plain sight. Sorry for the typos , have tried to keep it tight, I never was a great speller (hehe)
    I must acknowledge the authors at Fiona Bartlett site (most Fiona) . Help me connect the dots.

      • Its all on the wiki , look up HEK cells at wiki , HEK293 , sv40 simian line caused cancer as a vaccine. AIDs , its HIV , eugenics, AIDS was mostly diagnosed by a questionare , the antivirals the caused immune collapse . Mostly affected black african woman after homosexuals in US . Patient 0 and sex with little green monkeys , disinfo , to hide the man made virus. Black african woman targeted, now with tetanus vax that causes infertility. Bill Gates father eugenist . Bill Gates , tedtalk , if we work really hard with vax we can reduce the population.I think Rappaport goes through the aids.
        HEK is used as a flavor inhancer and found in many many processed foods. Coca cola , Swepps , major takeaway outlets (they don’t have to label) . Now you know why planned parenthood was selling baby kidneys .
        Off topic but Julie Bishop has interesting history , Adelaide , Perth to marry Alan Bond employee, she knows Alan and Kim Beazley from before politics , lawyer . Then Rome .
        Fast foward , DFAT , who asis reports to (in theory).
        glorious foundation, and a familiar modis

        • I’d like to write a blog for you , need some help with the edit and the pace , because I can jump to far to fast. Just start with wiki on the names above in my first post, let me know if you think its worth pursing , we can email to form into a story. You might be best to write and I could help link the pieces , I noticed that on some topics you have to wiki with accurate key words, to dig in.

      • “local arms manufacturers” ???

        I guess that’s poli-speak for setting up a local military industrial complex owned & operated by You-Know-Who.

        At local expense of course

          • There’s a good write-up on Forgotten Weapons”: For some reason or other this site won’t accept the link

        • I don’t know if we’d be capable of making military hardware . We hardly even manufacture kitchens here anymore . They’ll probably be made in China and be brought here to warehouses and the stickers will be changed to made in Australia .
          You got to love “free trade” and global communism NOT !

  4. Sureal Australia,
    Not sure I missed something. ASIO has just given the ABC a lockable safe that they can open.
    I saw a few flashes of asio picking up the safe that was drilled.by the private purchaser and wheeling it to safety. Now they are helping securty for the ABC (good).
    I went through the files , online ( only glance at download pdf, but looks real) .
    ABC said they were releasing known things and not any secrets of securty, to return classified material.
    Was there one or two filing cabinets. Either way , so many different ministers, so many different portfolios. And they share filing cabinets did I miss something.

    • I had to go back and look. I was a little confused, the files are cabinet files, several filing cabs
      These can be destroyed, at change of government, and other times.
      I can understand that abbott would keep wongs stuff up on liberal gov cabinets record
      But I would not think they would leave incriminating evidence, afp stuff ups either.These are experienced professional politicians.
      Abbott just trolls the last gov meeting records, gotcha rudd.
      Cabinets ore not mention in the Constitution, in a way there is no rules for them because of this. Looks like they drastically reduce our representation , outer members have to shutup and toe the line.
      It looks as Ned observed, deleting my pdf .

  5. In the sixties and seventies Oz was a powerhouse in manufacturing cars ships buildings ( and earlier Harbour Bridge , Snowy Mountains Hydro Power Stations , to name just a few ) .
    Because ,we were isolated and we had protectionism , our engineering skills were up there with the best in the world . All done with a small population . We need to be grateful to our parents grandparents and all forebears in making this country great .

    What happened ?
    Nearly thirty years ago , did some carpentry at a warehouse, where semi drivers delivered linen ware in boxes . Then young men would empty linen made in China and transfer it to boxes that had Made in Australia printed on them . Another truck would come to pick up and distribute to retailers hospitals etc .
    Global “free trade” has ruined this country .
    If possible , to restore prosperity for the majority we need to bring back tariffs and protectionism !

    • Lost last comment.
      What happened?
      Look up the ‘lima declaration 1975’ when fm Wiĺlisee betrayed all Aussie workers by sabotaging our industrial sovereignty to the UN NWO.
      They have been doing it ever since, the banker NWO mob combined with worker union spivs betraying Australia to the NWO.
      Look up the labor party union spives in our Parliament….. 50% union spives betraying our country together with Banker Liberal spivs.
      Forget the Commie Greens , they are idiots.
      Then there are the Hanson and Hinch mob who would not know if the Bondi tram ran up their rsoles and the conducter rang the bell.
      We are betrayed and stuffed like the tram conducter!

  6. Well, what did happen? I suggest that it is a fantastic, popular, idiotic, superstition called “relativism”. Quote: “a doctrine that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved”.

    It has been popular amongst the egomaniacally insane for thousands of years. Generally, it is the preserve of the idle rich… ordinary people with a pragmatic grip on reality are notoriously hard to convince with the speculations of the egomaniacally insane.

    It comes in a huge variety of shapes and colours and nomenclatures but is always some variation of Gnosticism. Today, though, the insanity is almost universal because the public have eagerly accepted the evolutionary doctrine that everything is “becoming” something out of nothing. There are no absolutes (except the doctrine that there are no absolutes) because everything is just a passing phase in the inevitable progression from Nothing to Everything.

    Yair, the Bondi tram conductor’s bell is useless if you’re already stuffed.

  7. With computers and robots they will destroy humanity . No need for bombs , although it is an option for them .
    That is the cold blooded that rule .

    How can life be created from a Big Bang . The biggest false flag lie of all time .

    Every birth is a miraculous event for ” all creatures great and small .”

  8. It’s about the most relentlessly, ubiquitously, fraudulently marketed superstition ever.

    The magical creative powers supposed to emanate from a process of destruction called “survival of the fittest” that translates as “the strong take what they can and the weak endure what they must” or, as Muhammad’s saying has it, “if you are an anvil you expect to be struck; if you are a hammer you do the striking”.

    The Talmud is more gruesomely specific about who is the striker and the fate of the struck.

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