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New Security Laws and Some Filing Cabinets — Should I Start Packing My Toothbrush?

(adapted photo – The Age)

by Dee McLachlan

Two items featured in the news this week.

1) Proposed New Security Laws – “Creeping Stalinism”

To quote The Guardian:

“Proposed changes to Australia’s national security laws that could see journalists and whistle blowers jailed for up to 20 years will “criminalise” reporting and undermine the media’s ability to act in the public interest, the nation’s major news outlets have warned.”

In a submission, 14 major media outlets (including the ABC, Fairfax, and News Corp) claim that sweeping changes would place journalists at “significant risk of jail time” for doing their jobs. To continue with the Guardian:

“The government says the new laws are about countering the influence of foreign states such as China and Russia, [What about the US?] but the proposal includes major changes to secrecy laws that could potentially be applied to journalists and organisations such as WikiLeaks.” [And Gumshoe?]

“Described as “creeping Stalinism” by policy experts, the proposed legislation would make it illegal for any person to communicate or deal with information obtained by a public servant that is ‘inherently harmful’ or likely to harm ‘Australia’s interests’… Those interests include information which prejudices international relations ‘in any way’ or damages relations between the federal government and a state.”

So how do we decide on what “Australia’s Interests” are?

Is selling a 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin in Australia’s interests? Would covering up the lies about the massacre at Port Arthur be in Australia interests — or would it be treasonous? If several top bureaucrats or members of the Bar were accused of  complicity in the Port Arthur massacre it might destabilize government — and one could argue that it might not be in the best interests of Australia.

It seems keeping the status quo is what the law is designed to do.

This is what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in parliament on the 7th of December 2017:

“I move that this bill be now read a second time… Today I’m introducing legislation to counter the threat of foreign states exerting improper influence over our system of government and our political landscape. [But are you not already under the influence?] 

“…interference is unacceptable from any country… we will not tolerate foreign influence activities that are in any way covert, coercive or corrupt…

On ‘Protecting our Democracy,’ Turnbull said:

Globally, Russia has been wreaking havoc across the democratic world… [And the US?]

We are witnessing the mass production, the democratisation if you like, of disinformation. [The mainstream media have been the masters of disinformation for decades. They now have competition.]…George Orwell portrayed a post-truth dystopia, where, ‘The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth’.” [Oh please Mr Turnbull, take note of the USS Liberty, Port Arthur, 9-11 etc.]

He then explains the legislation:

“…we are introducing a new Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme… If a person or entity engages with the Australian political landscape on behalf of a foreign state or principal then they must register accordingly… we will criminalise covert, deceptive and threatening actions by persons acting on behalf of, or in collaboration with, a foreign principal aiming to influence Australia’s political processes or prejudice our national security.

Maybe the prolific contributor on Gumshoe, Mary Maxwell, normally resident in Adelaide,  could be considered a “foreign principal” as she aspires to be a Senator in the US Congress. I also hold a British passport — maybe I should pack my toothbrush?

The submission by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security wrote:

“… how could the journalist determine whether the material is in breach without possessing, communicating, and otherwise dealing with it?”

That’s right. We at Gumshoe are reporting what we believe is in the interests of ‘the people’ (where ever you are).

2) The Convenient Filing Cabinets

This week it was disclosed that some filing cabinets from parliament house had gone AWOL. They landed up in the hands of the ABC.

The Age wrote:

“Mercifully, the ABC, the recipient of the leaks once the last owner of the cabinet took a drill to the locks…” [Mercifully?]

This below from SBS news — from an article entitled, “Top secret documents found in old filing cabinets in Canberra”:

“The prime minister’s department has launched an urgent investigation into secret and highly sensitive cabinet documents that were discovered in two second-hand filing cabinets bought at a Canberra auction. [Really?]

It seems extraordinary that officials in Canberra allowed two heavy locked cabinets to be wheeled out for auction. And how did the ABC get possession of these cabinets? When were these cabinets delivered to the auctioneers? Who brought the cabinets to the auction house? Who drilled them open?

To continue with the article:

“One document points to an audit showing the Australian Federal Police lost almost 400 national security files over five years.

“The papers also included a document that stated 195 top-secret codeword-protected and sensitive documents had been left in the office of former Labor government minister Penny Wong when Labor lost the 2013 election.

“The documents which were left in the office – but not included in the old filing cabinets – included Middle East defence plans, national security briefs, Afghan war updates, intelligence on Australia’s neighbours and details of counter-terrorism operations.” [That’s a stretch.]

Wow. One document claims that the AFP lost almost 400 national security files. Is that why we need this new security legislation? 

It seems most convenient that this very unusual breach occurred — and it might very well spur on the next security bill. I am convinced the Bella Vista incident (that never happened) was the catalyst that allowed the 2014 Terror laws to pass.

Why am I getting déjà vu from the Bella Vista incident?

A Recap of the Bella Vista Incident

Back in September 2014, I wrote an article entitled, “Teetering Towards Totalitarianism.” To quote my article:

“Journalists, whistle blowers and even bloggers who ‘recklessly’ disclose ‘information … [that] relates to a special intelligence operation’ will face up to 10 years’ jail. Any operation can be declared ‘special’… ASIO will have criminal and civil immunity… Those who identify ASIO agents could also face a decade in prison – a tenfold increase in the existing maximum penalty.”

There wasn’t really an appetite then to pass the laws — until the Bella Vista incident. To recap what happened on the 25 September, 2014:

The mainstream media alleged a 41-year-old Navy man was threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance. They threatened to cut his throat, and he reported this to Kings Cross (Sydney) police station in person. Later than night Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored, and for whistle blowers, journalists, and bloggers to be jailed for 10 years if they disclose information about a special intelligence operation. The next morning (26/9/2014), the officer/sailor withdraws the assault claim. When I called the media unit in New South Wales in 2015, a very pleasant officer confirmed (via phone) that, “We don’t believe it happened”.

Let me conclude by defining treason:

“the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.” [and/or] “…showing no loyalty to your country…”




  1. The last two lines sum it up.
    Now who are the treasonous bastards who have been betraying our sovereignty by lies to get us committed to invasions, killing,, theft and the destruction of our industry, there being no iminent, except the present politicians enabling foreign infiltration and conquest by flogging off our natural assests?
    Our politiciaans; you stupid sheep!!!!
    “… showing no loyalty to your country”
    Now the whinging msm are whining…. but what did you msm r-soles expect when you treasonous lot have promoted decades of invasions, killing and theft in countries that have been no iminent threat to our sovereignty?
    Now you hypocrites whinge.
    First they came for the commies, then the gypsies then…….us.
    At least this time they are firstly going for you lot, you lying msm treasonous traitors.
    Now tell us about your official government 911 conspiracy fairytale and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.
    Get lost msm and sell the ABC to the banker’s mates, they already manipulate it and we can save the interest on the billion per year we presently pay the UN NWO fascist banker’s club.

  2. Are not all our politicians, on a daily basis, guilty of treason, given the above definition of treason? Most of them are working on behalf of entities, non Australian entities or persons not citizens of Australia.

    The act of proposing this very legislation, is an act of treason.

    This Bill will be against the interests of all Australian people and against the interests of our nation.
    It is being implemented on behalf and demand of foreign interests. Is that not an act of treason?
    Yes, of course it is.

    • Many politicians are guilty of treachery as per Section 24AA of Crimes Act 1914, because of their religious loyalties to the Vatican and the Holy See.

      Both of these organisations are foreign powers under Section 44 of the Australian Commonwealth Constitution.

      Funny how the media dont tell us about that.

  3. My history knowledge is sporadic, but someone might give a thought to what Hitler did to some recalcerant (by his terms) msm editors when he took control.
    Let us not forget Stalin and many recent fascist types.
    MSM, now where do you stand with all your past and continuing lies?
    Better step up quick and expose the lies since 911, hstory repeats!.

    • MSM, you lot are getting very close too your previous useful lying, used by date.
      Oh well, take no notice, just go back to; changing Australia day, working out what flag our troops go into battle for, some more salaciouss sexual deviants, the property market, Salim Mehajir whoever, and other distractions.
      In the meantime the reliable internet news sites will take over your responsibilities by,; for example, exposing false flag murders, used to go to war and get your offspring killed, maimed, and disloyal NWO UN fascist lying politicians

  4. Don’t forget that Federal from both sides and Tasmanian politicians, ASIO and the msm gave us the Port Arthur Massacre and now they want even more treason.

    There is proof galore.

  5. Hows some of the released cabinet files. Turnbull looks good on nbn , so savvy those gold boys.NSC member votes against asio and afp to take away right to silence, Now he heads asio, don’t worry your in safe hands . I could name him but i choose not to, might look narsarsist.abc did a how i meet a bushie and got the file’s piece , even driving into how the sausages were cooked. Such a journalist would never give up his sources, see above.
    If the spooks are on facebook and I identify them by net cross reference. Does Zuck , the spook or just me and a site silly enough publish me do time.
    As a Segway, Coober Pedy was also set up by bolshivics , and you should check this town out , its got everything . Opals is mostly a front, i am thinking now. The arson , murders , missing , mixed with hollywood is a blockbuster.The pasters made sure they were always available, doing a lot for the community by giving mass (you know body and blood alchemy)ceremonies and even private ones for council goups and the like.

  6. Have we missed the real reason for this new proposed legislation? Are the msm and their journalists and of course the ABC, play acting their part on behalf of the government?

    Does anybody remember the last time that information was released by the msm or ABC that would go against this legislation? You probably need to have a very good memory into the past.

    Is it possible that the only reason for this legislation, is for a back door to prosecute alternative media sources and their writers? Look out, Gumshoenews !

    • Very possible, don’t trust the bastards.
      In politics nothing happens by accident, even finding a cheap locked filing cabinet.
      Who buys a locked filing cabinet with no relevant key, has to drill through the lock, notices the contents and delivers the contents to the ABC…… a government financed entity?
      I smell bullshit!
      Perhaps Martin Bryant, on work release, was the hapless public servant responsible?
      Nah, it was, Malcolm’s reliable public servant whistle blower, that Grech (?) fellow?

    • Mal… I think you’re onto something. Why make Abbott look bad. The files found seem too good a find…where is all the mundane nonsense that fills most of the filing cabinets in Canberra. Yes and nothing bad about Turnbull. It smells like a set up. And yes…. Turnbull’s speech is all about fake news too. Why make such a fuss and announce to the world that all is under control… The government advertised the cabinets to the world saying that we are careful. Please. In the real world they would have said it was an aberration and then quickly burythe story. They didn’t even give the ABC a hard time. The Liberal politicians are usually highly critical of the Left ABC… but now they seem to be thanking them “mercifully”.

      And if the cabinets were not planted… well use the opportunity

    • Howard – Beazley brought in the sedition laws 2005 because they didnt want journalists saying bad things about them.

      When I say journalists, of course, I dont mean the MSM,

      I think this legislation may be a not so subtle tightening up of the “Good Faith” exemptions to that law.


      Cant have people acting in good faith in this country.
      Maybe Ive said too much?

  7. From what I understaand of the federal government press gallery, it is a arranged mutual back scrathcing exercise.
    The presstutes rely on snippets of salacios and interesting leaks in returm for slence on significant news.
    So the msm is just a ‘titty sucking’ scenario to get enough ‘news/goossip”to sell advertising for their master msm corporates and to ‘pretend’ informative public interest broadcasting outfits. (That costs us a billion per year plus interest on borrowed money)
    Well msm, ABC and SBS, the tities are going to run dry; so far as there will be anything to feed upon in our public democratic anti fascist (and national) interests.
    Many decades past, who/m said;
    “News is publiishing what people do not want to be said, the rest is is just public relations”. (Or something similar) [I might add: Just to massage ‘corporate fascist ‘ advertising revenue]

  8. Something is going down cause the screws are being tightened frantically .
    The CCP have pulled the pin on investment here .
    Racial tensions are being instigated on the idiot box .
    Goldman looks smug as usual but his eyes look nervous .
    They have destroyed all industry bar the real estate ponzi bubble in Melbourne Sydney and a few other cities .
    If that is what’s about to collapse then we are truly being fleeced to the bone . Worthless assets with exponential debts and no jobs .
    The new arrivals will have more equity in their suitcases than the citizens of this utopia .

    Port Arthur was our nine eleven . Martin is and has always been completely innocent !

    • They want to lock up journos for digging too deep. But interestingly comment re: Bella Vista. The laws they are passing could very well — with the right investigation — send most of the politicians packing.

      As ‘Turnpill’ himself says…

      “The principle is quite straightforward. If a person or entity engages with the Australian political landscape on behalf of a foreign state or principal then they must register accordingly. This will give the Australian public and decision-makers proper visibility when foreign states or individuals may be seeking to influence Australia’s political processes and public debates.”


      “We are also introducing, for the first time, offences for acts of foreign interference. Addressing a clear gap, we will criminalise covert, deceptive and threatening actions by persons acting on behalf of, or in collaboration with, a foreign principal aiming to influence Australia’s political processes or prejudice our national security.”

      Are our politicians answering to the US or some global cabal. Are they all not under the foreign influence of foreigners?

  9. Not everyones cup of tea, but the PAM was done to a satanic timetable . Sunday is important, the beltane and the fire are somehow connected. The date evidence was bought up seems a signal to. Black magik and all that. Martin’s back ground is very strange , (no wonder the sister won’t talk). Avery lived around the corner too. The shooting was described as done with satanic accuracy.
    Avery is the key to Martin having a trail . He is now disbarred because of corruption, and broke client privilege. He even states how he fooled Martin to confess.
    I’m sure this has been identified here, but Avery got the written signed confession. Thing is Martin is reported as having a iq 66 , and unable to read or write in multple official documents .Miscarriage of justice is clear . Martins not guilty plea , should be reinstated . Martin has no friends but has at least two girlfriends, one 16 , how would he meet her and who are the parents . As Mullen says he is not insane , just a very naughty boy.
    Never going to happen on any Australian Government watch though. Howard crawling to pell for a hand touch , shows which one is the more powerful. The retrospective legislation he used to fleece ordinary tax payers, was a first , and sets a president (gulp).

    • “I’m sure this has been identified here, but Avery got the written signed confession.”

      I’ve never seen an alleged ‘signed confession’. Avery got him to say ‘guilty’ in front of the court while Bryant was smiling and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

        • So where is this “signed confession” you spoke about?

          The bloke is joking with the officers and they recognize his comments as a joke and don’t think it is funny.

          Avery got a written signed confession?

          • https://www.google.com.au/search?client=tablet-android-samsung&source=android-browser&dcr=0&ei=xt14WoSFIoXQ8wXoxbiAAQ&q=martin+bryant+confession&oq=martin+bryant+confession&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3…15653.18121.0.18994.….0…1c.1.64.mobile-gws-serp..1.2.709…0i7i30k1j0i13i30k1j0i8i7i30k1j0i13i5i30k1.0.u-ty1SDZsZg#imgrc=_gEP2cFgwWPw2M:
            Terry this link should take you to a image that is in the article. Let me know if it does not work. I checked the first link and I can see this image at the bottom of story (a hand written note from Martin as alleged by Avery.
            Another story is from a police officer who was at the father’s body finding and at PA on the day and guards Martin on about day 5 after the fire . He says in the story how burned Martin is , his hair is badly burned and he has fire gauzing over a burned skin . He also says the burned smell after 5 days is in the room and he can smell it even with his bad sense of smell. Now hair burns very fast but grows very slow. How could he have long hair again after 6 months or sooner.
            The lack of history in a close community is odd to me . All those reporter’s and so little back story .

          • Sorry Terry , you will have to press the image tab on this link , or reconstruct the entire link.
            I can only check the embedding after posting .
            I always check my links after posting , so am interested if you can not find this image of hand writing

          • OK, now I see what you are referring to. That is not a ‘signed confession’ (ie: “I did it”). What that is called is ‘written instructions’ from a client to change his plea to ‘guilty’. Bryant had pleaded ‘not guilty’ in Court on a previous occasion.

            Australia only has two pleas, guilty and not guilty. Other jurisdictions have other legal pleas like ‘nolo contendre’. The legal system is an artificial environment with formal procedures, it should not be confused with real life. In Bryant’s case, his previous ‘not guilty’ plea was going to be changed to a ‘guilty’ plea. He never said “I did it”.

            As a lawyer you want to get written instructions all the time. Without those written instructions, a client can turn around and lie about what they discussed with you. When you’ve got it in writing, they can’t try and shaft you.

            The video tape segment is part of the cut-and-paste job they did on Bryant. The interviews went on for days if not weeks. Bryant was not afforded counsel even though he had a psychological age of 11 and an IQ of 66 – he was an 11 year old moron. He had been previously placed on a guardianship order as he was incompetent to handle his own affairs.

            If the entire series of complete video tapes was released, I’m sure we would find out a lot more about what really went on.

          • Thanks Terry and no need to reply .
            I was just looking at this for a mechanism to invalidate the original trail.
            Averys first consideration is to the court . He has brought the court into disrepute . Its new evidence.
            I’m sure you have looked at it .
            I can see why he would be frustrated at being called low iq . A trigger, maybe (installed). Im frustrated that a 11 year old mind would be accepted by court to mastermind PAM . Does a judge have to accept a guilty plea .
            We know in this case , nothing is going to happen. It is a good tool to help explain that the world might not be as it seems.
            Martin has paid a heavy price for this tool, it would be inproper not to use it.

          • What I find really staggering is the complete failure to grasp the fact that general intelligence/ character judgements are the very crux of the Port Arthur/civilian disarmament issue. Comparing any adult to a child of any age is, of course, nonsense and no one is fit to measure anyone else’s mental capabilities

  10. Has there actually been anything of real substance come from the documents contained in filegate? My first thought when this “story” broke was: What do they want to communicate?

    It appears that they are using this stunt to sell us on the idea that ever greater concealment of Government process is necessary to….to…oh, keep us safe I suppose. I saw the whole thing as a shot across the bow of whistleblowers and un-tethered investigative types.

    Both a sales pitch and a warning.

    • Well we all know the Interpretation section of the proposed Act won’t include a concise definition of “Australian” and “foreign entity” so it’s hardly going to have any teeth.

        • An overveiw of what Aus High Court judges are all about:

          “Herbeert Vere Evatt, was a Justice of the High Court of Australia from 1930 to 1940 joined the diplomatic councils of the allies during World War II. In 1945, he played a leading role in the founding of the UN. He was President of the United Nations General Assembly from 1948 to 1949, and was prominent in the negotiations that led to the creation of Israel. He wrote in his memoirs: “I regard the establishment of Israel as a great victory of the United Nations.” He helped draft the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “

          REF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._V._Evatt

  11. Is there a VERY big false flag about to fly? Read last night on rense.com, last week, in one day, the Dow plunged 666 points. Got that 666. Obvious Cabal warning. Our Federal Government hopes to pass the APRA Bill on the 5th Feb. Now this warning to journalists, as though they have the guts to print anything useful.

    For those asleep at the wheel. The APRA Bill will allow banks to steal depositors money in return for valueless bank shares. Why VALUELESS bank shares? When the economy crashes all the major banks will be bankrupt due to their gambling on the inflated housing values and derivatives.

  12. I suggest that if you have all your savings in bank deposits, in the Big Four, start to withdraw a percentage right now, so that if the worst comes to the worst you have salvaged something. You will have money to live on, while there is a run on withdrawals. Better still, it is possibly safer to transfer at least some to a credit union or such other savings institution.

    The other institutions should not have been gambling on derivatives.

    • The savings are herded to the superannuation, even if you nominate cash its not real cash but a swap in these funds. Self managed is regulated to the extent that whist it is possible to have actual cash cash , it will have to be insured and be keep in a official safe, most at the banks. Also it will have to be counted and audited every year.
      I agree with your advice to draw down excess cash. I can not pick the timing of a default, so do not try anymore. I did see the 666 and thought it odd . The chances are higher for negative yield, on all banks rather than a Pillor (to big to fail) defaulting . If you thought that I would recommend stocking up on food.

  13. We must thank our government for keeping us safe, the sale of Port Darwin is to allow China to have investment in Australia, if we acn sale all our land to China this would increase our safety against invasion, we have to extend our defenses to having soldiers with machine guns on all out street corners.
    Also become self sufficient to terminate guns coming in through planes, ships and other channels such as post which may have drugs, anthrax, and other undesirable items, its not much to ask our government to stop all tourists and undesirable coming here such security by Trump to ban several countries coming to America, we should ban all countries from coming here and lead by example to the road of security of theFirst World.
    If the third world can demonstrate they can live on a dollar a day or so, and not being belligerent, showing no signs of being aggresive so we can live in comfortable and peaceful way, the third world should show thank to us for not using nuclear bombs and allowing them to exist. if they can supply us with resources and anything of value to restrain us from testing our patience and showing compassion to those who are inferior to our civilization.

    • Professional Advice ?????

      Time to use the noggin God gave you boy!I mean:
      civilian disarmament
      Industrial sabotage
      rape & pillage of natural resources
      etc etc etc etc

      And you want to consult a lawyer ?

    • Berrys videos probably explain .
      COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA cik (0000805157) Registered as corporation.
      I think this happened about 1920 to 1934, basically the original constitution is side lined because debts are to be settled in gold and silver .
      Australia defaults because of war costs and depression.
      Many corporate entities are the registered under this original.
      I think the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia is a registered corporation.
      This process finished in the corporation act of 1986 .
      Turnbull knows corporation law, so when he says foreign entity , he means in law not the common view. I think he registered Kerry Packer as a corporation.
      This is the new world order , also why the the Queen had to become Queen of Australia, even though the constitution makes it clear, that is the case.

      • The most bizarre manifestation recently is Ikea. The old man who with the help in the early days of forced east(soviet side) german labour. I mention that for inferences as well as historically true according to third parties. This helped get a price input advantage. The products were good enough and the price right, putting pressure on good product like Danish furniture and others. As they died off the flat packs , with edward wood wood move into the space.
        Old man dies . The company is now owned by the foundation. The foundation has a govenance board, but no owner or owners . Just a doctrine to operate. They discribe this entity as owning itself . 75 Billion in reserves, multiple assets and partnerships . Owns itself . Corporate entities have the same rights as individuals, and then some.
        It lives, something from nothing . Can’t wait till it gives birth .

  14. People buy insurane for verarios wise and practical purposes.
    If there became a financial melltdown, how are you to claim on any insurance policy?
    Here is a clue for free.
    Pull out at least enough cash to be able to feed your family for …… matter for you.
    The difference between cash and a insurance policy is that if there is no claim on your policy, you are out of pocker the premium cost.
    But if you have some cash and nothing eventuates you still have your cash in hand.
    Basic, is it not?

    • Sought to take some cash out today, this what happened at the bank.
      Presented cheque for cash. (Paraphrased)
      Teller: ‘what do you want it for?’
      ‘Sorry, why do you ask? That is prying and a matter for me’
      ‘We are trained to ask”
      ‘Well go back to your trainer and explain that his (?) salary is provided by his customers and it is none of his business’.
      ‘I am just learning”, says the teller and then she is saved by her neighbouring teller.
      She explains that I do not have to answer the question.
      Well, I exclaim; before asking the question the training should have the prefix: ‘ i am going to ask you why you want to withdraw this amount, but you do not have to answer or explain why you want the cash’.
      Why are bank tellers trained to be deceptive?
      The banks are applying Nazi policies. It has happened over the last few years on several occasions.
      They are stupid prying nosy deadbeats.
      How do banks know that they are going to get a honest answer or do they rely on gauging reasons, on some algorithim based on a proportion of the peasants providing a honest answer.
      Well, after receiving my withdrawal; i said: “I could have said that I needed it because I am going to a brothell’
      Cannot fix stupid!
      Stuff them, going back tomorrow to take out more,……”i have a good tip for Saturday…
      ‘ESRASTAR’, bet all your cheese on iit dear bank teller/cashier”!

      • Teller: ‘what do you want it for?’

        Ned, you’ve got more composure than I do. I might have said, “I made a mistake on my withdrawal slip – now I want ALL my money out of your fucking bank.”

        • On one occasion I wanted a lazy ten and they asked why.
          I said in that case make it 15, you have just be fined 5,000.
          It has taken the branch about 2 years to forget their lesson.

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