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Worse than Watergate? Startling Revelations from Washington


by James O’Neill*

For months, the public has been regaled with repeated claims that the Russian government, or its agencies, interfered with the US presidential election of 2016. As recently as 27 January 2018 the Sydney Morning Herald’s Nick O’Malley wrote an opinion piece that included the lines that “despite overwhelming evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Trump believes Putin over his own intelligence agencies.”

This canard has been endlessly repeated, despite the complete absence of the “overwhelming evidence” that O’Malley and others claim exists. The release on Friday (US time) of a memo prepared by the US House Intelligence Committee contains explosive revelations that should put paid to those allegations. Unfortunately, that is not likely to be the case.

Following the release of the memo, the mainstream media who have been promoting the Russian interference meme, switched tack. The emphasis was now placed on the release of the memo ‘undermining’ the US’s intelligence agencies, and ‘endangering national security’. These allegations are as bereft as the original allegations of actual evidence that Trump’s election was in some way masterminded by the evil geniuses in the Kremlin.

The focus should however, be on the incontrovertible fact that senior officials in the US intelligence community, the FBI and the Department of Justice conspired to prevent the election of Donald Trump, and after he was unexpectedly elected, to undermine his presidency and set the stage for impeachment proceedings.

How was this done? The plan was deceptively simple. Its essential elements were set out in the House memo. Among the expostulations and feigned outrage that have accompanied the documents release, a single element remains unchallenged. The central claims of the House memo have not been rebutted, nor could they be because, to borrow O’Malley’s phrase, there is overwhelming evidence as to their veracity.

The essential points that have emerged both from the memo and from other independently verified sources are these:

– In 2016 a US firm, Fusion GPS, contracted with former(?) UK spy Christopher Steele, to produce a dossier, the contents of which could be used to discredit Trump and undermine his campaign.

– The research conducted by Steele was paid for by the Democratic National Committee on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

 – Steele duly produced his report, the contents of which were described by former FB I Director James Comey as “salacious and unverified.”

– Steele himself, in the course of UK legal proceedings has admitted as much, saying it was “merely a compilation of bits of raw intelligence that were unverified.”

– Notwithstanding the seriously flawed content of the Steele dossier, it formed the basis of an application to a special United States Court, to obtain a warrant for surveillance of one of Trump’s campaign officials, Carter Page.

– The application to the FISA court also cited in support an article written in Yahoo News focusing on a July 2016 trip to Moscow by Mr Page. The Court was not told that the Yahoo article was itself based on information given to its author by Christopher Steele. In other words, the Steele dossier was used to confirm the Steele dossier!

– The FISA warrant is valid for only 90 days and must then be renewed, but tellingly, with a requirement of separate findings of probable cause each time.

– At the time of the original FISA application and subsequently, the FBI and the Department of Justice knew of the unproven provenance of Steele’s claims, and that its origins were as a commissioned document sought and paid for by the Democratic National Committee for the purpose of smearing Trump.

– None of this was disclosed to the FISA court. This was not only stupid, it was illegal and a breach of a lawyer’s fundamental duty, as an officer of the Court, not to mislead the Court.

– The various applications to the court were signed by senior intelligence, FBI and Department of Justice officers who now prospectively face charges of perjury, of obstructing justice, and willfully misleading the court.

A number of other details have also emerged in recent days and weeks. Even after Steele’s contract with the FBI (for whom he was a paid informant) had been terminated, he maintained contact with Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose wife was employed by Fusion GPS.

A very large cache of emails that’s passed between another senior FBI official Peter Strzok and his mistress, another employee of the FBI, reveal the existence of extensive planning within the FBI in conjunction with senior officials of other intelligence agencies to undermine Trump, both before and after his election.

As yet unconfirmed are the identity of the “senior intelligence officials” that were helping the FBI build its fallacious case against Trump. The usually well-informed website Sic Temper Tyrannis has suggested that they included Jim Clapper and John Brennan. The former had previously been Director of National Intelligence, and the latter was the Director until January 2017.

The ramifications of these revelations are huge, potentially bigger then Watergate. That senior public officials should act, not only illegally, but in a manner that undermines the very principles of a democratic society governed by the rule of law with the intention of defeating the electoral process, should be unimaginable. The revelations disclose not only that they were indeed thinkable, but that there are elements within the US elites who are completely untroubled by such illegal and unconscionable conduct.

There was interference in the US presidential election of 2016, but not by the Russians. Far more insidious, and dangerous, was that the interference came from men and women supposedly entrusted with upholding the system that Americans claim should be a world model. The interference went beyond lying to a court, but involved an actual conspiracy to replace a man whom they disliked and distrusted with another person more to their liking.

The ramifications of this betrayal of trust have only begun to emerge.  The mainstream media have already begun their counterattack, as Alexander Mercouris has shown www.theduran.com 5 February 2018.  A great deal more will surely follow.

*Barrister at Law and geopolitical analyst.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au



  1. Seems to me that that the priority is just to have contraversy , Clinton with the impeachment (bill), bush jnr , snuck in with a handful of recounted votes, obama with the birthers , and this last election was going to be contraversal regardless once the runners were picked.(first terms)
    Given that the US meddles in everyones governments including organizing overthrows. Why would the russians be called out for trying to influence. If they were indeed trying to install trump, this is such a lame attempt, I can not believe it . There is no viable third contender to even swing like a aussie democrat used to (now greens)that they have this RINO paradigm. Is downer a rino ? Radelaide kicking above its weight again, whats in the water. Song and dance just like those crazy conventions .

      • I have formed the opinion that all elections and then governments formed are contrived to the point the System does not care the outcome . The contraveries now seem to be
        smoke screening the ever unrolling plan . The small wins doled out to groups are to keep the paradigm alive. And is selected now on profiling . If people have been sloppy, its not a problem to cut them loose (some clergy, some movers and shakers). Giving a win for the good guys and a cull for the weak points that could by their weakness and stupidly unmask more of the agenda.
        Just my opinion, happy for someone to attack it from a debating point of view .
        Trump has been in a holding pattern for a long time . He could have gone to either party. Its seem to me also, its the vice presidents are to be watched more closely than the show. Bush snr, seems to be the exception.

        • The profiling in a way quickens the process of synthesis of status quo with the desenters to the new status quo , as a commentator pointed out recently . My own challenge also risks this. I know no other way though .

          • Was hoping for a bit of a challenge. My theory also applies to china and russia .
            Hope I’m wrong and you guys get to rib me on this , sooner the better.
            I don’t want to know what a shirtfronting actually is

        • Simon think that last paragraph could be unpacked to find some CIA programming. My observations from afar–Trump as with most players now ‘holding” “executive positions” have been selected, trained and groomed [since birth] to do the bidding of those pulling the strings–a “sleeper” on the ready to be brought in and positioned wherever he could be useful–yes either party—

          • Oprah is locked into the demo world,might be waiting for a possible reconciliation position Zuckerberg could float later on to republicans . Chelsea demo with financial nous (clinton foundation, yes, and will still be contravesial) big call I know but they haven’t cut bill loose . Elon the tesla man . All solid operators .
            Good dems are hard to get, the other side can just go for a bezos or similar silicon valley type .
            These ones seem to have the world appeal.
            I sure many others young ones are pushing forward looking to get a piece . Then there must be the governors and polis with appeal but I don’t watch very closely , unlike the nsa .
            Not sure if you meant that I am programed ,Diane, am though , we all have been . The cia has seeded pretty much all the big IT companies .
            Some wiki able others low key . This conversation is running through their internet . Their cloud has the most wonderful back up, but it can lose anything too. You will have to take my word for that .
            Sorry need to put it out there, want to take the history and try to fit it to the present , and maybe anticipate the future with some accuracy. The history needs intuition, just testing .

  2. Can’t wait to see the unveiling of the supposed now 13,000 sealed indictments.

    I’d heard that of the 33,000 “bleached” emails, about 400 would be punishable by execution if convicted
    She’s in a lot of trouble.

    I guess what we’re seeing is The Storm coming after The Calm..

  3. “We know that certain high ranking officials inside the government – the government that is mostly not appointed, but rather, in for life, and a few who are appointed – have colluded and conspired to design a police state, couple federal, state and local law enforcement agencies into one by use of the JTTF and Fusion centers, weaken American foreign policy, empower the Muslim lobby, encroach upon and even destroy liberties in America, and started and prosecuted foreign wars in order to enrich themselves and their co-conspirators.”

  4. What baffles me is how the Obvious [at least to me] is veiled from the minds of Americans with just the smallest shiny object. Obama mastered this art by presenting a WTF administrative move on a Friday afternoon, [which then allowed the media three days to sit quiet as they feigned investigative activity], with typical cajoling on Monday and Tuesday at the latest, until he [or the media] could produce a Major ‘secondary’ distraction, per Sal Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’. Then, America would be lead by MSM down a perpendicular path, leaving the original WTF to linger and dissipate, as old, forgotten news. This MO has become so common in Americas political world, one could almost predict such an operation, and shockingly.. I did.
    THIS, “WTF” [for the libs] was President Trump’s announcement at SOTU on JANUARY 30, that he was releasing a memo. A memo that could very well reach a legal platform invoking the death penalty for some very powerful people. THIS is when I thought, Hhhmmm, I wonder??

    Then, on cue, JANUARY 31, a train carrying several REPUBLICAN members of Congress and their family’s to a weekend retreat, a train that was heavily secured, hit a garbage truck? WHAT??
    Reports state, the tracks were checked, ALL side roads leading to the train tracks were secured, and to be REALLY secure, a helicopter was flying overhead. And yet, we are to believe that somehow, a garbage truck made it past all security checkpoints, drove up to the tracks and stalled.. right on top those tracks, where driver and passenger just sat in the truck?

    These occupants were high ranking members of America. How is a stalled garbage truck missed? No warning.. and who the hell was up in that helicopter? I mean.. seriously!
    What is amazing, although this train was going over 70 MPH (113 Kph) , ONLY the wheels on the front of the engine were derailed. The rest of the trains wheels.. remained railed. IF THOSE CARS HAD DERAILED at 70 mph, how different this story would be! You think bodies of Senators and their familys strewn down the tracks would have overshadowed the memo? Today, NOT ONE ARTICLE is written in America about this train ‘mishap’, except for a few famous libs retracting their initial comments about.. ‘too bad it wasn’t worse’.
    I was hoping someone at Gumshoe would have picked up on this.

    • I noticed another unlikely train accident. Buffet is a big train owner in the Us . Who owned the train and the network it happened on?

        • Because of the police tape I am assuming the train in view is the one involved in the accident. The debris would appear to be on the wrong side . No machine tracks to be seen (if it had been moved with a front end loader). As mentioned the speed reported and the accident dont match . That loco had it derailed at speed would have ruined a lot of the wooden track and fettler crews would be onsite repairing track for quite a lot of time.
          So slow speed , and spinning the truck like that seems unlikely but possible.I think I read that the trucks passinger had died. This would be unlikely as the bells and lights would be ringing as well as the train horn giving ample time to get out.
          Sure is a lot of train accidents lately . Had a quick look at buffet, seems he is the only one who can profit(massive), in the train game. I think qld rail sold some rail .

          • Well Simon, the truck driver could have been.., you know, Texting maybe.. or, pulling up his socks.. or something else very distracting.
            OR, perhaps the people who put the truck there, brushed his hair with a bat before putting him in the seat?
            WHY are you bothering with “slower” speeds formula’s? Its speed was 113 Kph (70 Mph)! With all your ‘Other Ideas’, you should apply for the Dis-information department at the CIA.

            Something America’s MSN has Not reported on are two Executive Orders signed by the President. One was in December regarding Human Rights, Child Sex Trafficking, and Corruption. The one in January declaring a ‘State of Emergency’ within the US.

            The later means Trump can call out and use the military for something he feels is important. Like arresting ANYONE.. including persons within any of those 3 letter agencies, or even past elected officials, which could include Presidents, involved in any of the three.

            You know, now that I think of it, Gum hasn’t reported on these either?

    • HOLY.. Something I just came across. It was a ‘Tweet’ posted on January 30, right after SOTU, mocking President Trump.

      It reads: “Hahahahahahahaha. No one is going to remember this speech in the morning.”
      It was Tweeted by.. David Rothschild! Is it me, or is this.. -WOW!!! ?

      There is more on this, and Anon, in a Youtube post,

      • I know this ‘Q Drop’ breakdown is somewhat dry at times. My point was/is, two-fold.
        In this vid, Q’s “Haha.. “opening appears to be an ongoing taunt to the Rothschild family.
        As I commented above, after Rothschilds Haha’s, he tweets “No one is going to remember this [SOTU] speech in the morning.” THEN “tomorrow” we have the train ‘accident’? Is nothing there?

        Also in the vid, at 6:20, Q produces a pic showing ‘Assumption College’. The narrator believes it is in California, when in fact, I found it is a private, Catholic Boys School, in Thailand. Thailand.. the capital of child sex! In the vid, there is also an unknown Asian airport, and a Gate ‘E’, that the commenter believes is somehow connected? Didn’t Obama just fly over and purchase a villa, near this college?

        The later ties in to a ‘Gum’ article. It covered the disruption in ONE night, of MULTIPLE Satanic, Living Child sacrifices, orchestrated by the ‘Catholic Ninth Circle’. Thankfully, this resulted in eight children, 4 to 5 years old, getting saved from being tortured, then sliced open, and/or burned alive. The horrific part is, there were at least a dozen more of these sites, all around Eu that were being protected by paramilitary types, and THOSE children WERE tortured.. and WERE murdered. These Q anon snips are being provided to us, to help those in media [like Gum] who care, and OPEN the damn CAN!

        I just cannot understand how these Luciferian, illuminati backed activities, are not in the pages of ALL MSM in America??

  5. Dear abc just had a Turnbull story involving some responce from gov to the RC plan
    If the story does not change . The upshot is everyone was doing it , its old news , we have a federal compensation plan ready so everyone can pay for it 10000s x up to 150000 worst case .
    He needs the states onboard for that. I’m not a lawyer but somehow the need to stop tort cases, and have everything heard in a quiet court would not surprise me .
    Trouble is …

    • that abc report and Turnbull’s promise of an apology made me feel ill
      the COAG state and territories leaders discussing how to close the gap makes me so angry —
      everything they have done -including the intervention has been deliberately planned to widen the gap between the haves and have not’s–the machine marches on

  6. Sorry James , went off track on your story.
    The law is unfathomable to me, especially the US
    There is a watergate type feeling to it.

  7. If the world is influenced by sorcerers and magicians who may the they be? Is the pendulum now beginning to swing the opposite direction? Are people like Trump and Putin magicians?
    Time will show.

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