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Bill Burr — A Stand-up Comedian That Says It Like It Is


A lighter post today. In the past, we have had many YouTube clips from the late George Carlin posted in articles and in the comments. So, now I introduce Bill Burr. For those not familiar with this popular stand-up comedian, he has a scintillating, and mostly politically incorrect, turn of phrase. He tackles many subjects from the Bilderberg group, Hilary, the “miserable” bankers, and much more.

This one (here) was recorded before the election, and below is a five hour compilation of his podcasts. (I’ve only listened to about an hour so far.) It starts off with the bankers, and I couldn’t help laughing at his environmental solution: “give the sun to the f*** oil companies” (video below 1:08:50). Skipping forward, I found a piece on airport security in Australia (4:16:00).


Posted by Dee McLachlan



  1. It is a wonder today that politicians come out with same old shit, whats more to have a docile and idiotic public who tolerates this stuff is as bad or worst than politicians, what is wrong with us? the crap having gone on for so long is now normal,, any one talking sense is regarded with suspician.

  2. Humour and satire are the lifeblood of humanity.
    Just search soviet black humour as another example……..there were those days that inspired hope above misery..
    Satire peals off the hypocracy of most governments and the actors, so the subjects get their knickers in knot because they are exposed as idiots.
    Yep, political correctness has a ulterior purpose.
    Now did you hear of the sad man whose dog, Mal, died? (‘Seanus’)
    He went to his local priest and requested a burial for his dead dog.
    The priest was aghast and said it was just a dead dog and Mal can not be buried in a catholic cemetary.
    Well said Seamus, I suppose I will have to have him cremated up the road, they charge 500..
    WELL, said the priest, it will be a pleasure to have a service and bury Mal, why did you not say that Mal was a catholic.
    Well, sometimes I try, but I prefer Jewish jokes, they see more of a need of a laugh.
    OOOPS! Faine will be on to me in a flash,

    • Then there were two old mates, the local Rabbi and priest who went fishing together.
      The Rabbi always reeled in more fish than the priest.
      After years of being humiliated the priest asked the rabbi what his secret was.
      Ah, said the rabbi, you only use worms that you dig up for your bait.
      Oops, Say no more!

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