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The Mainstream Media — Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

(L) Rupert Murdoch and (R) Robert Thompson News Corp CEO

by Dee McLachlan

News Corp CEO is grumbling.

Criticizing “Lap-dogs” in 2010

This is what Robert Thompson wrote in his article (published in The Australian), entitled, End of the world as we know it in January 23, 2010 (when he was managing editor of the Wall Street Journal):

“If banks and car companies are now virtually arms of the US government, why not extend the principle to journalism, where some practitioners are already virtually an arm of government in their affectionate reporting of the present US administration? The accusation is that journalists are “in the tank”- the problem is that the tank is so full, that Washington needs a drip tray to cope with the overflow.

“Journalists should be unruly and feisty, not lap-dogs with laptops or meek members of a political movement… if we are not creative, if we are not clear-headed in coming years, we will all be attending our own funeral…”

What! He’s talking about independent thinkers!

Seven Years Later 

On Thursday (8/2/2018), Thompson, now News Corp’s chief executive, took a swipe at Google and Facebook,

“…for fostering a ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘debased’ online environment which harms the news media and responsible journalism… Thompson said the steps announced by Google and Facebook to stem misinformation and improve the quality of online news were ‘modest steps toward changing a digital environment that is dysfunctional at its core.’

“Thompson said News Corp is seeing growth in online visits and subscriptions to its media properties such as the Wall Street Journal and The Sun of Britain, but added that ‘the potential returns for our journalism would be far higher in a less chaotic, less debased digital environment.’

“A longtime critic of the dominant online companies, Thompson said he welcomed the decision by Google to end a ‘first click free’ requirement…”

Sh*t Hits The Fan

SHTF.com reported this “shocking” admission by the CEO of News Corp, with this headline: “News Corp CEO Wants The Alternative Media Censored So Mainstream Media Companies Can Control The Flow Of Information, Make More Money”. Alex Thomas writes:

“…major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press.

“Amazingly, Thompson not only made clear that the mainstream media wants to censor the alternative press, he even admitted that it not only has to do with the control of information but also straight up money.

“In fact, news outlets across the mainstream media are engaging in a concerted effort to stifle independent, American voices…”

Step into the light Mr Thompson. You’re not far from the World Trade Center and Building 7 — and a double page spread on what really happened on 9-11 would instantly place you on the list with Gandhi and Mandela. Papers would sell — $ell — $ell.

It’s not too late to stop being Rupert’s lap-dog.




  1. The corporate mass media and its pussy lying jornos are just a pathetic lot of wimpering snow flakes who have been disclosed as just common street presstitutes.
    Who was the intelligence fellow years back stated that a journalist is cheaper than a good prostitute?
    Yes, Rupert and Co, the Fairfax fraud and our ABC; tell us about 911 and Wesley Clark’s exposure of ‘the plan’, pre 911 to go invade, kill, thieve and destroy 7 countries in five years.
    Come on have some guts, report the truth to Australia, you lot of snivilling frauds.

    • As a aside, considering the test of credibility is the reported antics of the Green politicians attacking Senator Molan for doing a job directed to do by our politicians.
      It is hard to think of a more stupid and uninformed effort by the Greens.
      They had a gift and stuffed up monumentaly, disclosing the Greens as short a melon in ‘watermelon.
      All they had to do was cite Senator Molan’s ex ‘brother in arms’, General Clark and put on record what General Wesley Clark reported to Amy Goodman in their interview in March 2007.
      Are the Greens so ignorant as to not be aware that General wesley Clark reported ‘the plan’ , pre-911 to go invade, kill, thieve and thereby destroy 7 countries in 5 years?
      Now that Senator Molan represents people of Australia and now is subject to their authority, it will be interesting to witness the Senator being courageous in Parliament and expose the truth as to the role of the government politicians duping his men to be harmed by the lies of the Howard era……. such lies being continued.
      Were the Greens just stupid or deliberatly incompetent and acting out their grandstanding and hypocracy?
      They still have a chance, one trusts that their allegations and reference to cowardice does not apply to the Greens? Yea, right!

        • Know about this fellow over last couple of years.
          I have read that he has been killed.
          Well ABC, bit late to follow up, is it not?
          Well he died, not a coward.
          Senators Brandt and Neenonetellee, lets see how the Greens courage stands up.
          Yea, just a load of fakes presenting media bs chucking snow balls at armoured battle tanks.
          The greens are as fraudulent as the rest…… even more; hypocrites as well.

  2. “Hello, I’m Paul Barry, welcome to Media Watch and to the Alice-in-Wonderland world where reality is whatever you want it to be. Once upon a time facts were facts and news was news. But now we have Alternative Facts and Fake News.”


    Barry goes on:

    “So what exactly is fake news? Well, it’s a story that’s untrue.
    And deliberately so, which is designed either to make money or to win political advantage.”

    Mr Barry, THAT IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA — INCLUDING YOU. FAKE NEWS. Fake 9-11 news that resulted in a war to steal oil and destroy a country for political advantage.

    • Fake ABC.
      Mr Media Watch, try ‘watching’ for a change to justify the ABC costing the Australian tax payers a billion per year, plus the interest on the borrowed money that finances the ABC ‘blind’ media watch crew, staff and office space.
      Keep it up, you lot are pooping in your own nest whilst the internet exposes the fake.
      We might present mw with a medal for services to truth, ironicaly because off the ABC’s exposed bs causing ordinary citizens to look and see reality.
      Paul, tell us why the media do not broadcast the 2007 interview by Amy Goodman with General Wesley Clark exposing the Howard era warmongers to dupe Senator Molan’s boys and their families to go kill, invade, thieve and destroy in the Middle East.
      The ABC is more cupable in hiding and protecting those deatroying children in the Middle East than those who have protected paedophiles…… who normaly have not killed children, killed their parent/s, destroyed their homes, ruined their expectations and caused many to flee their country.
      Sell the ABC!!!!!!!! We cannot afford it and the increasing number of informed red pill people despise its lies.

  3. Mr Barry, where were all the truthful msm journalists at the time of the Port Arthur Massacre, the attack on New York 9/11, the London Underground bombing 7/7, the Boston Bombing charade, the outright lies about Gaddafi, the “weapons of mass destruction” used by Saddam, the killing of innocent Syrian people by Assad, the downing of Flight MH 370 and the fake Flight MH 17 which was cancelled that day, just to name a few incidences where the msm deliberately lied to the people. Is this not the tactics of “fake news”?

  4. Again Mr Barry, how many years is it since the msm gave us a big story that was not “fake news”?

    I am posing these questions in the hope that the internet spies will report back to their masters.

    • No use, all one gets from media watch is a thankyou. (Liars)
      They have not the guts to take up the debate, it might upset their gravy train.
      If Green Bandt and whats his name. was/are fair dinkum in finding a coward, he/they would not have to look far.
      But he will not, so what does that expose about the green lounge lizards?
      Add Hinch and poor Pauline.

  5. Yes , all roads lead back to nine eleven ( for this century at least ) . They did it , they gloat on their doings and they don’t care . All ” technological advancements ” have contributed to human kinds demise . We are enslaved and tranceformed to their insane evilutionary world disorder .

    Sadly , most governments media and associated gestapo stooges that serve them have no conscience or remorse . ” They live ” .

    • Dianne, my concern is that if any monies are paid out, it is likely to come from General Revenue of the taxpayer. It is those people and institutions, (mainly religious organisations and State departments) that committed the crimes that should be paying up for any scheme.

      I also believe that a lump sum payment is not wise, but compensation should be paid out fortnightly, in addition to any pension or social security payments already entitled. There should also be no taxation payment required on such payment.

      • You’re joking of course!

        All these victims N E E D is to join ranks, tell Turnbull & his godfatherly crew to put their $$$$$ where the sun don’t shine, plonk themselves down on a large piece of arable land with plenty of artesian water, and declare independence.

        Wildly off topic I know but I couldn’t resist

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