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dee 2Dee McLachlan, the founder of Gumshoe News, grew up in South Africa and has lived in the UK, USA and now Australia. She has a BSc (Hons) and is a filmmaker (e.g. “The Jammed“, and recently “The Wheel”). She started Awaken Your Kids books (writing under the pen-name, Dalia Mae Lachlan).





Mary W Maxwell, PhD (Politics), LLB, was born in Boston, migrating to Australia in 1980 and now resides in Adelaide. She has published six books. Those published by Trine Day, US, are: “Prosecution for Treason” (2011); Consider the Lilies: a Review of 18 Cures for Cancer” (2013); and “Fraud Upon the Court” (2015).




Greg Buck, an IT specialist, analyst and commentator is a regular guest and commentator. His specialty is making sense the insane and often confusing world of finance and money. 



James O’Neill is a former academic, and has practiced as a barrister since 1984. He writes on geo-political issues with a special emphasis on international law and human rights issues. You can contact James at joneill@qldbar.asn.au

Phil Hingston lives in Sydney and reports on various topics.

Cheryl Dean has written on many aspects of the court case and prison conditions of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Brae Antcliffe is a barrister in Sydney.

Matt Campbell — His brother Geoff was killed in one of the towers of the WTC. He has contributed on the science and logic of the 9-11 attacks.

Mal Hughes has reported on Port Arthur Massacre and other topics.

Greg Maybury — a journalist concentrating on America politics and finance.

Christopher Brooks — a dairy farmer, with a critical understanding of the banking system.

Josée Lépine lives in Canada. She is doing private research based on the trial transcripts in the Tsarnaev case. No one in mainstream media is raising any of the questions she raises.

Moti Nissani, PhD

Montse Alarcón Flix

James Marshall Crotty has been a social justice warrior, peace activist, and environmentalist his entire adult life. He resides in the US.

Rohan Millson is the author of Why Animals Aren’t Food: How Low-Carb and Paleo Diets Sicken and Kill Us, and The Low-Carb Bullshit Artists Are Lying Us to Death. He lives in South Africa and founded the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.