Humanity In Crisis, Part 3: The Food Controllers

toxic-gmo-glyphosate-corn1Careful, don’t touch the food!

by Dee McLachlan

Many years ago I mentored a young couple making a film about child soldiers in Uganda. In one sequence they filmed a huge warehouse stacked high with sacks of US corn. At the time there were literally mountains of this subsidized GM (genetically modified) corn.

The young filmmakers then interviewed local farmers nearby. The farmers were growing a variety of (organic) beans, maize and vegetables. It was all organic, highly nutritious food sold at local markets. But they were going out of business — pushed out by the food AID pouring in, and flooding their market. [Read more…]

Edward Snowden and Oliver Stone – Who Defines Treachery?

oliver-stoneOliver Stone promoting his film “Snowden”

by Dee McLachlan

On Christmas afternoon I watched “Snowden,” the movie directed by Oliver Stone. I’m a fan of some of Oliver Stone’s films, but this has to be, in movie terms, his most pedestrian. It felt like a documentary.

But that said, it was good to be reminded of Snowden’s “unprecedented treachery.” At least that is how Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, described his actions. [Read more…]

Is the Virgin Pilot a Geo-engineer?

chemtraiTrail photographed over Melbourne in 2014, lasted five hours

by Phil Hingston

A year ago, on November 10, 2015, I was moved to write this letter to Virgin Air, specifically addressed to John Borghetti, CEO:

Dear John,

Just a note to say Thanks! for the great spray job Virgin has been doing over these last years. You know, geoengineering and all that.  Especially appreciated was yesterday’s Brisbane to Canberra run, in the Embrayer (VH-ZPK), not to mention today’s monumental efforts from all parties concerned.

Actually, I prefer white hazy looking skies rather than the Oh-so-boring deep azure blue skies I grew up with.

Just a quick question about the contents of the spray mix. Is it really aluminium,  strontium and barium sulphates?? (plus assorted polymers and stuff). Could this not be bad for us???

If so, have any health studies been done on the effects to biological life on the planet??

If the answer is affirmative, would you be so kind as to let us (we the people) know exactly what it is that you are doing to counter the effects of the spray. Thanks in advance…

Or should we just wear gas masks all the time.

Phil Hingston

Needless to say I never got a reply. [Read more…]

Targetted Individuals and Microwave


By Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday Dee McLachlan wrote about the “Fakebook” thing, in which censors named some of the “hot” websites. They must be not too bright to go around calling our intention to these. I would probably never have discovered, without this assistance, (Wouldn’t it be funny if it were

“Government slaves” reminded me of the fact that Mary Gregory in New York, a targeted individual whom I trust, wrote about her experience as a government slave. [Read more…]

Those Floods We Had Recently: Did Cloud-Seeding Do the Trick?

 floodPrime Minister Turnbull inspects flooding at Tamar River in Launceston

by Mark Wilhelm

Hydro Tasmania used cloud-seeding to create rain in spite of a forecast of heavy rain. Some Tasmanians are complaining that this caused, or at least exacerbated, the recent flooding. What’s going on?

Storms that began on 4th of June, 2016 resulted in strong winds, high surf, and heavy rain in Queensland, northern NSW and Tasmania. Some areas got 200mm (nearly 8 inches) in 24 hours. Three people died, and two are missing.   [Read more…]

Letter from Paul Sylvester to a Commission on Bioethics

blanche 2Blanche Chavoustie, (L), a much targeted individual , in San Diego

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I regularly receive emails from John Finch of Melbourne who is a targeted individual. He sends me copies of letters that Targeted Individuals send to organizations such as Amnesty International, from which they always get the bedbug letter.

I myself am not a TI, but I used to pal around with someone who was one — Blanche Chavoustie   and I saw it happening to her with my own eyeballs (This occurred both in Boston and in San Diego.) [Read more…]

Wireless Wake-up Call


By Dee McLachlan

Most homes in Melbourne now have smart meters (not mine). There are about 2.8 million of them in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Back in March 2015 I wrote about the roll out of smart meters, and my personal experience of how it effected me, when returning from the Namib Desert in Africa. [Read more…]

Compulsory Collection of DNA for All – Is Kuwait A Test Case For Other Countries?

1 kuwait bombing

On the 26th of June 2015 a deadly blast hit the Shia Imam Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City after Friday prayers. At least eight people were killed. [Read more…]

The Mandatory Procedures for Body Scanners

body scanner

At Australian international terminals, every third or fourth person is chosen to walk through a Pro Vision full body scanning machine. The travelers politely and willingly enter the chamber – to emerge on the other side content that they are being kept safe from terror.

But statistics tell us that a person is 30,000 times more likely to die on the roads driving to the airport than by a terrorist in an airplane. [Read more…]

The Clutter of Evidence In The Alternative Media, and Selective Pickings Therefrom, by the MSM


We have to take account from whence information is sourced. For example, much has been written about MH17 on this site, and recently we covered the spat between Australia’s 60 Minutes and Robert Parry – with Parry criticizing Michael Usher’s “stand-up” journalism over the way they used the evidence (from Bellingcat) to accuse the Russian President. [Read more…]

Did You Contribute Flowers to Martin Place?

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I want to float the idea that people in Sydney may have been given a subliminal message to buy flowers after the “siege” of December 15, 2014. I emphatically am not claiming that this happened. I am merely wondering about it.

sydney-martin-plac_Martin Place

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who did purchase a bouquet that day. Maybe we could find out from the police what the total number was. It looks like thousands.  [Read more…]

You Should Never Trust A Secret Process, Including The TPP

tpp secret

When you buy a car, you are allowed to look under the hood and start the engine. But with regard to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), we must just trust what government says – because a Minister says so. If signed – 23 million people and the future of their children will be impacted by what has been negotiated in secret. [Read more…]

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