Humanity In Crisis, Part 2: What The Money Printers Are Really Planning


by Dee McLachlan

I was born and brought up in South Africa — in the Apartheid era — and so have a very clear understanding of social, financial, and racial discrimination. I sense we are moving into a new era of global Apartheid, by stealth. This system is not based on race or culture, but is simply the divide between the Haves and the Have Nots. [Read more…]

The Vote Against Wall Street Kronies Was a “F-you”

By Mary W Maxwell

Greg Buck has done many videos for Gumshoe (remember the one on the Greek “bailout”?). He has remarkable insight into the meaning of money — there isn’t any. I always get the point of his talks, but as soon as I go out into the real world (i.e., the unreal world), I get foggy on it.

Dee McLachlan interviewed Mr Buck about the US election and how it relates to the financial and monetary status quo. He says that the bankers, by setting the cost of money low — via interest rates under 1% — make it “better” to be a speculator or a gambler than a good old talented worker. Here, Greg refers to the government making financial promises that it wouldn’t have a clue about fulfilling. Don’t miss this piece:


Bankers Creating a “Free Market” by Abolishing Cash

abolish cash

Abolishing money will create a freer market and allow 3% negative interest rates. What!

[Read more…]

Ron Paul Warns of Financial Martial Law in the US

“…United States is not immune to the basic laws of economics and finance. No country in the history of mankind has ever managed to avoid the laws of economics.” Dr Ron Paul.

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“Bought and Sold” – Politicians Should Wear Sponsor Badges

POLITICIAN SPONSORSAustralian Formula 1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo (L), and Malcolm Turnbull wearing a sample sponsor jacket (R). Note: Most of these are not Malcolm’s real sponsors

By Dee McLachlan

Last night Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten faced off in a debate. It seems appropriate to put up Greg Buck’s second interview — about “Investment”, the printing of free money, and his idea of forcing the politicians to wear “Badge Sponsor jackets.” [Read more…]

Savings, Bonds, Negative Interest Rates and “Investments”

negative interest rates2

By Dee McLachlan

On Saturday I spoke to Greg Buck about negative interest rates (see video below). He always has a twist for the future — and said one day, when interest rates are so negative, “you’ll be penalized for paying your bills on time.” [Read more…]

The Panama Papers:  More Smoke and Mirrors


By James O’Neill*

The western mainstream media, including in Australia, have devoted pages of coverage to the so-called ‘Panama Papers’, a cache of some 11 million documents from the files of a Panama based law firm Mossack Fonesca.

We are told that the documents were leaked to the German newspaper Sudddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous “no meeting ever” leaker.   The documents were then analyzed by the hitherto unknown but grandly named ‘International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ).

Such was the fevered excitement with which the release of a tiny fraction of the 11 million documents were greeted, those much vaunted ‘investigative journalists promptly forgot some of the most basic journalist questions. [Read more…]

Free iPhones, Drowning in Debt, and Human Husbandry


by Mary W Maxwell

About 10 days ago there appeared on my laptop screen a small box that said “Want to get e free iPhone?” I knew better than to say Yes, but there was no way to delete it. I even tried turning the computer off, and put the power point off and on, but the little pop-up box survived!

So, to get rid of it, I tapped “OK.” [Read more…]

Dr Day, Negative Interest Rates and Suggestions of a Cashless Society

Andy HaldaneAndy Haldane from the Bank of England has his fingers at the ready to plug the dam wall.

The banking community, and specifically the Chief Economist and the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics at the Bank of England, Andrews Haldane, are again talking up a cashless society. I don’t believe this is to help us, or stimulate the economy. It is about control.  [Read more…]

Is The Fed Engineering A Stockmarket Crash in September?


Since March the US Dow is down 6.3%, the ASX 200 by 11.5%, and in just two months China’s CSI 300 – down 29%! These falls are bad. But, Kris Sayce (The Daily Reckoning)  writes they are only the beginning.

I flick through the The Daily Reckoning articles every now and then. (I heard about them as they are only based only a few blocks from me.) They claim that when the founder (Bill Bonner) started The Daily Reckoning, it was the world’s first financial blog – designed to guide investors with unique, useful and contrarian investments. But one article has caught my attention. [Read more…]

Three Dangerous Men


Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning (L) is serving 35 years for disclosing egregious war crimes. Edward Snowden (C) is in hiding for disclosing illegal and treasonous acts on the US population, and Antoine Deltour (R) awaits his fate. [Read more…]

This Is All We Have Now – DEBT

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