Congress, 9-11, and the Constitution

An official photo of Dick Cheney as he watches the towers burn

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Some people have claimed that 9-11 was an inside job. If that were in fact the case, or appeared likely to be the case, what resources are available within the United States federal government to address such a thing?

(Note: “inside job” can mean either that officials or private persons were able to actually perform the destruction of the World Trade Center, such as by a controlled demolition of the buildings, or were able in some other way to direct the events of September 11, 2001.)

In this article I only want to walk through the structure of how the matter could be dealt with, per the United States Constitution. I’m not here to make a case against a particular person. Let’s call the miscreant “John Doe.” [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 11: What Happened to America Airlines 77?

by Dee McLachlan

The FBI has recently made public several photographs inside the Pentagon just after flight AA 77 allegedly flew into the building on September 11, 2001. The images are now posted to the FBI’s records vault, and give a “new look” into the destruction (by the plane). [Read more…]

Prove To Us That You Are NOT “Fake News”


by Dee McLachlan

For several years now Gumshoe News has been trying to get a response from the mainstream media (MSM) on anything to do with 9-11. But Australia’s MSM just plainly refuses to discuss any of the facts surrounding September 11 — especially on subjects like the (part free fall) collapse of Building 7.

When confronted with the topic, radio hosts like ABC’s Jon Faine will denigrate anyone questioning the official story. And ABC’s popular scientist, Dr Karl, just shies away from the science of the three collapsed buildings. [Read more…]

Just Who Is The Fruitloop Here Mr Faine?


 by James O’Neill*

Being a resident of Queensland I do not have any exposure to Mr Jon Faine, a radio host on an ABC Melbourne station.  As my name was mentioned on his program I was sent a recording of a recent show.  After listening to the show it was clear what Mr Faine’s modus operandi was.

I understand that Mr Faine has a law degree.  If this is indeed the case, then he either slept through or has forgotten what he was told in the Evidence classes.  That is a compulsory component of a law degree so he must have had some degree of exposure to the subject. [Read more…]

Gumshoers’ First Shock of 9-11 Truth


by Mary W Maxwell

This is a follow-up to my November 12, 2016 article “When Did You Find Out about 9-11?” Gumshoe readers were subsequently invited to tell when and how they got the news or the realization that 9-11 was dishonest. Here are their replies. I number them 11-20 as an add-on to the first ten (in the November 12 article).

  1. Martin Jackson

My first reactions?  When 9/11 occurred I was in bed. My wife came and woke me up to say I must come and watch the television as something terrible had happened in America, and when I got to the TV both buildings were down and the dust was heading off into the distance. My first thought was: there is going to be all-out war for this. [Read more…]

When Did You Find Out about 9-11?

911-aeRichard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth speaks during a presentation

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I accidentally came across an article by Craig McKee in which he asked over thirty truth activists how they first knew that the official 9-11 story was false. From McKee’s list I have chosen seven, as they are ones who then went out and founded a group.  Everyone has heard of Pilots for 9-11 Truth, but perhaps not the others. The seven are:

Rob Balsamo, Co-founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, David Ray Griffin, Founder, Consensus 9/11 Panel, James Hufferd, Founder, 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa, and co-ordinator 9/11 Truth Grassroots Organization, Jonathan Mark, Founder, FlybyNews and founder, 9/11 Teleconference Group, Aldo Marquis, Co-founder, Citizen Investigation Team, Nelisse Muga, co-founder of San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, and Elizabeth Woodworth, Co-founder, 9/11 Consensus Panel. 

[Read more…]

Mohammed Atta, Israeli Moving Companies, Psychic Friends and a Dead Handyman

hollywood-bread-factoryThe Hollywood Bread Building, Florida

A Gumshoe reader, Gary, has alerted us to this post from singer, songwriter and activist David Rovics’s blog — ‘ Songwriters Notebook. His blog is generally stories from the road and ruminations on life, but this post records what his friend, “Michael,” told him. I contacted David, but he could add no more than what he had written, and only he can thus vouch for the credibility of this tale. [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 9: Johnston and Rodriguez Should Meet and Compare Notes

article-johnstonHerald Sun spread, 9th September 2016

by Dee McLachlan

This article reflects on two eye-witness accounts of the day. One from the janitor in the North Tower, William Rodriguez — and the other, a foreign correspondent at the time, now editor of the Herald Sun, Damon Johnston.

Damon Johnston

In 2001 Mr Johnston was working as a foreign correspondent in New York, and experienced first-hand the trauma of the “attack” on Manhattan. He later returned to Australia, and was for almost four years at the helm of the Sunday Herald Sun, before being appointed editor of the Herald Sun, in July 2012. [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 8: The Tide is Turning – An Open Letter To Australia’s Mainstream Media About 9-11


Ladies and gentlemen of the mainstream media of Australia,

The evidence that 9-11 was not the result of a several Arabs with box cutters is so overwhelming — it is laughable.

Scientists, engineers, architects, doctors and learned fellows of all professions have realised for a long time that the official government story of 9-11 is a farce and a complete lie. [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 7: What Really Happened to Bobby McIlvaine’s Son

bob-mcilvaineBob McIlvaine, father of Bobby

by Dee McLachlan

For me there is one person that stands tall in the fight for the truth over the 9-11 official lie — and that is Bob McIlvaine.

When I listen to his speech on YouTube — recorded at the University of Hartford on March 26, 2011 — I was moved by his desire for justice to prevail in regard to the murder of his 26-year old son, Bobby. What an extraordinary journey for a father to have to go through — and he gives us all permission to keep asking the questions. [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 6: Has Mohamed Atta’s Will Ever Been Probated?


by Dee McLachlan

5:53:  A security camera at the Portland airport security checkpoint records Mohamed Atta on route to Logan International Airport, in Boston. In Atta’s luggage is his will — to be transferred onto American Airlines Flight 11 at Boston. [Why would he take his will with him if he thought he was going to die and be incinerated.] Point 9 of his will states (translation by the FBI here):

“9. The person who will wash my body near my genitals must wear gloves on his hand…” [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 5: Immediate Safety Alert For All High Rise Buildings

7-building-collapseBuilding 7

by Dee Mclachlan

This is an open letter to Australia’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Darren Chester MP, Member for Gippsland — urging the Minister to take urgent and immediate action towards the safety of steel frame high rise buildings in Australia. [Read more…]

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