How Can I Put It? Something about Solidarity and Truth

Bill Windsor

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

During my campaign so far, for a seat in the US Senate, I have been visiting cities and towns in Alabama, making speeches. Often a question from the audience make me develop some new point which I rush home and write for publication at GumshoeNews – 26 of them so far!

The topics have included health care, US involvement in the Middle East, the FBI, geo-engineering, NATO, conspiracy theory, war, treason, the Constitution, the courts, and Pizzagate. Of course I’ve been deeply immersed in those topics for years – they are my life. The 12 books authored by moi are available for free to anyone who wants to use them as seedlings — to grow more ideas! [Read more…]

Something Rotten in The State of Denmark (and just about everywhere else)

by Phil Hingston

So what’s going on in the upper echelons of power around the world?

It seems that a pattern appears to be emerging where a good many of our hitherto “pillars of society” are being outed as dirty rotten scoundrels (and that’s being kind).

Sir Ted Heath, was recently exposed as a pedophile, according to Wiltshire Senior Constable  Mike Veale. Heath escaped punishment by conveniently dying before his arrest. [Read more…]

Legacy and Leadership. Why Can’t Adelaide Say No to This Erection?

(L) Col Wm Light (1786-1839) planner of Adelaide.  (R) Construction, 2017

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

The most famous statue in Adelaide, South Australia is that of Colonel William Light, a British army officer who was surveyor-general of the colony of South Australia. The statue of Light looking out over the city is called “Col Light’s vision” as he was a man of great vision. Indeed, every person who subsequently lived in that fair city has reaped the benefit of his vision. He surrounded the square-mile city with extensive parklands. Thank you, Colonel Light.

About a month before my May 11th departure from Adelaide, I was watching ground being broken on the south side of North Terrace, from my perch in the bus shelter at the Art Gallery. The person next to me in the bus shelter said “That’s going to be twice as high as the building next to it.” I asked “How did the City Council ever approve of such a monstrosity?” Said she: “It is no longer under council; the state controls development.” [Read more…]

North Korea: The Hobbesian Dilemma Coming Full Circle?

(L) Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), and Kim Jong-Un (b. 1984)

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

Thomas Hobbes came up with a theory – to which I fully subscribe – that war, or at least the preparation for war, is unending. What if your country is peace-oriented, genuinely having no desire for war, no desire to exploit others? Oh, that’s nice, but it won’t keep you safe because somebody out thar gonna git yew. The “Hobbesian dilemma” means your desire to be peaceful will always be frustrated.

Last week at a Senate Candidate Forum in Huntsville, Alabama (home of the Werner von Braun Center) the audience asked terrific questions. One had to do with Electro-magnetic technology. The man asked us “What will you do to stop the hacking into our infrastructure?” [Read more…]

EO Wilson, the Intellectual Giant from Birmingham, Turns 88

EO Wilson 

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Back in 1994, when the conservationist Edward Wilson was approaching retirement age, I offered to produce a festschrift for him, with the 18 authors who had contributed to my book The Sociobiological Imagination. He said something to the effect “Are you kidding? I haven’t even started yet.”

True enough, he has gone on to publish major works since then, and even a novel — “Anthill.”

Consider his attempt to unite the sciences, in his book “Consilience’ (1998).  Consider his “the Social Conquest of Earth” (2012), and most importantly his new “Half Earth,” in which he suggests, wisely, that we set aside half of the space on this planet (not one big patch, but many little patches) to allow our fellow species to run free. [Read more…]

A World of Pedophiles, Secrets and Disclosures

A still from “Lolita” (Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film)

by Dee McLachlan

James Comey’s recent testimony was carried on every network. So was Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony.

Now The Hearings Are in Secret

But now the House intelligence Committee plans on interviewing John Podesta in SECRET. Why? (Do we have to ask that question?)

This was published in The Common Sense Show:

“…Podesta’s testimony will be held in secret… and the participants will not be able discuss their testimony with the public. Why the discrepancy? [Read more…]

Forgiveness for Hillary, Immunity for Podesta: An Open Letter to the AG  

In younger years, Rolf Harris ran a children’s TV show on the BBC

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear US Attorney General Jeff Sessions,

The fact that you were kind enough to vacate your Senate seat so Ol’ Mare could have a chance to grab it is always on my mind. I know you are busy with all the chores of the DoJ and apparently having to deal with immense political infighting. Today I am offering you information that could bring a bit of relief.

Because it has to do with Pizzagate, you may think this is the last subject in the world that could bring relief – but I have a habit of seeing things in a different light from most people.

I am going to suggest that you summon John Podesta and offer him a deal – immunity in exchange for sufficient information. I also suggest you promise a pardon to Mrs Clinton. [Read more…]

McMartin Preschool, and Marc Dutroux – Cases of Unpunished Pedophilia

(L) McMartin Preschool, (R) Marc Dutroux

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

It is well-established that pedophiles in high places do not get arrested even when there is plenty of proof of their crime. It is winked away by police. Of course my own view is that this hands-off policy need not continue.

The Famous Case of Marc Dutroux

Marc Dutroux owned six houses in Belgium. He was a trafficker in children. That means he had customers, and we can deduce that the customers were wealthy. There is no other explanation for the opulence of Marc’s lifestyle. I wonder if the media reportage of the failure to catch Dutroux (and of the fact that once they did put him in jail, he got an early release) was itself a way to drive home to people that they are helpless. [Read more…]

The Enemies of Peace and Freedom

By G5

The disputes of the world are not over ideologies or even foreign threats — but territories, commodities, and peoples. Anything proffered to the herds as a reality for interventionist actions, through the MSM, and subsequently justified in sanitized educational texts, are deceptions.

The purpose for the continual manipulation of the herds is to maintain them under control — and to have them believe that they should die as instructed, or further surrender alleged freedoms to remain under economic enslavement. [Read more…]

The “Armstrong Effect”

by Dee McLachlan

In this article I argue that the mainstream media and our politicians seem to be caught up in conspiracy of silence and denial.

My recent article, about the USS Liberty, proves this point. All evidence supports a deliberate false flag event  — yet 50 years on, Australian politicos and the media refuse to touch the story. They refuse to investigate the possibility of treason.

Why are these two groups unable to cross the line towards a more truthful and transparent discussion?

I guess these people sign up to “the program,” becoming ensnared, through circumstance, by (what I now call) the… “Armstrong Effect.” [Read more…]

The Land of Future Renters Down Under

One of South Africa’s 80 squatter townships for ‘whites’ 

By Dee McLachlan

Is it just me — or is there something amiss about the booming property market in Australia?

I was originally inspired to write this article when Nemisis made a comment on Gumshoe, on April 25, 2017. On the European arrival to Australia, he wrote in part:

“The original inhabitants of this land prior to white settlement, considered themselves as custodians only of the land that they dwelt on. There was no concept of ownership…

I replied (a brief extract):

“The “concept of ownership” allowed the present inhabitants of Australia to take over the land… but that very concept will be the demise for our great grandchildren.” [Read more…]

How Can We Live? Part 3: There Have Been Many Warnings

L to R: Norman Dodd, Charlotte Iserbyt, Ernst Zundel

by Mary W Maxwell

A comment by Ned to Gumshoe’s April 20th article on terrorism in France pretty well sums it up: we have been warned many times about what is happening, and yet we foolishly ignore the warnings.

I will set out here some of the best-known warnings. I’ll be as concise a possible so you can use this list to give any “open” neighbor a mighty quick introduction. You know me; these samples won’t be taken from rough-hewn conspiracy theorists, but from very sober sources. [Read more…]

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