A Lovely Day in Ballarat — Part 15 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

pellGeorge Pell and St Peter’s Basilica, as envisioned by Sixty Minutes

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Recently (October 19, 2016), I published an article at Gumshoe entitledThe Dax File, Part I.” It was about a Ballarat-connected woman whom I did not identify. She now wishes me to refer to her as “Aishe.” (Pronounced ay-shah.)

The next day I woke up with a truly happy, relieved feeling. Aishe has inadvertently given me the key to something I had felt bad about for a long time, as a Catholic. She told me that Pellsie (I think that is the nickname she used) is very high up. [Read more…]

Navy: Anal Penetration with a Broom Handle – Part 13 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


by Mary W Maxwell

Today was the first session of hearings regarding Defense Force participation in the practice of sexual abuse of minors. This is “Case Study 40” of the Royal Commission. It will be live-streamed every day until July 1st and deserves your attention.
In this article I will present the testimony of two victims, and in a later article look into the complicated issue of statutory compensation and civil lawsuits.

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SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse – Part 12 in Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

parl   Senator Bill Heffernan’s valedictory speech, 2016

 by Mary W Maxwell

In 2013, the Commonwealth, acting under Letters Patent form the Queen, began a Royal Commission into “institutional responses to child sexual abuse.” Some benefits have already come into being from this RC, and “child sexual abuse” has become an established concept. Importantly, the victims – better known as survivors – have been able to get together in a publicly visible way, as when they traveled to Rome to confront Cardinal Pell.

So far, the Commission has laid bare the protection of pedophiles by institutions, whether it be the Church, sport clubs, or elite schools — and more institutions have yet to testify at the hearings.  (The Defense Forces are coming soon to the witness box!) Meanwhile, the practice of satanic ritual abuse has suddenly become common knowledge.

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Full Marks to the Survivors of Pell’s Dishonesty – Part 11 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


by Mary W Maxwell

In Part 10, I expressed disappointment that the RC was going over old ground. But it was a good warm-up. Congratulations to Gail Furness, SC, for her strategy at the second hearing in Rome. She clarified that Pell must have known about Fr Ridsdale – based on minutes of a meeting.

And today she got Cardinal Pell to admit that he knew about the infamous Fr Searson — who among other deeds stabbed a bird to death in front of schoolchildren – and made tape recordings of Confessions! [Read more…]

All Roads Lead to Rome and to Disappointment – Part 10 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


By Mary W Maxwell

Before the long Christmas break, there was quite a buzz at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. See, for example the testimony by ex-police detective Denis Ryan (who was the subject of Part 7 of this series). It was finally starting to come out that higher-ups did know, for 30 years, and blocked the resolving of, the problem of pedophilia.

Eyes then turned to Cardinal Pell, who today is a director of finance at the Vatican and who had served as archbishop of Australia’s two largest dioceses, first Melbourne, then Sydney. [Read more…]

Judge McClellan, Face the Music! — Part 9 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear Justice McClellan, When I discover a good judge I go to any lengths to promote his/her good work.  I have been veritably slobbering over your work since November, 2015. Just search the website Gumshoenews.com to see how many times I have said you are in a class by yourself. And I also admire your offsider, the South-African-accented Counsel.

This is because I thought – and still think, subject to your reacting to Fiona Barnett — that the Royal Commission you are heading, on “Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse” is aiming to answer the Big One. That is, the terrible mystery of why the police are protecting child tormentors. [Read more…]

Mental Furniture – Part 8 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


by Mary W Maxwell

The first seven parts of this series reported on, and speculated about, the matter of how personages in the various institutions refrained from reporting thousands – repeat: thousands – of cases of child sexual abuse in Australia.

While the Royal Commission is a wonderful undertaking, and “I ain’t knockin’ it,” it seems unlikely that it will arrive at meaningful conclusions. I just can’t see the Commissioners breaking out of the mold to declare that we have hidden forces in our society that possess the wherewithal to do terrible things. [Read more…]

The Police’s Role in Covering Up Pedophilia – Part 7 of Gumshoe’s Series on the Royal Commission

unholy trinity ryanDetective Denis Ryan began work in Mildura in 1962

by Mary W Maxwell

I quote the words of Senior Officer McFarland, in Denis Ryan’s 2013 book “Unholy Trinity” (2013) page 149:

“I’m going to tell you something now, Detective Ryan, and you’re not going to like it. I’m a Superintendent and you’re a nobody. Do as you’re fucking told.”

Ah, now we’re beginning to get somewhere with this Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I think Victorian policeman Ryan has cracked the code.  [Read more…]

What We Know about Brainwashing – Part 6 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

UnknownTorture at Abu Ghraib

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

We interrupt the commentary on Australia’s current Royal Commission to provide here the text of a self-proclaimed statement by the covert agencies of the United States almost sixty years ago as to what they knew about brainwashing. It is a memo signed by Allen W Dulles, CIA Director, on April 25, 1956, addressed to the Director of the FBI. I have abridged it.

Note: In a cover letter, Dulles said that this material was learned from people who had undergone “involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values” by Communists. Surely that is a lie. The CIA experimented firsthand. [Read more…]

Cardinal Pell and Mind Control – Part 5 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

pell(L) Sacerdos et pontifex, pastor bone in populo, George Pell.    (R) former prime minister of Australia, John Howard.

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD (Politics), LLB

This series of articles derives from Australia’s Royal Commission (‘RC’) into “Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.”  Let us begin with the fact that a Catholic cardinal has been summoned to the Victoria County Courthouse in Melbourne, to give testimony as to why he suppressed information about criminal activity of priests. [Read more…]

Geelong Grammar, Student Suicides, and Silence – Part 4 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

commission2The Royal Commission’s lifespan is 2013 to 2017

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Part 1 of this series looked at cover-up of child sexual abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. Part 2 was about the Catholic hierarchy; Part 3 tried to explain who runs the bishops. In this fourth part, I go over the case of Geelong Grammar. It is a prestigious boarding school – you may recall that Charles, the Prince of Wales, attended Timberlake in his youth — one of the four campuses of Geelong.

In 2006, Philippe Trutmann, a boarding-house assistant at Highton House, was convicted of molesting 40 students from 1985 to 1995. Imagine! A decade of harm to kids, and no one on the staff resolved this problem. Ultimately Trutmann served a six-year sentence. No one was punished for cover-up. [Read more…]

Power and Dr Day’s Predictions – Part 3 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

abby Rockefeller dr dayAbby Aldrich Rockefeller (1874-1948) and Richard Day, MD

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Australia’s current Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has completed three years of work and is scheduled to carry on for another two years, until the end of 2017. It is conducting a very public investigation (anyone can make submissions), in hopes of learning how it was that thousands of children could be sexually abused and everyone remained silent about it.

Any citizen may do as she/he pleases with the information that is being gathered. In my series of articles for Gumshoe, I’m not acting as a regular reporter. Rather I select any bits that give me insights about the larger issues. The article at hand is about power. I ask: Who holds such power over us that an entire institution – for example, religion – can be dictated to? [Read more…]

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