Trump, Hillary, Russia, Dossiers, etc,

Donald Trump Jr

Editor’s Note: This article was published on July 13 at Truthdig, with the title “Remembering Hillary Clinton Team’s Russian ‘Steele Dossier’ on Donald Trump” 

by Robert Parry

Yes, I realize that the editors of The New York Times long ago cast aside any journalistic professionalism to become charter members of the #Resistance against Donald Trump. But the latest frenzy over a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer who was dangling the possibility of information about the Democrats receiving money from Russians represents one of the more remarkable moments of the entire Russiagate hysteria. [Read more…]

Media Fakes — Come Out With Your Hands In The Air


by Dee McLachlan

There were several articles in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and The Herald Sun today about President Donald Trump’s 80 minute press conference. The mainstream media reports describe it as “rambling.” In the SMH:

“President Donald Trump’s combative news conference on Thursday afternoon left some people speechless.”

The mainstream media is stunned by so much opinion from a President. They have been trained to accept the staged and “scripted” press conferences.

NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers had this to say about Trump’s press conference:

“The Trump administration has been roiled by chaos, and today Trump doubled down on that chaos by holding a bizarre press conference full of false claims, grievances and attacks on the media… and then Donald Trump held what can only be described as a bats– crazy press conference that rendered this script [his show] completely meaningless…”

The President began the press conference by announcing his nominee for secretary of the Department of Labor at the press conference — Mr. Alex Acosta.

Then he continued on to skewer the media. This extract from the transcript (sourced from the New York Times) is abbreviated (for the record):

[Read more…]

The Vote Against Wall Street Kronies Was a “F-you”

By Mary W Maxwell

Greg Buck has done many videos for Gumshoe (remember the one on the Greek “bailout”?). He has remarkable insight into the meaning of money — there isn’t any. I always get the point of his talks, but as soon as I go out into the real world (i.e., the unreal world), I get foggy on it.

Dee McLachlan interviewed Mr Buck about the US election and how it relates to the financial and monetary status quo. He says that the bankers, by setting the cost of money low — via interest rates under 1% — make it “better” to be a speculator or a gambler than a good old talented worker. Here, Greg refers to the government making financial promises that it wouldn’t have a clue about fulfilling. Don’t miss this piece:


Why This Earth First Social Liberal Voted for Donald J. Trump


Editors Note: James Marshall Crotty is a columnist for the Huffington Post (which refused to publish this post).

by James Marshall Crotty*

I am a pro-choice, Earth First!, pro-LGBTQ Independent, who has spent his life upholding my Jesuit high school’s mantra: “Be a man for others.” Nevertheless, I proudly voted – without a moment of hesitation – for Donald J. Trump for President. Here’s why.

The Democratic Party I voted for in the past no longer represents my interests or those of my country. Despite all its egalitarian rhetoric – “stronger together”; “when they go low, we go high” – this nakedly corrupt political syndicate actually traffics in divisive, often violent, identity politics. [Read more…]

Lessons For Australia From The United States Election


by James O’Neill*

The election of Donald Trump as the next US President contains some valuable lessons for Australia.  One can have no expectation however that those lessons have been learned.

During the course of the campaign the mainstream media were unanimous both in their support for Hillary Clinton and their conviction that she would be the winner.  As late as 9 November 2016 Paul McGeogh in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) had a lengthy article, the headline for which read “How will Trump Handle Being the Biggest Loser”. [Read more…]

How to Deal With Election Disappointment

hillary-early-yearsThe early years

by Dee McLachlan

In an article in the Herald Sun this morning, Rita Panahi writes:

“Donald Trump’s triumph has shown once again how desperately out of touch much of the commentariat is with the mainstream.

“…In what has been the most astonishingly biased and hysterical media coverage in living memory, much of the media took it upon themselves to destroy Trump’s campaign rather than report fairly and sensibly on both candidates.

“[the commentary is] precisely the type of blinkered, hyperbolic nonsense that has characterised much of the cringe-worthy media narrative.”

[Read more…]

Will Fractional Magic Determine Our Destiny?


by Dee McLachlan

I understand the term “Hollywood bookkeeping,” which is the term given to distributors that fiddle the numbers so that profit is never paid. For example:

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, the 2007 Warner Bros sequel, reportedly cost $150,000 million. It grossed $938.2 million worldwide. But years after release, it was still in the red by $167 million. [Read more…]

Revolution In Progress


by Dee McLachlan

In Australia the mood changed last weekend.

For fifteen months the mainstream media (MSM) have consistently trashed Trump in every which way possible. They paid retired politicians to dish out derogatory commentary about the presidential nominee.

But that all seemed to change last week. [Read more…]

The “Draining The Swamp” Letters


With Donald Trump’s references about “draining the swamp” in Washington, these letters were exchanged a few days ago. [Read more…]

Electoral College, Part 3: Pussy, Trump, and the Vice Presidency


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Recently, the Republican candidate for president of the USA referred to a female colleague as a pussy. I suppose that’s not too bad. But now “a video has surfaced” – from 2005 – in which Trump talked about forcing himself on women, and used the phrase “grabbed her by the pussy.”

This has got the GOP – Grand Old Party — i.e., Republicans, into quite a state of animation. There is now much talk about the party itself unloading Trump as their candidate. The national chairman has advised “the vulnerables” contending for Congress to distance themselves from the pussy-grabber. [Read more…]

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