When Did Boston Go Scared? A Message from Alabama

“Ready to ride and spread the alarm…”

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

This morning I was interviewed on Alabama radio WYDE regarding tomorrow’s election. I have long been accusing media of hiding the truth about the Tsarnaev case, so was delighted when the show’s host, Jessica Borklund, asked me – yes asked me – to expound on the subject of the Marathon bombing.

I had only time enough to give her the main scoop about Aunt Maret’s affidavit, and about the ridiculous “video evidence” of the shooting of Officer Collier at MIT. But now that I am riled up about it, lemme say more. I particularly am thinking “How come a call-in show Down South can handle this subject but Boston radio hosts are too skeert to do so?” Maybe their fear is ungrounded! I hereby give them (the persons of Boston, the super-educated “Athens of the North”) a chance to redeem themselves by re-publishing this. [Read more…]

The Big Lie Is Killing Us — 9-11, Boston Marathon, and Port Arthur

a falling man, 9-11

by Mary Maxwell, Republican candidate for US Senate in Alabama

What was I thinking of, going around the state of Alabama in my campaign, never once mentioning the words Nine-Eleven.  Of course everything hangs from that one terrible sin. Almost everything, anyway. Here is how I see it today.

To Plan a World War

The cabal (World Government, the crims, whatever name you prefer) planned many years before 2001 to stage a knockdown of the World Trade Center. It’s even probable that the Towers were in purpose-built for this. I lived in Manhattan at that time (early 1970s) and we residents were not too pleased with the giant new buildings. Similarly, as I argue below,  the planning was instigated before 1970, to finger Arabs for the “attack.”  All of this was part of a brilliant plan to get nations to enter a new world war — World War III. [Read more…]

Four Easy Tipoffs for Conspiracy-Theory Events

(L) Justice William Cox of Tasmania. (Center) Justice George O’Toole of Boston. (R) Magistrate Michael Barnes of New South Wales

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate, in Alabama

At GumshoeNews.com we often deal with conspiracy theory. I write “investigative” articles – mainly investigating court documents and government behaviour. This has resulted in books entitled Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players, and Inquest: Siege in Sydney, as well as a book co-authored by Dee McLachlan — Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough.

Information from one case often enlightens another case. I believe the main gunman in each of those three books was a patsy. Jahar (Dzhokhar) Tsarnaev, age 19, did not do the 2013 Boston bombing; Martin Bryant, age 28, did not do the 1996 Port Arthur massacre; the hostage-taker Man Haron Monis, in the 2014 Sydney siege, was indeed the gunman but his actions were arranged by someone else. [Read more…]


abuAbu Ghraib – this is how we end up as a lawless culture.

by Mary W Maxwell

Using Tsarnaev’s Case As Basis for Real Indictments

I am 99% satisfied that Jahar Tsarnaev had nothing to do with bombing the Marathon, killing MIT Officer Sean Collier, carjacking Danny’s car, stealing Danny’s money, shooting at cops, throwing IEDs at anyone, running over his brother, going into a house in Watertown for a pee, or making any confession to interrogators at the hospital.

That being so, we should look for the actual perpetrators. I’ll sketch six crime scenes and ask who may be indicted.

[Read more…]

How To Compare Two Boston Law Schools: Suffolk and B.C., Regarding Tsarnaev


 by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

So now we have read the 20 questions about the Tsarnaev case, which is more than enough to show that the case was a crock. We might thus wonder where the well-paid law professors stand on the issue.

If you have a son or daughter looking for a law school, I suggest you write to some of these prestigious persons and see how they feel about the Marathon travesty. Below is a list of 56 professors at the Catholic law school of Boston College, and 77 from Suffolk. I’ll give the Catholics first billing as I personally expect more from a religion-based academy. [Read more…]

Twenty Questions about Tsarnaev at the Marathon

carmenCarmen Ortiz, when are you going to lift your game?

by Cheryl Dean and Mary Maxwell

Concerning Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case, I’ve penned 15 questions – in response to a similar list of 15 that Mary Maxwell had posed for the Martin Bryant case in Australia.

We think this is a good way to pin things on court personnel, and to demonstrate what really happened.  Maxwell contributed an additional 5 below, about Dzhokhar (aka “Jahar”), making a total of Twenty Questions.

  1. To Mariam Ryan, District Attorney of Middlesex County:

At your press conference you were asked the question, Why weren’t trained dogs brought in to find a bleeding and wounded Dzhokhar, allegedly bleeding and wounded, as he fled and hid from the Watertown “shootout”? You couldn’t answer that then. Why not? Please answer now. [Read more…]

Boston Marathon Bombing May Have Been “Gladio”


by Moti Nissani, PhD

Editor’s Note: This is an update of an article Nissani posted at his website in 2015.

Everyone agrees that the Gladio-Europe Conspiracy had been a Syndicate-sponsored terror campaign falsely attributed to left-wing terrorists.  This raises the possibility that contemporary terror is likewise Syndicate-sponsored.

To quote Jim Sinclair:   “The only means of being able to protect yourself will be to understand the answer to the question, ‘What is the final end game for the most powerful families that are in fact running countries and markets?’” [Read more…]

Marathon: Congrats to Justice George O’Toole for Telling the Truth

sealed-envelope2Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a sealed document

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

There has been a very exciting development in the Tsarnaev case. I got this news from a friend of Josée Lépine, who has spent every penny she can spare purchasing court documents. (You, too, can impoverish yourself this way, regarding any federal case, at PACER.gov)

The new piece of vital information came in a release of court documents that were, until now, under seal. That is why I’m thanking Justice O’Toole, as it does appear – incredibly — that a judge has so much discretion that he can withhold, or release, any document in the case. [Read more…]

Are Media Lies Criminal? Part 4: A Whole book about the Marathon FBI Terrorism  

tamarlanDzhokhar (L) and Tamerlan (R)

by Mary W Maxwell

You may recall that Part 1 of this series featured a young writer at The Boston Globe, Eric Moscowitz, who relayed the Danny carjack story. Now it’s the turn of two other Globe writers who produced a book called Long Mile Home. There is no point in me analyzing their dishonesty. Might as well let them persuade you all by themselves.

Here follows a couple of excerpts in which I have bolded phrases of interest. The writers are Scott Helman, and Jenna Russell.  Long Mile Home was published by Penguin/Dutton in 2014.  I can remember when Dutton would not have dreamed of turning out such a product. [Read more…]

Heather Frizzell Inspects the “Tsarnaev Weapon” (the Gun That Killed Sean Collier)

exh-948-231-largeExhibit 948-231 – The Ruger as it was found at the crime scene in Watertown.

By Mary W Maxwell, LLB

A Boston woman, Heather Frizzell, has been working hard on the Marathon bombing trial. In this article I summarize what she has learned about the gun allegedly used by the Tsarnaev brothers to kill the 28-year-old MIT campus cop, Sean Collier.

This is urgent stuff: Jahar’s appeal is coming up very soon and it’s curtains if he doesn’t win. Heather says:

“After months of pouring over the eyewitness testimony and studying the location in question, I am confident of one thing: the person who appeared at Collier’s [car] window with a gun wasn’t Tsarnaev.” [Read more…]

Hoaxes, Part 1 – Jeff Bauman Looks Like a Crisis Actor

Jeff Bauman

by Mary W Maxwell

I don’t like the word ‘hoax’ as it does not have a clear meaning. Lately it has been used to indicate governmental staging of a disaster that is somehow not genuine. Some people who call the Sandy Hook shoot-out a hoax, simply mean it was a false flag.

That is, children in that school did die but the alleged gunman Adam Lanza had nothing to do with it. (The government “falsely planted the flag of Lanza on the scene.”) But many other folks use the phrase “Sandy Hook hoax” to mean the story is fictitious; no child was shot.

[Read more…]

Are Media’s Lies Criminal? – Part 1

(L) Eric Moscowitz of the Boston Globe, (R) Dun Meng

(L) Eric Moscowitz of the Boston Globe, (R) Dun Meng

by Mary W Maxwell

One hears that the media are “doing us in.”  Or that the media control the Parliament. One hears, from writers including myself, that the media deliberately design our culture. Let’s ask if any of their operations break any laws in Australia.

[Read more…]

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