Great Australians: Wendy Scurr

wendy-scurrWendy, in days gone by

by Malcolm R Hughes

This is the third in Gumshoe’s series of Great Australians. The first two were the explorer John Stuart and the artist Jack Absalom. This great Australian, Wendy Scurr, became an unplanned heroine during and after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.  For those who have not previously seen the purposely lost word “heroine,” the meaning is female hero.

Wendy is happily married to Graeme Scurr and they reside on the mainland of Australia. Why the mainland? Because they were driven out of their home state of Tasmania. Why driven out ? For doing the right thing. You know how it goes these days – but Wendy was ahead of her time, having stuck up for the truth about Port Arthur 20 years ago. [Read more…]

Beard, Saleeby, Kelley, Gonzalez, Isaacs: The Enzyme Theory of Cancer and the Persecution of Doctors

kelley-gonzale2s(L) William Kelley, DDS,  (R) Nicholas Gonzalez, MD

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD

This article is in memory of Nick Gonzalez, MD who died suddenly last year, at age 67, during the “Let’s kill 50 Holistic Doctors” rush. But he had three predecessors in the curing of cancer who also suffered persecution. The founder of the theory in question (which has to do with pancreatic enzymes) was Edinburgh zoologist John Beard around 1900.

Somehow the word about Beard’s cure reached a dentist in Texas, William Kelley, who used it successfully on thousands of patients.  I will begin with a statement made by Beard’s colleague, Caleb Saleeby, MD, to demonstrate how far back the persecution of cancer-cure doctors goes: [Read more…]

Australian Media’s Continuing Failure Over Syria

deir-ez-zorDeir ez Zor, Syria

By James O’Neill*

There are few more blatant examples of Australian mainstream media bias and incompetence than the continuing misreporting and/or silence about events in Syria.  Ukraine would run a close second.

On 17 September 2016, in the middle of a ceasefire that had been negotiated by Russia and the United States, US warplanes attacked a Syrian military base at Deir ez Zor, killing more than 60 Syrian soldiers and wounding more than 100.

There were a number of anomalies about this attack, almost none of which has been reported in the mainstream media. [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 34: Update on One of the Three Doors, and the Stairs to the Toilet

screen-shot-2016-03-23-1_3The storming of Lindt Cafe through the ‘lift lobby’

By Mary W Maxwell

A reader named Ben paid me this compliment in the Comments to my November 2, 2016 article entitled “Lindt Café Inquest, Part 33: The Three Doors.”

“Mary, you are always thinking of angles that would not have occurred to me. You leave no stone unturned. I like your tendency to be cautious in your posts. Spreading disinformation can be quite harmful and you seem to be acutely aware of that.”

Oopsies. It seems my depiction of the Café doors was a bit too fanciful. I now must offer some corrections. The new data has galvanized me. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 7: The Sentencing Hearing

justice-johnsonNSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Johnson

by Mary W Maxwell

There is a calculator for how much of a person’s life could go into a life sentence. Amirah Droudis was 33 when she committed the crime. (I doubt that she did commit it, but am going with the flow here.) She has now been in custody for 2 years. So we look at the Australian Bureau of Statistics projections and see that a woman at 33 has another 48 years coming to her.

The defense barrister, Mark Ierace, pointed out that this could mean she spends 50 years in prison – and asked Is it worth it, for the community’s sake, to incarcerate her that long? [Read more…]

Our “Survival Switch” and The Inability To Change Our Worldview. (Are We F*****)


by Dee Mclachlan

This is a follow up on two previous articles: A Letter To The ABC, and Just Who Is The Fruit Loop Here Mr Faine? (by James O’Neill).

To anyone not familiar with those articles, I will summarize: Jon Faine hosts ABC’s morning talkback radio, and chose “Fake News” as a discussion topic. I called in to complain that it is the mainstream media that are the experts in inflammatory, and also fake news. The discussion migrated to a clash over 9-11.  [Read more…]

Conflict with US Multinationals Put Fidel in the Cold for Five Decades

caastro-and-lumumba(L) Fidel Castro and (R) Patrice Lumumba of the Congo

By Dee McLachlan

I have written before on the assassination of Patrice Lumumba (17/1/1961). The “heinous crime was a culmination of two inter-related assassination plots by American and Belgian governments.” (The Guardian)

Lumumba’s downfall was that he spoke of the struggle against the colonizers (meaning global multinationals). This is a short extract from Lumumba’s Independence speech (Congo, 30 June 1960):

 “…Together we shall establish social justice and ensure for every man a fair remuneration for his labour…  We shall see to it that the lands of our native country truly benefit its children.  We shall revise all the old laws and make them into new ones that will be just and noble.  We shall stop the persecution of free thought. We shall see to it that all citizens enjoy to the fullest extent the basic freedoms provided for by the Declaration of Human Rights…” [My emphasis] [Read more…]

Action Series, Part 2: The Pathology of the Leaders, and a Proposal for Amnesty

sea-bed-lifted_1024Very odd item said to have been thrust up from the seabed in recent NZ earthquake

by Mary W Maxwell

Oddly, human nature has brought us to a very precarious point. I believe the Powers That Be are now deliberately wrecking the planet, the human habitat — land, waters, botanical species, and even the atmosphere.

As far as I know this never happened before. An individual or group of individuals could do some local damage but did not have the technological means of threatening the whole ecology. Not only did they lack the physical means, they had no desire to do such a weird thing. [Read more…]

Action Series, Part 1: Can Catholics Help?

kissenger-dolan(L) Henry Kissinger, b 1923 (R) Cardinal Dolan, b 1950

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB, RC

Youtube has a video about an “Al Smith Dinner” to which the biggies were invited in 2016.  It appears that the host of the party was a New York City bishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

On the screen we saw, among the guests, Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, and many very glittery people. Also, Donald Trump was there and gave a speech.

The narrator of the video claims it’s an Illuminati get-together.  While we often hear that So-and So is an Illuminati member, it’s difficult to check the veracity of that. But here we have a very recent dinner, run by a “diocese.” [Read more…]

A Letter To Australia’s ABC


An Open Letter to the Managing Director, Chairman of the Board, and Board Members of the ABC:


Dear Ms Guthrie, Mr Spigelman AC QC, Ms Walford, Dr Ferguson, Mr Peacock, Mr Lewis, and Mr Mordant,

It was several years ago that I presented a proposed series for ABC on exposing the truths about 9-11 attacks in the Ultimo Centre. I didn’t expect to get commissioned, but I at least felt it my duty as a filmmaker to try.  [Read more…]

Just Who Is The Fruitloop Here Mr Faine?


 by James O’Neill*

Being a resident of Queensland I do not have any exposure to Mr Jon Faine, a radio host on an ABC Melbourne station.  As my name was mentioned on his program I was sent a recording of a recent show.  After listening to the show it was clear what Mr Faine’s modus operandi was.

I understand that Mr Faine has a law degree.  If this is indeed the case, then he either slept through or has forgotten what he was told in the Evidence classes.  That is a compulsory component of a law degree so he must have had some degree of exposure to the subject. [Read more…]

A Virgin Hurt Me Up in the Sky – Is the Pilot a Geo-engineer?

chemtraiTrail photographed over Melbourne in 2014, lasted five hours

by Phil Hingston

A year ago, on November 10, 2015, I was moved to write this letter to Virgin Air, specifically addressed to John Borghetti, CEO:

Dear John,

Just a note to say Thanks! for the great spray job Virgin has been doing over these last years. You know, geoengineering and all that.  Especially appreciated was yesterday’s Brisbane to Canberra run, in the Embrayer (VH-ZPK), not to mention today’s monumental efforts from all parties concerned.

Actually, I prefer white hazy looking skies rather than the Oh-so-boring deep azure blue skies I grew up with.

Just a quick question about the contents of the spray mix. Is it really aluminium,  strontium and barium sulphates?? (plus assorted polymers and stuff). Could this not be bad for us???

If so, have any health studies been done on the effects to biological life on the planet??

If the answer is affirmative, would you be so kind as to let us (we the people) know exactly what it is that you are doing to counter the effects of the spray. Thanks in advance…

Or should we just wear gas masks all the time.

Phil Hingston

Needless to say I never got a reply. [Read more…]

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