Are Media Lies Criminal Part 4: A Whole book about the Marathon FBI Terrorism  

tamarlanDzhokhar (L) and Tamerlan (R)

by Mary W Maxwell

You may recall that Part 1 of this series featured a young writer at The Boston Globe, Eric Moscowitz, who relayed the Danny carjack story. Now it’s the turn of two other Globe writers who produced a book called Long Mile Home. There is no point in me analyzing their dishonesty. Might as well let them persuade you all by themselves.

Here follows a couple of excerpts in which I have bolded phrases of interest. The writers are Scott Helman, and Jenna Russell, Long Mile Home was published by Penguin/Dutton in 2014.  I can remember when Dutton would not have dreamed of turning out such a product. [Read more…]

More Cover-up and Catastrophe Over “Vaxxed”

robertdeniroRobert De Niro and his 18 year old autistic son, Elliot

by Dee McLachlan

Vigorous debate is over on certain topics. And vaccination is one of them.

It would not surprise me that one day you will be jailed for 10 years for opposing vaccinations. Laws presently allow journalists to be jailed for 10 years for exposing a secret operation — even if that operation may not be in the National  Interest. So why not just lock up those pesky parents. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 3: Standard Evidence-Chasing

droudis-flatsThis apartment building is near the crime scene in Werrington NSW

by Mary W Maxwell

It is said that someone stabbed the EXwife of Man Haron Monis’ 18 times and then spilled a bottle of petrol on her (after she died). The person then threw a match causing the immolation of the body.

Do people really do things like that?  When I first read of it, I did not believe that it happened at all (see Bella Vista case) but now I feel reasonably sure it is true. Of course, we do not yet know who did it. [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 32: The Passing of Katrina Dawson Is Unresolved


by Mary Maxwell, LLB

I do not go along with the mainstream media’s story of the death of Katrina Dawson. I do not think it was an accidental matter of police bullets ricocheting on hard surfaces of the café. Nor do I think it was, as described by the ballistics expert, a bullet that went through the back of her chair.

In this article, I am speaking from my own evaluation of the event in question.  My evaluation is admittedly of low value as I’ve never been able to question persons whom I would like to question. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 2: Cast of Characters, and Suburbs

droudisPhoto of Amirah Droudis from

by Mary W Maxwell

Amirah Droudis is on trial for killing a lady whose name we are not supposed to mention in connection with this court case, but which is well known from previous media discussion. I will refer to her as EXwife. In this Part 2 of the series, there will mainly be a listing of key names, dates, and places.


It’s cricket to name the accused, Amirah Droudis, and to say that she was the defacto, or the girlfriend, or partner of the late Man Haron Monis. She called him Michael.

At birth he was Mohamad Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi. On 16 September 2002, Monis changed his name to Michael Hayson Mavros.[ On 21 September 2006, he changed his name to Man Haron Monis. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 1: Don’t Pick Your Nose on the Platform


by Mary W Maxwell

On September 7, 2016, I started to attend the murder trial of Amirah Droudis in Sydney. What has the title of this article got to do with that? The first few days focused on “tracking” the accused, and her late partner, Man Haron Monis. The authorities want to know where they were at the time the exwife was murdered. That was the afternoon of April 21, 2013.

We Will Follow You  [Read more…]

Where is the CCTV Footage for the 125 Murdered at the Pentagon?

jill-cctvCCTV of Jill Meagher (L), then  Adrian Bayley (R)

By Dee McLachlan

Four years ago today (22nd September, 2012), Gillian “Jill” Meagher, a 29 year old Irish woman, was raped and murdered while walking home from a pub in Brunswick, in Melbourne.

After she failed to come home, her husband, Tom, reported her as missing, and it soon became a homicide investigation. Her disappearance attracted widespread media attention and a review of closed-circuit television (CCTV) images, phone tracking and tollway data  eventually led to her killer, Adrian Ernest Bayley. [Read more…]

Trump Might Adopt Many Canberra Politicians If He’s President


by Dee McLachlan

The idea that Donald Trump might become President of the United States frightens most Australians.

I was at a script meeting last week, and during a brief segue from our fictional story, someone mentioned Trump. When asked, I suggested that both Presidential candidates were a poor choice, but I’d reluctantly tick “Trump.” I was figuratively shown the door in no uncertain terms. [Read more…]

A Sneak Peek at the Planning of a 1996 Massacre (Satire)


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

How did Australia get to where she is today?  I’ll play-act three scenes here of some 1990s “planning meetings.” The setting for this is a foreign land. I’ll pretend I am the boss, giving out assignments for an event to take place in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996.

1990: “Have a Look at Australia”

Men, we need you to go down there and pick a spot where we can do a disaster. There was already a rehearsal in Melbourne in 1987, so the people have an idea of what these things look like.  Aussies can be a bit hard to arouse. So we’ll try for 50 deaths all on one day in a dramatic setting. [Read more…]

Australia’s Floundering Involvement In Syria

bombing-raidBy Dee McLachlan

What a mess. Hang on, I thought there was a cease fire (i.e., “a temporary suspension of fighting”).

Seven days ago The Guardian reported:

“Syria ceasefire begins as agencies prepare to deliver aid” and “Trucks set to bring humanitarian supplies to besieged city of Aleppo amid cautious optimism that ceasefire will hold.”

“A nationwide ceasefire in Syria brokered by the United States and Russia came into effect on Monday… Sources on both sides of the conflict have indicated they will respect it.” [Read more…]

Targetted Individuals and Microwave


By Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday Dee McLachlan wrote about the “Fakebook” thing, in which censors named some of the “hot” websites. They must be not too bright to go around calling our intention to these. I would probably never have discovered, without this assistance, (Wouldn’t it be funny if it were

“Government slaves” reminded me of the fact that Mary Gregory in New York, a targeted individual whom I trust, wrote about her experience as a government slave. [Read more…]

Is “Fakebook” Coming To 1.7 Billion Viewers?


by Dee McLachlan

This page on Facebook gives a very long list of “satire, parody, fake news & conspiracy theory sites.” These include:,,,,,,,, and at least a hundred others.

What Really Happened is not mentioned — and, damn, Gumshoe has not yet been singled out as fake.

Interestingly, in a bid to lump satire, fake and conspiracy in one basket — “they” (whoever they are) hope it will discredit the lot. [Read more…]

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