State Capture, Free Education and Poverty (in South Africa)

steelknivesThe Zulu greeting, “Sawubona” (meaning “I see you”) has been co-opted as the name for South African Airways’ magazine. 

by Dee McLachlan

Well, I can confirm — terrorism is a thing of the past. On my travels to South Africa, a few weeks ago, I was allowed to eat with a metal knife and fork on South African Airways. Maybe the logic is that if a terrorist hijacks the plane with a metal knife — well, there are 260 passengers also holding knives in retaliation. The airline was more worried about the new Samsung phones with faulty batteries.

I personally find the whole security business such a farce. I avoided the body scanners, but was subjected to the most ridiculous “explosives test” analysis. They should have used that little “swabber” on the rubble of Building 7. [Read more…]

Law Letter from America

scaliaJustice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Do you recall Alistair Cooke’s weekly radio program on BBC called “Letter from America”? Well this isn’t it.

I am in Oz, but can tell of a few things happening up thar in The Great Republic, related to law. For example, the US Supreme Court has just handed down a ruling that it’s not illegal to take a selfie of your ballot paper before putting it in the voting box. Wow. Now we can all sleep better knowing that.

[Read more…]

The Vax and Anti-vax Battleground

20161021_101338_resizedHerald Sun, 21/10/16

by Dee McLachlan

This morning the front page of the Herald Sun was plastered with “TROLLS SHAMED.” It cleverly lumped anti-vax people in one basket as militant and vitriolic.

“VICTORIAN Health Minister Jill Hennessy…  has shone a light on the practices of militant “anti-vaxxer” trolls by releasing a swath of their abusive messages, which include calls for her execution and prayers that she fall ill with cancer.” [Read more…]

The Dax File, Part I: When Googling “Fiona Barnett” You Get New Connections

drdax_bw-1024x734Dr Eric Cunningham Dax (1908 – 2008)

by Mary W Maxwell

In the introduction to our book, Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, there is an obituary of Dr Eric Cunningham Dax. It begins “He graduated From London University in 1932 with honours in Medicine.” On the following page of the book (p 21), I state “The leading candidate for organizer of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre is, in my opinion, Tavistock.”

Recently, a 73-year-old woman in Australia – whose name I will supply later – emailed Gumshoe to say she knew Dax well and would like to give us some information. Yesterday (October 18, 2016) I interviewed her for six hours. It took me about a quarter of a minute to recognize that she is genuine. [Read more…]

The Life Expectancy of a Holistic Doctor and Someone with Autism


by Dee McLachlan

Around the time I was watching Erin Elizabeth from Health Nut News speaking at The Truth About Cancer Symposium broadcast yesterday morning, the police were forcing entry into a house in Sydney.

Elizabeth was talking about the many mysterious deaths of Holistic doctors and researchers — including Dr Jeff Bradstreet, an alternative autism specialist.

Meanwhile in Sydney, in the suburb of Davidson, the NSW Police discovered a family of four — father (Fernando Manrique, 44), mother (Maria Claudia Lutz Pena, 43) and their two young children 10 and 11 years old, plus a dog — all dead. BOTH children were autistic and suffered significant disability and it appears it was a family murder-suicide.  [Read more…]

Baby Booties and a Mormon Critic


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I think there must not be many Mormon readers of Gumshoe News, as no one commented on my choice of photo for the October 14 article on the Electoral College. To support my argument that there should be a “cabinet” of laypersons in the US  — or Australia — I used a photo of “Family Meetings” taken from the Mormon Church. [Read more…]

The Port Arthur Massacre: Fifteen Requests


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Seventy-two counts of crime were laid on 29-year-old intellectually handicapped Martin Bryant despite the authorities knowing that he did not commit those crimes (and knowing who did commit them).

So who did commit them? Hmm. I’d better peek into my wallet and see if I can afford to be sued for libel. [Read more…]

Electoral College, Part 3: Pussy, Trump, and the Vice Presidency


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Recently, the Republican candidate for president of the USA referred to a female colleague as a pussy. I suppose that’s not too bad. But now “a video has surfaced” – from 2005 – in which Trump talked about forcing himself on women, and used the phrase “grabbed her by the pussy.”

This has got the GOP – Grand Old Party — i.e., Republicans, into quite a state of animation. There is now much talk about the party itself unloading Trump as their candidate. The national chairman has advised “the vulnerables” contending for Congress to distance themselves from the pussy-grabber. [Read more…]

Electoral College, Part 2: Every President Needs a Down-to-Earth Cabinet

world meeting of families
by Mary W Maxwell

I think no individual is capable of handling the job of president of the United States.

This article does not propose a new set-up for the top job; I always like to stick with the old. But it’s an important point: Who has what it takes to be a leader of such an entity as a modern complex population with 300 million people? No one. Absolutely no one.

[Read more…]

Electoral College, Part 1: Wonderful Responsibility of the Electors

Charles de Montesquieu quote

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

During the Constitutional convention of 1787 in Philadelphia, the main work consisted of setting up the legislature, not the presidency. There had been an earlier structure, under the Articles of Confederation, which lasted from 1781 to 1787. In it, the states remained independent.

Under the new (1787) plan for a federated government, the choosing of the president would be done not by popular vote but by some individuals appointed by each state, who would gather and discuss good candidates. [Read more…]

Aldous Huxley Predicted Global Freedoms Would Die


by Dee McLachlan

Aldous Huxley, author of the classic Brave New World, laid out his grim vision for the future of the human race 58 years ago in a television interview with Mike Wallace.

In the interview, Wallace introduces Huxley, as

“A man haunted by a vision of hell on earth. A searing social critic, Mr. Huxley 27 years ago wrote Brave New World, a novel that predicted that someday the entire world would live under a frightful dictatorship. Today Mr. Huxley says that his fictional world of horror is probably just around the corner for all of us.”

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How Avery Bamboozled Martin Bryant into Pleading Guilty.  

avery-bryantRecent headshots of Avery (on Mike Willesee’s TV show) and the prisoner-for-life Martin Bryant. 

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

They say Martin had an IQ of 66 when he was young. (I’d hate to think what it might be at the moment!) But I have never quite believed that he was very lacking in intelligence. In the police interview of July 4, 1996 he seems to have good vocabulary and common sense. [Read more…]

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