Barrister Reminds MP of Her Duties

9-11-kate-ellis(L) The North Tower exploding outwards, and (R) Kate Ellis MP

Editor’s Note: I publish below the open letter to Minister Ellis, and below that to Paul Barry (Media Watch) regarding their views on 9-11. Barrister Antcliffe, a member of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, provides Kate Ms Ellis a small sample of evidence regarding September 11.

Ms. Kate Ellis. MP.

And all staff members.

Parliament House. Canberra. ACT.

Dear Ms Ellis, and staff members.

[cc: Media Watch, Michael Rivero, Dateline, 7.30 Report, Senator D Hinch, One Nation]

I refer to a message sent to you by Ms Dee McLachlan on 13th February relating to your comments recently on the ABC “Q and A” program. [Read more…]

The Man Who Stabbed Verwoerd — NOT


Assistant editor’s note: This first appeared on Gumshoe on April 15, 2015 as “1960s Assassinations.” Now the author adds more about the patsy, Dimitri Tsafendas

by Dee McLachlan

After the 1960s and a spate of assassinations, leaders (with a few exceptions) have never really been able to lead again. And it seems it all started with Patrice Lumumba – the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  [Read more…]

“Controlled Insanity” – What an Amazing Goal

040519_911_commission_hmed8a-grid-6x2Christopher Brodeur disrupts Mayor Rudolph Giuliani testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission when security remove a woman (L).

Editor’s note: Following from yesterday’s comments about people being in denial, I am re-running Mary’s April 28, 2015 article:

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Although I have read Orwell’s 1984 a few times, I’ve only just noticed that he actually uses the term “controlled insanity” to tell us that the men in charge really do want us to be insane. It’s their goal. They engineer it. Wow. [Read more…]

Anybody for a Pizzagate Truth Commission?


Me get ’em

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

There is no question in my mind that the persons who have been doing terrible things to the human race need to be stopped. I myself would not care how that gets accomplished – by punishment, by pensioning them off, by welcoming them back into the fold — whatever.

The urgent thing is to make it all stop. By “it all” I mean anything that’s been done by persons involved in a weird concentration of power, which I call the cabal. They are arrogant, selfish, sick individuals. Did I say stupid? They are stupid beyond belief. [Read more…]

Whales are Dying — Why?


by Dee McLachlan

It just happens I am writing a movie action script on whales at the moment.  So I am alarmed to see that 416 pilot whales beached themselves overnight at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island, New Zealand.

More than 70% have died, with locals desperately trying to save the remaining.

In the many reports I have read and heard so far, there is little talk as to the cause. There seems to be a general acceptance that this is just what happens. [Read more…]

The Goat on Parliament House — Is it Munching Our Politicians?

goat-and-baphometA goat, and Eliphas Levi’s drawing of Baphomet, the alleged god of the Knights Templar

The goat has allegedly been a powerful symbol for the occult.

Well again, Kevin Woodman’s “google-eye” spotted a goat on the top of the parliament buildings in Canberra.  [Read more…]

A Presumption Standard When Satanic Abuse Is Reported

the-family-colorAllegedly a photo of “The Family” mothered by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. It looks like Julian Assange is in this photo.

by Mary W Maxwell

Fiona Barnett made a remarkable statement at a press conference in October 2015. She had been through torture and terror for many years, and was also, she said, “prostituted to a VIP pedophile ring”. At Satanic rituals she saw children murdered.  Yet, at the press conference, she averred that the way she has been treated “since coming out” with her story, is worse than those experiences.

This is terrible and many other abused children have said the same thing. Men who are now senior citizens showed up at Australia’s Royal Commission hearings in 2016 and told how their lives were ruined first by perpetrators and then by the way officials covered it all up. Some broke down in tears when recounting it. [Read more…]

Humanity In Crisis, Part 5: The Radiation from Fukushima

fukushima-2Friday, March 11, 2011 at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan

by Dee McLachlan

I posted a comment yesterday on the Fracking article about a line in a movie called “Interstellar.” The film is about how the human race has essentially destroyed earth — and for the species to survive, they’ll have to search for another planet.

There is one chilling line:

“We’re not meant to save the world… we are meant to leave it” [Read more…]

The Soap Opera Called Television and Crisis Actors

melbourne-town-hall-portico-room-1-desktopThe Melbourne Town Hall Portico where press conferences are sometimes held. A press conference was being held at 1.15pm on Friday 20 January 2017, when Dimitrious Gargasoulas started doing donuts nearby in a stolen Holden

by Dee McLachlan

I bumped into a lawyer friend in the coffee shop this morning, and asked a simple question. “How do I get the police to answer a few simple questions on a crime that has been committed?” His answer was simple and blunt. “They don’t have to give you anything.”

It seems strange when the salaries of the police bureaucracy are paid by the tax payer, that they have no obligation to answer any hard questions put by said tax payer. [Read more…]

Even ABC’s Media Watch Is Parroting the Line about Fake News!

barryPaul Barry of Media Watch

by Phil Hingston

Last night’s Media Watch, on the topic of FAKE NEWS with Paul Barry, has the hallmarks of a beat up for increased legislation to limit free speech.

It was presented as a warning to be vigilant of false and misleading information masquerading as truth. Enter the Fakenews meme.  It reminded me of exactly why I no longer watch Mainstream Media (MSM).

Barry is a master of legerdemain and obfuscation. He weaves a semi-plausible argument, quoting other dubious MSM sources which reinforce his erroneous thesis on just who is generating Fakenews. [Read more…]

Fracking the Frack Out of the Land

frackingMidlands, Texas

Kevin Woodman, a regular “Gumshoer,” is an aerial snoop. He pointed us to Midlands in Texas — and from the air, the land is a grid of endless fracking sites and jackpumps. [Read more…]

The Three Silver Cars, The “Blue Man” and Peekay

gargasoulisThe three silver unmarked cars following Gargasoulas down Swanston Street. This is a screengrab of the footage shown on Channel 7 — taken by the media attending the Mayor’s press conference at the Town Hall

by Dee McLachlan

For starters, look at the picture above. I screen-grabbed it from the footage shown in Channel 7. The video was shot from the balcony of the Town Hall. The red car — driven by the accused killer Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. Following and to his side are three silvery cars (one behind the flag). A further white car was following, but is not in view here.

This has not been mentioned by mainstream media! [Read more…]

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