Health Care, Part 4:  Obamacare Out, Charity In

Jesus healed ten lepers

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

This article recaps the three earlier parts of my Health Care series, and makes a comment on helping the sick by charity. Part 1said please look at power plays.  Part 2 spotlighted our habit of shying away from calling Dr Bradstreet’s death an out-and-out murder even though there is no chance of it being anything other than an out-and-out murder. Heck, we don’t even demand that the “logical” culprits be brought in for questioning. This is a big mistake — anger toward a wrongdoer is one of the main ways to get a behavior changed. Part 3 covered the heroic life of Nick Gonzalez, MD, working for cancer patients.  [Read more…]

Legacy and Leadership. Why Can’t Adelaide Say No to This Erection?

(L) Col Wm Light (1786-1839) planner of Adelaide.  (R) Construction, 2017

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

The most famous statue in Adelaide, South Australia is that of Colonel William Light, a British army officer who was surveyor-general of the colony of South Australia. The statue of Light looking out over the city is called “Col Light’s vision” as he was a man of great vision. Indeed, every person who subsequently lived in that fair city has reaped the benefit of his vision. He surrounded the square-mile city with extensive parklands. Thank you, Colonel Light.

About a month before my May 11th departure from Adelaide, I was watching ground being broken on the south side of North Terrace, from my perch in the bus shelter at the Art Gallery. The person next to me in the bus shelter said “That’s going to be twice as high as the building next to it.” I asked “How did the City Council ever approve of such a monstrosity?” Said she: “It is no longer under council; the state controls development.” [Read more…]

North Korea: The Hobbesian Dilemma Coming Full Circle?

(L) Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), and Kim Jong-Un (b. 1984)

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

Thomas Hobbes came up with a theory – to which I fully subscribe – that war, or at least the preparation for war, is unending. What if your country is peace-oriented, genuinely having no desire for war, no desire to exploit others? Oh, that’s nice, but it won’t keep you safe because somebody out thar gonna git yew. The “Hobbesian dilemma” means your desire to be peaceful will always be frustrated.

Last week at a Senate Candidate Forum in Huntsville, Alabama (home of the Werner von Braun Center) the audience asked terrific questions. One had to do with Electro-magnetic technology. The man asked us “What will you do to stop the hacking into our infrastructure?” [Read more…]

“The Octopus” and the “Suicide” of Investigative Journalist Danny Casolaro

(L) Journalist Gary Webb shot himself twice in the head when he “suicided”, and (R) Danny Casolaro 

by Dee McLachlan

Joseph Daniel Casolaro (June 16, 1947 – August 10, 1991) was an American freelance writer who was found dead in a bathtub in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. His wrists were slashed 10–12 times and a note was found. It was ruled a suicide, but the evidence points to murder.

Casolaro was working on “The Octopus” — an interlocking network of a criminal cabal that reached into every branch and agency of the US government, and many other national governments. Just before his life ended, he told his friends he was meeting an informant, to “bring back the head of the Octopus”.

[Read more…]

Australian Journalist Chris Uhlmann Demolishes Trump After ‘G19’ and Prostestors

President Putin and Trump at the G20

by Dee McLachlan

The Guardian reported:

“Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: ‘biggest threat to the west’.”

An Australian journalist demolishes Trump? And now Uhlmann’s commentary (a YouTube) of the American president has gone viral. He says Trump is a man with “no desire and no capacity to lead the world”.

If he had followed the election, he would have known that Trump had no desire to lead the world. Trump promised to focus on America. Uhlmann, in his broadcast (below), said: [Read more…]

The Breaking of the Levees in New Orleans, “Gentrification,” and Jewish Law

David and Dixie Gonzales, residents of New Orleans, claimed they heard and saw the explosions that damaged the levees

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

As mentioned in my July 9, 2017 article at, a radio host has tried to goad me into saying I believe the levees were blown at New Orleans. Well, yes, I certainly do believe that!  “It’s as plain as the nose on your face.”

Since I now live in a Gulf Coast state (Alabama), I hear people say that Hurricane Katrina was arranged for “the gentrification of New Orleans.” True enough, the poor people of Ward 9 had to leave and few were able to come back. [Read more…]

Manna from Heaven! —  A Radio Jock Takes Candidate Maxwell Down Conspiracy Lane

From the movie,  The Godfather

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The campaign trail has had an unexpected development. Candidates for US Senate, from both parties, were invited to speak at a church in northern Alabama. The church has huge styro-foam letters spelling JESUS in its lobby.  By the way, I find it pleasing in Alabama to hear men, young and old, refer to God in ordinary conversation. I guess I had developed a suspicion of people “using” religion, but I don’t pick up any of that here. Let’s call this the un-jading of Mary.

Inside the church auditorium, hundreds of people were waiting to test our mettle. I think I answered the questions sharply. The emcee was wonderfully strict with keeping us (8 guys, one gal) to the time limit, even unto turning the mike “cold” if one tried to get an extra second in. When I got back to my hotel, there was an enthusiastic  message from a radio station, saying I was wanted on the morning show.  Yay! (or so I thought). [Read more…]

 Exciting Times Ahead (for Gumshoers)

by Dee McLachlan

Dear participants and followers,

For over three years, has been a kind of “community board.” Over 17,000 comments have been published here, and we have run more than 1,100 high-quality articles — from many contributors.

I started this website because Australia is poorly served, not only by the mainstream media (dominated by Murdoch), but also by the public broadcaster, the ABC. They constantly publish and report scripted propaganda, and much worse.   [Read more…]

What Is NATO Doing Tonight?

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

In 2011, I wrote a Q&A about relationships among three entities: the US, the UN, and NATO. The focus was on our bombing of Libya “for no good reason.” Although that episode is no longer newsworthy – we pretty well destroyed Libya – the legality of the relationships is still a pertinent question. NATO seems to be expanding its bailiwick all the time.

Here are 42 questions with answers that should interest military officers and citizens interested in protecting th Constitution – before we lose it altogether. Each time I say “Libya” you can substitute whatever country is in the news, such as Iran or Qatar. [Read more…]

Just What Are the Australian Values Our Politicians Wish to Test Migrants On?

By James O’Neill*

In June of this year the government introduced legislation into the House aimed at “strengthening” the requirements migrants would be obliged to meet in order to qualify for Australian citizenship.  One of the requirements, we are told, is that prospective citizens will have to demonstrate a commitment to “Australian Values”.

Nobody, however, seems able to agree on precisely what these “values” are, although a number of commentators suggested that as a people Australians cherish certain things, ranging from a firm belief in having tomato sauce on the barbecue sausage to notions such as a “fair go” for individuals. [Read more…]

Language From the Media — Reporting the Air Strike on the IS Prison in Syria (Killing Detainees)

by G5

When you are delivered “Humanitarian Aid”, “Oil for Food”, “Collateral Damage”, “Surgical Strikes”, “Mechanically Planned”, “Friendly Fire” or “US Backed Forces” — know that civilians have been murdered.

When you are delivered “Intimidating”, “Provocative”, “Threatening” — know that that message comes from the loser of some attempt.

Without entering the debate of how many millions of civilians have been murdered in The Middle East, by any side, for any purported reason — since 1990 to date. From 1/1/2014 to 8/6/2017, there have been 21,035 air strikes reported conducted by ‘Coalition’ forces in Syria and Iraq. With a reported 16,000 civilian deaths. Only. [Read more…]

Uncle Sam Wants Mary

by Dee McLachlan

While Mary Maxwell makes her way around Alabama trying to get voted into the US Senate, she has not gone unnoticed.

She wrote to me yesterday saying that she had refused an interview request to be on CNN. Pity. I was hoping to catch her on the mainstream news — giving them a go. [Read more…]

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