Remember This Guy? He Didn’t Do It.


“Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant”

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 Burnside Library, March 15 at 3pm

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Gumshoe readers know that this website has an ongoing interest in Port Arthur. This is partly because of the WA aviatrix Cherri Bonney, the WA Return-to-Sender guy Mal Hughes, and the “I know who came over on the ferry” stickybeak Kevin Woodman. Hey, he’s from WA too, is there something going on over there?

This short article is to tell you about Fringe developments.  [Read more…]

The Dax File, Part I: When Googling “Fiona Barnett” You Get New Connections

drdax_bw-1024x734Dr Eric Cunningham Dax (1908 – 2008)

by Mary W Maxwell

In the introduction to our book, Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, there is an obituary of Dr Eric Cunningham Dax. It begins “He graduated From London University in 1932 with honours in Medicine.” On the following page of the book (p 21), I state “The leading candidate for organizer of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre is, in my opinion, Tavistock.”

Recently, a 73-year-old woman in Australia – whose name I will supply later – emailed Gumshoe to say she knew Dax well and would like to give us some information. Yesterday (October 18, 2016) I interviewed her for six hours. It took me about a quarter of a minute to recognize that she is genuine. [Read more…]

The Port Arthur Massacre: Fifteen Requests


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Seventy-two counts of crime were laid on 29-year-old intellectually handicapped Martin Bryant despite the authorities knowing that he did not commit those crimes (and knowing who did commit them).

So who did commit them? Hmm. I’d better peek into my wallet and see if I can afford to be sued for libel. [Read more…]

How Avery Bamboozled Martin Bryant into Pleading Guilty.  

avery-bryantRecent headshots of Avery (on Mike Willesee’s TV show) and the prisoner-for-life Martin Bryant. 

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

They say Martin had an IQ of 66 when he was young. (I’d hate to think what it might be at the moment!) But I have never quite believed that he was very lacking in intelligence. In the police interview of July 4, 1996 he seems to have good vocabulary and common sense. [Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 13: Elvis Is Still in the Building

by Mary W Maxwell

Please listen to Elvis’ video and then see what we did with his song.  Elvis featured prominently at our 2015 Adelaide Fringe show. (Remember “Hate Me Tender”?)

[Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 12: Later Interview with Avery — Admits Shooting Sally on the Bed!

MARTIN AVERYMartin and John, 20 years after the offending interview

by Mary W Maxwell

Two months ago, Gumshoe published a 1996 interview that took place just as John Avery was taking over from David Gunson as attorney on the Port Arthur case. That article was aptly entitled “Every Aussie Lawyer Needs To Attend to the Gross Injustice of this Interview.”

On that occasion, John Avery clearly tried to suppress Bryant’s desire for a trial. But today we publish another chat between Bryant and Avery — with a very different tone. Here the prisoner cooperates with Avery in discussing how to tell the Court that he now remembers killing all those people! [Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 11: An Accomplice Ruins the Whole Story

port arthurSeascape cottage

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

It is wonderful to see that another court case in Tasmania is proceeding apace. That is the new appeal of convicted murderess Sue Neill-Fraser. Gumshoe is not going to put resources into that case, but it has provided me with a clue about Martin Bryant.

Of course there is plenty already to show that Bryant was a patsy and had nothing whatsoever to do with the massacre at the Broad Arrow Café on April 28, 1996. But I have just noticed something about the logic of “accomplices.” [Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 10: Mal Hughes’ Fourth Letter to the Federal Police

port arthur malThe shell of the Broad Arrow Café, photographed in 2014

by Malcolm Hughes

Copy of letter sent on 18th April, 2006

Mr Mick Keelty,

Director of Australian Federal Police. G.P.O. Box 401, Canberra.  A.C.T.    2601.

Dear Sir,

When I first wrote to you I requested that your department investigate the events of the Port Arthur massacre. I have since dug up much more evidence, that a serious crime took place by people in authority and that Martin Bryant was no more guilty of shooting innocent victims than you or I. [Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 9: The Writ of Coram Nobis

corum nobis 2

by Mary W Maxwell

Long story short: my “rabbi,” the late Sherman Skolnick, open my eyes to the legal concept of fraud upon the court, after which I wrote a book on that topic. Picture this: the Court is society’s highest spokesperson, short of God. Therefore it is important to be respectful to the Court, and to believe in it. We all know it must never act cheap; the Court shouldn’t even be like an ordinary mortal, lying and stealing.

Understood? Good. Then you will know that if anyone finds that a member of the Court did something fraudulent towards the perfect workings of the Court, it will have to be set right. [Read more…]

Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 8: Freeing Martin by Using the Law

port arthurPort Arthur Historic Site

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Let’s assume that any human mistake is able to be corrected, and ask How can the Port Arthur problem be turned around this year? There are two possible frames of reference — 1. the wrongful incarceration of Martin Bryant and 2. the planning of the massacre by persons related to government.

You could choose either one to deal with, and if successful the other one would inadvertently get resolved. Today we’ll deal with the first one, Martin Bryant’s wrongful conviction. So the issue is: how to obtain his freedom? I see four legal means. [Read more…]

Jahar, Monis, Bryant – Is It Time To “Accept” the Official Stories?

(1)Lindt_Cafe_siege_two_days_later_012aMartin Place, Sydney, the Lindt Chocolate Café

by Mary W Maxwell

Gumshoe reader Paul commented to my article on the Sydney siege: “Monis didn’t seem to know what he really wanted or intended once he’d taken over the Café did he? There seemed to be no plan beyond “walk-in-take-hostages-issue-vague-demands-show-some-scary-ISIS-ish propaganda. This makes me think the poor fool was really just a prop for a made-for-TV drama…”

Paul’s observation has prompted me to review the official story as to why the Sydney hostage taker (Monis), and also the alleged Boston bomber (Jahar), and the alleged Port Arthur gunman (Bryant) did what they did. [Read more…]

Mary Maxwell ‘Interviews’ Stewart Beattie’s Book on Port Arthur

bryant in courtArtist’s sketch of Bryant in court for sentencing November 1996, now shorn of his golden locks

by Mary W Maxwell

Dee McLachlan’s article, “Permission Denied,” showed that Stewart Beattie is trying to expose certain lies that have crushed Australia. Beattie is the author of A Gunsmith’s Notebook for Port Arthur (updated 2006). I’ve been glued to that book for the last two days. Wish I could interview Beattie but I haven’t been able to contact him so I’m just going to interview the book itself. Why not.

Mary: You are a wonderful book, a marvelous book.

Book: Thank you.

Mary: I love the layout of the chapters, and some humorous chapter titles, such as ‘The Video Overboard Affair” and “Did Joe Vialls Ever Play Fullback for Jerusalem?” [Read more…]

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