No Country Can Serve Two Masters

On the campaign trail as photo’d by RollCall – (L) Mo Brooks (R) Luther Strange

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate in Alabama

I notice that Australians have been doing a bit of self-flagellating on the pages of lately. For example, by clarifying the fact that Pine Gap’s occupation of a piece of land in central Australia is symptomatic of Canberra’s submissiveness to the US.

That, plus the frequent comments at Gumshoe that people are unable to stand up to their own government – or to the quasi-government public radio, ABC – as the “guards on duty” won’t let them approach.

I find the exact same thing here. The above photos of the two big candidates in the race that I am in for a US senate seat appeared in a Washington DC online mag called RollCall. It carried the headline “In Alabama Senate Special Election, Candidates Try to Stand Out.” [Read more…]

With Friends Like These (Who Needs Allies?)

Gough Whitlam conceding election defeat, 1975

By Greg Maybury

(Editors note: This is part of the Maybury’s article from his

‘[For us] it is one thing to remain a good friend, but too close an embrace will lead Americans and others to resurrect the “deputy sheriff” tag. The Americans have always put their own interests first and will continue to do so; we should follow their example. American interests will not always be the same as Australian and vice versa. The bottom line, however, is the domestic political one. Australians are afraid of the outside world and convinced of their inability to cope with it. Any Australian government which suggested that we do without a great and powerful friend to look after us would have to consider the electoral implications.’ Source: Cavan Hogue — fmr. Ambassador and Dep. Permanent Representative when Australia was last on the UN Security Council. He has also served as head of mission in Mexico, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Bangkok, along with other posts. He is an Adjunct Professor in International Communication at Macquarie University, Sydney.

[Read more…]

China’s “Spy Ship” off the Queensland Coast: A Comment

30,000 Australian and US personnel gear for month-long drill Talisman Sabre (

By James O’Neill*

In July of this year the Australian Navy was engaged in the biennial naval exercise code named Operation Talisman Sabre.  This exercise is conducted jointly with units of the US Navy and Marines and occasionally joined by other nations. This year, military forces from New Zealand, Canada and Japan as well as the US were part of the exercise. It is the largest exercise of its type that Australia participates in. [Read more…]

Antidotes to Powerlessness, Part 2: Inspecting the DoJ and the FBI

1875 Convention to revise Alabama’s Constitution after Reconstruction

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

Members of governments often act ultra vires, beyond power. That is, they do things, in office, that they are not authorized by law to do. The proper response to an illicit extension of government’s authority is, of course, to make them stop.

You may recall that we did this via the Declaration of Independence, wresting power from the tyrannical British king.  The thinking of the time was John Locke’s claim that the authority of the government is derived from “the consent of the governed.” [Read more…]

Antidotes to Powerlessness, Part 1: Who Can Spank Whom?

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

While campaigning for the US Senate in Alabama this month I have frequently said from the podium: “The Constitution is a miracle.” Yes, it is. Too bad we have CNN all day, every day, trying to make us feel that we are but spectators of what’s going on in Washington and that only the high mucky-mucks are the players. Wrong-o, CNN, and you’ll be in for a surprise when you get indicted by a Citizen Grand Jury.

Hilariously (I don’t mean Hilleriously, but we’ll get to that), the talk is all about Trump implying that he wants rid of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  I’ll bet he doesn’t want rid of him. (Trump said he wished he’d known his AG planned to pull a recusal over the “Election interference investigation,” he’d have picked somebody else.). [Read more…]

Myths, Legends and Lies: Australia’s Policy in Afghanistan

By James O’Neill*

“Without an understanding of the past, we will never understand the present.  And without understanding the present, we will never understand the past.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Policies based on myths and lies, as we have seen in recent years, can have disastrous consequences, leading to the invasion, occupation and destruction of whole societies.  Australia has been involved in a number of these foreign policy disasters in recent decades, as for example in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  None represented a vital national interest for Australia, notwithstanding the political rhetoric of the time.  All represented essentially a willingness to act in the interests of a third party. [Read more…]

Idiocies and Unaccountability

(L) The Kremlin, (R) The White House

by G5

One of the arrogant stupidities that emerged from The Benghazi Affair was a [security] recommendation from the prior Inman Report concerning the 23/10/1983 American Barracks Bombing in Beirut (as with The Oklahoma City Bombing the real perpetrators were not those nominated).

They were both False Flags — as indeed were The USS Cole and USS Liberty affairs.

It was put forward as a practice — bearing in mind the two following East African, American Embassy Bombings — that ‘Host Nations’ should accept ‘their responsibilities’. [Read more…]

Bums Out! (Not Term Limits!)

Senators Tammy Baldwin, Parick Leahy, and Dianne Feinstein

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, currently in the race for US Senate in Alabama

According to the US Constitution, Amendment 22, a prez is allowed only two elected terms. The need for that amendment arose in 1944 when it looked like FDR was unbeatable; he had won four terms. This sort of “limitation” in the Constitution is more or less in keeping with the way the Framers handled the issue of power in 1787 – they tried to think who would be likely to accrue too much power, and build in some blockage.

Nowadays there is talk of term limits for Congress. I do not agree! No senator or representative has the power that a president has to control the public, such as by giving them gifts.  (FDR gave them various New Deal work schemes and Social Security payments, during the Great Depression). If voters are not satisfied with a representative or senator, why not just throw the bums out? [Read more…]

The Rise and Rise of the Regime Renovators


by Greg Maybury (The full article is published on Greg’s site here at Poxamerikana)

“…I’ve seen that we do not intend to free, but to subjugate [people]….We’ve gone there to conquer, not to redeem. It should be our pleasure and duty to make people free, and let them deal with their own domestic questions in their own way….[I] am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.”  Comments by Mark Twain, anti-imperialist, reflecting on the real objectives of America’s war with Spain.

For those Americans au fait with their country’s fondness for engineering coups, ousting democratically elected leaders, and interfering in the political affairs of other nations – to all intents the perennial bedrock principle of U.S. foreign policy — Iran is a well-documented exemplar. [Read more…]

Servant Leadership – Resonating with Tulsi Gabbard

by Julius Skoolafish

Every now and then, someone comes to our attention that we simply resonate with.  What is it about them that creates this resonance?  Perhaps they exude a certain simplicity and truthfulness –and have qualities that go with that – empathy, compassion and goodwill towards all other people, creatures and the planet itself.

Tulsi Gabbard is one such person. [Read more…]

Trump, Hillary, Russia, Dossiers, etc,

Donald Trump Jr

Editor’s Note: This article was published on July 13 at Truthdig, with the title “Remembering Hillary Clinton Team’s Russian ‘Steele Dossier’ on Donald Trump” 

by Robert Parry

Yes, I realize that the editors of The New York Times long ago cast aside any journalistic professionalism to become charter members of the #Resistance against Donald Trump. But the latest frenzy over a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer who was dangling the possibility of information about the Democrats receiving money from Russians represents one of the more remarkable moments of the entire Russiagate hysteria. [Read more…]

Manna from Heaven! —  A Radio Jock Takes Candidate Maxwell Down Conspiracy Lane

From the movie,  The Godfather

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The campaign trail has had an unexpected development. Candidates for US Senate, from both parties, were invited to speak at a church in northern Alabama. The church has huge styro-foam letters spelling JESUS in its lobby.  By the way, I find it pleasing in Alabama to hear men, young and old, refer to God in ordinary conversation. I guess I had developed a suspicion of people “using” religion, but I don’t pick up any of that here. Let’s call this the un-jading of Mary.

Inside the church auditorium, hundreds of people were waiting to test our mettle. I think I answered the questions sharply. The emcee was wonderfully strict with keeping us (8 guys, one gal) to the time limit, even unto turning the mike “cold” if one tried to get an extra second in. When I got back to my hotel, there was an enthusiastic  message from a radio station, saying I was wanted on the morning show.  Yay! (or so I thought). [Read more…]

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