Amirah Droudis and a New Book

droudis-and-bookAmirah Drousid and the late Man Haron Monis

by Malcolm R. Hughes

Gumshoenews announces the release of a new book by Mary W Maxwell, Inquest: Siege in Sydney. It contains not only Mary’s report of the Lindt Café Inquest but her series of articles on the Amirah Droudis trial.

This morning, Ms Droudis was given her sentence – 44 years imprisonment – for the murder of Man Haron Monis’ ex-wife. [Read more…]

A Bostonian Challenges The Boston Bombing Official Story in a New Book


by Dee McLachlan

A few years ago I was flicking through Youtube movies, and came across a woman standing for the US Congress. She was being interviewed by members of the press. I was just about to move on when she began berating the journalists for their inability to ask the tough questions about 9-11. She gave them a good old working over.

So I searched further, and found that she had written a book called “Prosecution For Treason.” The full Title is Prosecution For Treason: Epidemics, Weather War, Mind Control, and the Surrender Of Sovereignty. I wrote to her. I was writing to Mary Maxwell. [Read more…]

Printing a Flag – Surveillance of the Lindt Café


by Dee McLachlan

While I was directing a movie in rural NSW, Mary Maxwell was attending some of the Sydney siege Inquest hearings, and covered the Martin Place event in a 35 part series of Gumshoe articles.

Recently I was inspired to write “Welcome to a Front Row Seat at the Sydney Siege Theatre” about the failure of the police negotiators. They failed to speak with the hostage taker, Man Haron Monis, in SIXTEEN hours. [Read more…]

How “Groupthink” Is Impeding the Sydney Siege Inquest

drummersIdentical drummers at the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

by Mary W Maxwell

It takes time to absorb all that was said in the last few days at Gumshoe, both in articles and comments.  Let’s do a retrospective.  More importantly, let’s push further (in the comments below, your turn) as to trying to fathom what this all means.

Every day I am astonished by the state of mind of the (apparent) majority of Australians. One friend said to me in an email “I used to be proud to be an Aussie.” Seriously, how can it be that folks don’t see what’s going on? Are they really willing to yield Australian culture to the tricks of Rupert Murdoch? [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 35: Monis Climbed The Stairs


by Mary W Maxwell

Mal Hughes has called attention to anomalies in the Inquest’s evidence as presented by Lucas Van der Walt, an expert on wound ballistics. I now have the melancholy duty of bringing up another anomaly, or to put it bluntly, an apparently suspicious episode that occurred during the Sydney siege.

In the Lindt Café there is a set of about 8 stairs leading up to the Ladies toilet and a different set of about 4 stairs leading down to the men’s toilet. I think I read about an airline hijacking some years ago where the people were kept in their seats for about two days while the plane sat on the tarmac. [Read more…]

Specific Testimony about Monis’ Ability To Cause the Death of Tori Johnson

monis-gun2Profile of 12  gauge shotgun and sawn off shotgun

by Malcolm R Hughes

When Mary Maxwell reported on the police testimony given at the Lindt Cafe Inquest from June 2016, I became uneasy because some of the evidence did not back up what the public had been told — in quite specific terms — by the print and TV media.

The media also seemed to be pushing a particular agenda that is against the Constitutional law of Australia. That is they appear to want the Military to interfere with civilian law — in certain instances to take over the responsibility of the State Police Services. If this is allowed, in my opinion, that will be just the beginning of a true “police state.” [Read more…]

Welcome to a Front Row Seat at the Sydney Siege Theatre


by Dee McLachlan

All aspects of the way the police acted during the Lind Café siege point to a “staged performance.”

At this website I have repeatedly shown how the appropriate military persons were stood down during the 9-11 attacks in New York. The same occurred during the Port Arthur massacre of 1996.

My article “Permission denied; this has to happen” describes that day at the Seascape Cottage where a hostage situation was (allegedly) in progress. Tasmanian constables had the gunman in their sights but were not allowed to shoot him! Several personnel, including volunteer firemen, heard a senior police officer on the radio respond to the request to shoot: ‘Permission denied; this has to happen.’

Now we ask: What happened at the Lindt Cafe on 15-16 December 2014?  [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 7: The Sentencing Hearing

justice-johnsonNSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Johnson

by Mary W Maxwell

There is a calculator for how much of a person’s life could go into a life sentence. Amirah Droudis was 33 when she committed the crime. (I doubt that she did commit it, but am going with the flow here.) She has now been in custody for 2 years. So we look at the Australian Bureau of Statistics projections and see that a woman at 33 has another 48 years coming to her.

The defense barrister, Mark Ierace, pointed out that this could mean she spends 50 years in prison – and asked Is it worth it, for the community’s sake, to incarcerate her that long? [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 6: Amirah Droudis Convicted

mark-tedeschiMark Tedeschi, QC, NSW Prosecutor

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

It has been announced that Justice Peter Johnson of the new South Wales Supreme Court has found Amirah Droudis guilty of the murder of Man Haron Monis’s ex-wife. This news came as a surprise to me as I thought there was so little evidence against her that the judge would rule “not guilty.”

I do not have a copy of His Honor’s ruling. An ABC News journalist, Candace Sutton, noted the following:

“Justice Peter Johnson said he was satisfied that Monis planned the murder and Droudis carried it out. He rejected suggestions Monis may have paid someone else to kill his ex-wife, saying he did not have the financial means… ” [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 33: The Three Doors

lindt-cafeMain door in middle. Philip Street on your left. The black doors are near girl in white jersey. On right, after 4th window, alcove, steps up to firewell.

by Mary W Maxwell

On December 15, 2014, as soon as I heard about the siege in Sydney – with no details such as the identity of Monis – I assumed it was a staged affair. But I certainly did not assume that any hostages or low-level police were “in on the joke.”

I do now. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part4: A Dark Day in the Courtroom, September 22, 2016

jeans2Lookie, if you have a Harley Davidson you can buy apparel with ’tude.

by Mary W Maxwell

Many is the tale about Man Haron Monis’ background. At the time he died he stood convicted of one crime – the one about sending letters to soldiers’ families. (The crime is based on misuse of the postal service!).

He also stood accused of being an accessory to the murder of his EXwife, and was on bail for that. We’ve read that charges have been laid as to sexual assaults that he made on clients who came into his “spiritual healing” business. I don’t know if that got as far as the courts – probably not as the alleged offenses occurred many years ago, outside the statute of limitations. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 3: Standard Evidence-Chasing

droudis-flatsThis apartment building is near the crime scene in Werrington NSW

by Mary W Maxwell

It is said that someone stabbed the EXwife of Man Haron Monis’ 18 times and then spilled a bottle of petrol on her (after she died). The person then threw a match causing the immolation of the body.

Do people really do things like that?  When I first read of it, I did not believe that it happened at all (see Bella Vista case) but now I feel reasonably sure it is true. Of course, we do not yet know who did it. [Read more…]

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