Droudis Trial, Part 7: The Sentencing Hearing

justice-johnsonNSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Johnson

by Mary W Maxwell

There is a calculator for how much of a person’s life could go into a life sentence. Amirah Droudis was 33 when she committed the crime. (I doubt that she did commit it, but am going with the flow here.) She has now been in custody for 2 years. So we look at the Australian Bureau of Statistics projections and see that a woman at 33 has another 48 years coming to her.

The defense barrister, Mark Ierace, pointed out that this could mean she spends 50 years in prison – and asked Is it worth it, for the community’s sake, to incarcerate her that long? [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 6: Amirah Droudis Convicted

mark-tedeschiMark Tedeschi, QC, NSW Prosecutor

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

It has been announced that Justice Peter Johnson of the new South Wales Supreme Court has found Amirah Droudis guilty of the murder of Man Haron Monis’s ex-wife. This news came as a surprise to me as I thought there was so little evidence against her that the judge would rule “not guilty.”

I do not have a copy of His Honor’s ruling. An ABC News journalist, Candace Sutton, noted the following:

“Justice Peter Johnson said he was satisfied that Monis planned the murder and Droudis carried it out. He rejected suggestions Monis may have paid someone else to kill his ex-wife, saying he did not have the financial means… ” [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 33: The Three Doors

lindt-cafeMain door in middle. Philip Street on your left. The black doors are near girl in white jersey. On right, after 4th window, alcove, steps up to firewell.

by Mary W Maxwell

On December 15, 2014, as soon as I heard about the siege in Sydney – with no details such as the identity of Monis – I assumed it was a staged affair. But I certainly did not assume that any hostages or low-level police were “in on the joke.”

I do now. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part4: A Dark Day in the Courtroom, September 22, 2016

jeans2Lookie, if you have a Harley Davidson you can buy apparel with ’tude.

by Mary W Maxwell

Many is the tale about Man Haron Monis’ background. At the time he died he stood convicted of one crime – the one about sending letters to soldiers’ families. (The crime is based on misuse of the postal service!).

He also stood accused of being an accessory to the murder of his EXwife, and was on bail for that. We’ve read that charges have been laid as to sexual assaults that he made on clients who came into his “spiritual healing” business. I don’t know if that got as far as the courts – probably not as the alleged offenses occurred many years ago, outside the statute of limitations. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 3: Standard Evidence-Chasing

droudis-flatsThis apartment building is near the crime scene in Werrington NSW

by Mary W Maxwell

It is said that someone stabbed the EXwife of Man Haron Monis’ 18 times and then spilled a bottle of petrol on her (after she died). The person then threw a match causing the immolation of the body.

Do people really do things like that?  When I first read of it, I did not believe that it happened at all (see Bella Vista case) but now I feel reasonably sure it is true. Of course, we do not yet know who did it. [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 32: The Passing of Katrina Dawson Is Unresolved


by Mary Maxwell, LLB

I do not go along with the mainstream media’s story of the death of Katrina Dawson. I do not think it was an accidental matter of police bullets ricocheting on hard surfaces of the café. Nor do I think it was, as described by the ballistics expert, a bullet that went through the back of her chair.

In this article, I am speaking from my own evaluation of the event in question.  My evaluation is admittedly of low value as I’ve never been able to question persons whom I would like to question. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 2: Cast of Characters, and Suburbs

droudisPhoto of Amirah Droudis from abc.net.au

by Mary W Maxwell

Amirah Droudis is on trial for killing a lady whose name we are not supposed to mention in connection with this court case, but which is well known from previous media discussion. I will refer to her as EXwife. In this Part 2 of the series, there will mainly be a listing of key names, dates, and places.


It’s cricket to name the accused, Amirah Droudis, and to say that she was the defacto, or the girlfriend, or partner of the late Man Haron Monis. She called him Michael.

At birth he was Mohamad Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi. On 16 September 2002, Monis changed his name to Michael Hayson Mavros.[ On 21 September 2006, he changed his name to Man Haron Monis. [Read more…]

Droudis Trial, Part 1: Don’t Pick Your Nose on the Platform


by Mary W Maxwell

On September 7, 2016, I started to attend the murder trial of Amirah Droudis in Sydney. What has the title of this article got to do with that? The first few days focused on “tracking” the accused, and her late partner, Man Haron Monis. The authorities want to know where they were at the time the exwife was murdered. That was the afternoon of April 21, 2013.

We Will Follow You  [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest, Part 31: Big Disappointment for Truth

kevon-rudd-and-mark-dreyfuss-tour-asioKevin Rudd and Mark Dreyfus touring the new ASIO HQ in 2014

by Mary W Maxwell

I thought the hearings for the Inquest were finished, but apparently there was a directions hearing and smartie media knew about and attended (or got the report of it). So here is the bad news. I am quoting Jessica Kidd writing on September  7, 2016 at mobile.abc.net.au. The title of her article was the neutral sounding “ASIO’s role may never be publicly revealed”:

“It is expected the findings in relation to ASIO will be available to a select few. The findings arising from the coronial inquest into the Sydney siege will not be handed down until next year, New South Wales state coroner Michael Barnes has confirmed, but ASIO’s involvement will likely remain confidential. [Read more…]

Lind Café Inquest, Part 30: Did the Sydney Siege Have a Real Terrorist behind It?

brezinskiZbigniew Brzezinski born 1928

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dee McLachlan recently wrote at Gumshoe that thousands of scientists and engineers defy the official view of 9-11. They show that the buildings did not “collapse” – they were brought down by ordinary controlled demolition.

Trade union leader, Kevin Bracken made that very point on an ABC “talkback” radio show, but he was ridiculed by ex-lawyer Jon Faine. This “kafuffle” (why was it a kafuffle?) caused the prime minister, Julie Gillard, a few days later, to say in Parliament that Bracken’s belief is “stupid and wrong.” No it isn’t. It is simply correct.

[Read more…]

The Binskin-Conroy Confrontation over the ADF Role at the Sydney Siege

conroy-admiralSenator Stephen Conroy and Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin

by Malcolm R Hughes

A few of us at Gumshoe are going down various paths to get an answer to the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Was the alleged mock-up of the Lindt Café on the premises of Holsworthy Army Base done on-the-day, or was it pre-arranged?

In her article on “Serious Shortcomings of the Inquest,” dated August 9, 2016, Mary W Maxwell quoted an Inquest document written by Jeremy Gormly, SC, Counsel Assisting the Inquest. The Inquest item quoted by Mary said:

“The ADF had built a mock-up of the Lindt Cafe at Holsworthy Army Base to trial and rehearse forced entry. It offered the facility to the NSW Police for training, although as we have heard in evidence that offer could not be taken up on the night.” [Read more…]

Lindt Café Inquest Part 29: The Hearings Have Ended

mary tools of trade

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Every inquest seeks to find the time, place, and manner of death of a person. Regarding the deaths of Tori Johnson and Man Haron Monis, I think it is an established fact that the place of death was the Lindt Café in the Sydney CBD. For Katrina Dawson, death occurred either in the café or in an ambulance on the way to hospital, or at hospital.

The time of death is not contentious; it was between 2am and 3am on December 16, 2014 for all three persons.  So we come to the main question: how did they die? [Read more…]

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