Female Defence Ministers Please Apply — Male Soldier Applications Closed

Trailblazer Lieutenant Kate Munari, Australian Navy helicopter pilot , (courtesy ABC)

by Dee McLachlan

I can do four press ups — easily — so I’m off to join the army. (But I’m sure to be rejected on my age.)

A  Daily Telegraph article, “Australian Army bans male recruits to get female numbers up,” is about the new targets sent out to ADF recruiters. The focus seems to be all about recruiting women immediately. An ADF recruiter allegedly told The Telegraph: “Yes they [men] can apply – but only women will get the job,” — and that there are no vacancies for men in the next 12 months. The article continues:

“The recruiter said he had also been ordered to tell any male already recruited for a combat role, but not yet in training, to change their choice of job to make way for women recruits. [Read more…]

Rep. Barbara Lee Sunsetted the AUMF but the Sun Rose Again

(L) Rep. Barbara Lee, (R) Louis Fisher

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for the US Senate in Alabama

This is a short report on matters related to the US justification for striking Syria in May 2017 and perhaps in future.

I do not know what the corresponding position is, in regard to Australian forces. First, backtrack to 2001. As we know, the US decided after the collapse of the Twin Towers that this was sufficient justification to strike at Afghanistan (because a Saudi national was allegedly hiding there. i.e., the brother of Salem bin Laden who was at that moment on the board of the Carlyle Group with Poppy Bush, but never mind that.) [Read more…]

Striking Iran and Syria:  Plus ça change  

by Mary Maxwell, LLB, current candidate for the US Senate from Alabama

Editor’s note: In 2006 Mary Maxwell sought an injunction against the bombing of Iran and Syria, on constitutional (separation of powers) grounds. This is her reply to a motion to dismiss.. She has added some bolding for Gumshoe readers.  The matter is newly relevant today.

United states district court FOR the district of New Hampshire MARY MAXWELL, Plaintiff  V  PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH, et al, Defendants CIVIL ACTION NO.  F-1-0-6-CV-348PB Memorandum in response to the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.  [Read more…]

What of Mosul?

Mosul before war, and (R) July 2017 liberation

by Dee McLachlan

This week, the mainstream news was proclaiming a victory in Mosul.

Skynews reported “Iraqi PM celebrates Mosul victory over IS”

“Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is set to declare victory over Islamic State in Mosul as only a few dozen militants put up resistance in the city that was the capital of their self-declared caliphate for the past three years. Gunfire and explosions could be heard as the US-led coalition pounded the remaining few Islamic State positions.”

As the Iraqi army took back Mosul, alternative outlets were calling it a genocide [Read more…]

Myths, Legends and Lies: Australia’s Policy in Afghanistan

By James O’Neill*

“Without an understanding of the past, we will never understand the present.  And without understanding the present, we will never understand the past.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Policies based on myths and lies, as we have seen in recent years, can have disastrous consequences, leading to the invasion, occupation and destruction of whole societies.  Australia has been involved in a number of these foreign policy disasters in recent decades, as for example in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  None represented a vital national interest for Australia, notwithstanding the political rhetoric of the time.  All represented essentially a willingness to act in the interests of a third party. [Read more…]

Australia’s Minister for Resources Needs to be Re-educated

Senator Matt Canavan

by Dee McLachlan

On Monday night National Party Senator Matt Canavan was on the panel of ABC’s Q&A program. British (Al Jazeera English)  journalist Mehdi Hasan, and columnist for The Intercept, was also on the panel. Sen Canavan is our RESOURCES Minister

After listening to these two men debate, it was soon evident that Senator Canavan was out of his depth when it came to global affairs. That in itself might not be a concern, but it seems the Minister of Resources has absolutely no understanding about powers that create wars to pillage the resources of other nations.

I was shocked to hear that the minister still believes that George Bush (along with his willing partners) invaded Iraq to export DEMOCRACY to that nation. He seems to have no understanding about why we (Australia) were involved in a war that killed over a million people. [Read more…]

North Korea: The Hobbesian Dilemma Coming Full Circle?

(L) Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), and Kim Jong-Un (b. 1984)

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

Thomas Hobbes came up with a theory – to which I fully subscribe – that war, or at least the preparation for war, is unending. What if your country is peace-oriented, genuinely having no desire for war, no desire to exploit others? Oh, that’s nice, but it won’t keep you safe because somebody out thar gonna git yew. The “Hobbesian dilemma” means your desire to be peaceful will always be frustrated.

Last week at a Senate Candidate Forum in Huntsville, Alabama (home of the Werner von Braun Center) the audience asked terrific questions. One had to do with Electro-magnetic technology. The man asked us “What will you do to stop the hacking into our infrastructure?” [Read more…]

Language From the Media — Reporting the Air Strike on the IS Prison in Syria (Killing Detainees)

by G5

When you are delivered “Humanitarian Aid”, “Oil for Food”, “Collateral Damage”, “Surgical Strikes”, “Mechanically Planned”, “Friendly Fire” or “US Backed Forces” — know that civilians have been murdered.

When you are delivered “Intimidating”, “Provocative”, “Threatening” — know that that message comes from the loser of some attempt.

Without entering the debate of how many millions of civilians have been murdered in The Middle East, by any side, for any purported reason — since 1990 to date. From 1/1/2014 to 8/6/2017, there have been 21,035 air strikes reported conducted by ‘Coalition’ forces in Syria and Iraq. With a reported 16,000 civilian deaths. Only. [Read more…]

Coincidences, Hatred and Mainstream Media War Machine

The 19 alleged hijackers involved in 9-11 — a narrative propagated by the six mainstream media companies 

by Dee McLachlan

The mainstream media (MSM) reported last week that Victoria’s Islamic Council wants young Muslims to have access to taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” in which they can make “inflammatory” comments. These would be “rage rooms” where young Muslims could express themselves openly.

Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, says he’s “very troubled” by the suggestion for safe spaces where Muslim youth “could be radical”, and said “There is no safe way to rail against the West.”

That’s right. Now with many radical youth under constant surveillance, even a glib remark could later lead to life imprisonment.

[Read more…]

Give Us Liberty, or Give Us Death

Remember the Liberty! Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seasby Phillip Nelson ©Trineday 2017

(Editor’s Note: The USS Liberty was attacked 50 years ago today — 8th June 1967. This topic is not going away, but I doubt we will hear from the MSM) 

Article/Book Review by Greg Maybury

With the anniversary of the enormously consequential 1967 Six-Day War (SDW) between Israel and the Arab states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan) upon us, Phil Nelson’s book is a timely and welcome addition to the literature of that event and the key people involved, and indeed, the era. Although on its face about the deliberate attack by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during that conflict on the US naval ‘sig-int’ ship the USS Liberty, with the loss of 34 lives and over 170 casualties, it’s much more than that. [Read more…]

Another Terror Siege — or an Escort Booking That Went Wrong?

The Herald Sun headline, and The Age (6/6/17)

by Dee McLachlan

The mainstream news had another “terror” incident to chew on last night and this morning.

Police arrived at an apartment block in Bay Street, Brighton in Melbourne (near a gym I used to go to)  at about 4 pm (5 June 2017) — after receiving reports of an explosion. “It’s believed he has a woman inside with him who he won’t allow to leave,” a police spokeswoman said at the time. The police attempted to negotiate (unsuccessfully) with the man.

[Read more…]

The Enemies of Peace and Freedom

By G5

The disputes of the world are not over ideologies or even foreign threats — but territories, commodities, and peoples. Anything proffered to the herds as a reality for interventionist actions, through the MSM, and subsequently justified in sanitized educational texts, are deceptions.

The purpose for the continual manipulation of the herds is to maintain them under control — and to have them believe that they should die as instructed, or further surrender alleged freedoms to remain under economic enslavement. [Read more…]

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