No Picnic on Mount Kenya

by Dee McLachlan

Most stories of war are about one side trying to kill the other side. So this Anzac Day morning I present a different story.

Having been a keen mountain climber in my youth, I remember reading a fascinating book — based on a true story during the Second World War, entitled “No Picnic on Mount Kenya.”

An Italian, Felice Benuzzi, was detained by the British at POW 354 Camp near Nanyuki, Kenya. Beyond the barbed wire and guard towers he could see Mount Kenya rising above the African plains. The mountain is the second highest peak in Africa and is 5,199 meters (17,058 ft) above sea level. [Read more…]

Terror in France and the Human Microchip Agenda

Police on the Champs Élysé​e​s, Paris 

by Dee McLachlan

Yet another (terrorist) attack in France, and the French are becoming exasperated.

The “fight against terrorism” has now become a major factor in the forthcoming French election, and an ABC article today claims “Vote for president could reshape Western world.” The people want solutions to radicalization, and the extended state of emergency.

Why has France been the focus of terrorist attacks over recent years? Mainstream media are explaining that Islamic State gave out a worldwide message to its followers in September 2014, singling out France.

ISIS (supposedly) said:

 “…kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French…” [Read more…]

False Flags and the April Glaspie Transcript of 1990

(L) Ambassador Glaspie (R) the Bush presidents in bronze

by Mary W Maxwell

The newspapers in Oz, for the last few days, have been sounding the alarm about a conflict with North Korea. Does this mean all debate and investigation will be short-cut and a decision about Australia’s need to go to war will be presented as a fait accomplis?

One cannot rule out that someone other than the apparent players are causing the NK “emergency” to arise. Let us look back to 1990.  It appears from the transcript printed below that the US Ambassador to Iraq, Ms April Glaspie, encouraged Saddam into action against Kuwait in 1990.

Did she do this for American interest? Does she even know why she did it? Did a war by the US against Iraq in 1990 help anyone? The number of soldiers with Gulf War illness – a terrible affliction – is officially 175, 000, not counting the many who died.

[Read more…]

The Adventures of Tex and Rex

The aftermath of the ‘Mother of all Bombs’, a GBU-43 (MOAB)

by G5 ©

I work from raw Intel. I remain purposely aloof. I am advised that at the moment it appears as though the doyens of the “Alternative” are running a week to two behind me. Now I wonder why that would be.

American and Afghani ‘officials’ have declared that ‘no civilians’ died in The Good Friday Celebrations. We can only suggest that Tex and Rex phoned ahead and checked the identities of all those in the rabbit holes in the former great mountain of ISIS. How else would they know. Any women or children who may have been an issue — were fully paid up and inducted members of ISIS. [Read more…]

Syria and The Plan For Its Destruction

One, two, three, FIRE (X 59)

by Dee McLachlan

How should we react to this double assault:

  1. Assad gets blamed for killing his own people “including babies” — a fairly unlikely scenario
  1. Trump “punishes” Assad, by – of course – killing more human beings.

When I first heard about the chemical attack, the 2007 Wesley Clark interview come immediately to mind. [Read more…]

Humanity In Crisis, Part 6: Weapons of Mass Insanity

Nuclear tests in the 1950s — with soldiers marching into the test zone

by Dee McLachlan

I have always found it astonishing that leaders would build up such an arsenal of weapons — so large — that it could obliterate humanity from the planet.

Two countries — the US and Russia — currently have a total of 900 missiles and 2581 strategic nuclear warheads (that we know of) on launch-ready status. The total explosive power of these weapons is about 1185 Mt (megatons, or 1.185 billion tons of TNT equivalent explosive power). That is a ton of TNT for every family on the planet. [Read more…]

Australia and The Iraq War: Some New Revelations

By James O’Neill*

On 25 February 2017 the Sydney Morning Herald published an exclusive story they entitled “The Secret Iraq Dossier”.  The news item and a follow up piece in the SMH of 27 February 2017 was based on a Defence Department analysis written by Dr Albert Palazzo from the Directorate of Army Research and Analysis, a military think tank.  The SMH obtained a redacted copy of Dr Palazzo’s report under Freedom of Information legislation.

The analysis was written between 2008 and 2011 and runs to 572 pages.  There has been very little reaction to the Herald’s revelations in the Australian media.  The Defence Ministry itself dismissed the Palazzo Report as “an unofficial history” which only represented the author’s own opinions.  If they differed from those opinions they were careful not to say so. [Read more…]

The Day Israel Attacked… America (USS Liberty)


A note to Jon Faine (ABC 774 host):

When a former prime minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, informed you of the facts (on your radio show) regarding the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 — you did not believe him.

Now with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (above R) visiting Australia, maybe it is a good time to interview Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (above L) about the Israeli Air Force’s unprovoked attack on the ship. [Read more…]

War Crimes in Yemen –- and Refugees


by Mary W Maxwell

In my “Melania’s Blue Dress” article, I made a throw-away remark about the proposed Mexican wall. Happily, Julius Skoolafish has challenged me. I won’t now go into the question of Mexican immigration, but instead will re-publish an article about Yemen that Julius called to our attention. [Read more…]

Official Secrets, Truth, and Society’s Law

pine-gapPine Gap, a secret US installation in Australia

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

What if you want to tell the truth, or “spill the beans”’ about something that you feel should be public knowledge, but are worried that you might be acting disloyally toward your employer?

I am writing this article in the context of the peculiar event of January 19, 2017 in which a man drove his car deliberately into pedestrians in Melbourne, killing some of them. received an extraordinary number of hits on its January 22 article Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions Before The Killing Spree? [Read more…]

Does Vladimir Putin Know the Real Purpose of War, according to Orwell?


by Mary W Maxwell

Editor’s note: This was prompted by the long thread of Comments under the Trump article of January 14, 2017.

Was there ever a genuine hostility between the US and the USSR? I don’t think so. Why would Churchill give the kitchen sink away at Yalta, seconded by FDR, if Russia were the enemy? Or if “communism” were the enemy?

I go along with the thesis that the emergence of the Bolshies in 1917 was arranged by the two Warburg brothers, Max in America and Paul in Germany – or was it the other way around. See? it doesn’t even matter – they were both the servants of World Government. (I also accept Nesta Webster’s 1922 theory that the French Revolution was scripted). [Read more…]

More “Magical” ID Documents, and Security Measures in Adelaide

truck-in-berlinBerlin night market

by Dee McLachlan

Two days ago a truck was driven into a busy German market killing 12, and injuring 48 injured, some severely. After finding an ID under the truck driver’s seat, the German police launch a manhunt for a Tunisian man. The man was not the truck’s regular driver, and some news outlets says the truck had been hijacked.

Would the “terrorist” place his ID under the seat? Passports and ID documents have been used in the past as a standard formula for covering up a government operation. [Read more…]

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