Language From the Media — Reporting the Air Strike on the IS Prison in Syria (Killing Detainees)

by G5

When you are delivered “Humanitarian Aid”, “Oil for Food”, “Collateral Damage”, “Surgical Strikes”, “Mechanically Planned”, “Friendly Fire” or “US Backed Forces” — know that civilians have been murdered.

When you are delivered “Intimidating”, “Provocative”, “Threatening” — know that that message comes from the loser of some attempt.

Without entering the debate of how many millions of civilians have been murdered in The Middle East, by any side, for any purported reason — since 1990 to date. From 1/1/2014 to 8/6/2017, there have been 21,035 air strikes reported conducted by ‘Coalition’ forces in Syria and Iraq. With a reported 16,000 civilian deaths. Only. [Read more…]

Another Terror Siege — or an Escort Booking That Went Wrong?

The Herald Sun headline, and The Age (6/6/17)

by Dee McLachlan

The mainstream news had another “terror” incident to chew on last night and this morning.

Police arrived at an apartment block in Bay Street, Brighton in Melbourne (near a gym I used to go to)  at about 4 pm (5 June 2017) — after receiving reports of an explosion. “It’s believed he has a woman inside with him who he won’t allow to leave,” a police spokeswoman said at the time. The police attempted to negotiate (unsuccessfully) with the man.

[Read more…]

Striking Journos Worried about Democracy. Really???

Journalists on strike outside The Age building

by Dee McLachlan

Fairfax journalists are on strike.

Staff at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne voted to walk off the job for a week after Fairfax Media announced cutting about a quarter of its newsroom — 125 jobs — as a result of a $30 million restructure.

The ABC reported:

“newspapers’ advertising revenues had slumped from around $4 billion to little more than $1 billion over the past decade… [Read more…]

The Soap Opera Called Television and Crisis Actors

melbourne-town-hall-portico-room-1-desktopThe Melbourne Town Hall Portico where press conferences are sometimes held. A press conference was being held at 1.15pm on Friday 20 January 2017, when Dimitrious Gargasoulas started doing donuts nearby in a stolen Holden

by Dee McLachlan

I bumped into a lawyer friend in the coffee shop this morning, and asked a simple question. “How do I get the police to answer a few simple questions on a crime that has been committed?” His answer was simple and blunt. “They don’t have to give you anything.”

It seems strange when the salaries of the police bureaucracy are paid by the tax payer, that they have no obligation to answer any hard questions put by said tax payer. [Read more…]

Even ABC’s Media Watch Is Parroting the Line about Fake News!

barryPaul Barry of Media Watch

by Phil Hingston

Last night’s Media Watch, on the topic of FAKE NEWS with Paul Barry, has the hallmarks of a beat up for increased legislation to limit free speech.

It was presented as a warning to be vigilant of false and misleading information masquerading as truth. Enter the Fakenews meme.  It reminded me of exactly why I no longer watch Mainstream Media (MSM).

Barry is a master of legerdemain and obfuscation. He weaves a semi-plausible argument, quoting other dubious MSM sources which reinforce his erroneous thesis on just who is generating Fakenews. [Read more…]

This Is a Very Series Situation

series-3by Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday, Dee McLachlan started a new series called “Humanity in Crisis.” She also has another series running called “Analysis of 9-11” of which 8 parts have appeared so far. I have one going called “Are Media Lies Criminal?” (5 parts so far). Gumshoe has a good search engine so you can easily stock up on used parts for those. Here are some others of mine that are still in business: [Read more…]

Obama Signs New Law Targeting Independent Media

obam-signs_ndaaPresident Obama signing a National Defense Authorization Act in 2012

by Dee McLachlan

Just before Christmas, President Obama signed the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017” bill into law. The law could make it illegal to run an alternative media website in the US — and criminalize Fake News on the Web. [Read more…]

The Middle East and the Mainstream Media: Why is the Truth so Difficult?


by James O’Neill*                        

A measure of how far the integrity of the public broadcasting service and the mainstream media have diminished is exemplified by their coverage of recent events in Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian government forces have recently recaptured all but a very small section of Eastern Aleppo.  The remaining pocket covers about 5 square kilometres.  Yet television, radio and newspaper reports variously state that between 100,000 and 250,000 people remain “trapped” in this enclave.

Even using the lower figure, it would make that part of Eastern Aleppo the most densely populated area in the world.  Yet the figures are reported as self-evidently true. [Read more…]

Are Media Lies Criminal? Part 5: Deception by “Codes of Ethics” and the ABC’s Mandate

5911422-3x2-700x467-1At Sydney Town Hall, 2014, protesting funding cuts to the ABC

Editor’s note: The old saying, “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” might soon apply to the mainstream media. This is Gumshoe News’ 1,000th article. 

by Mary W Maxwell  

I’ll make three arguments here. The first is that there should be no restrictions on commercial media, and no special privileges for them either.

Second, I argue that there is no role for “media ethics.”  That’s a game – prevalent in the professions – whereby a group gets excused from legislated restrictions by saying it will guard its own henhouse thank you. Don’t fall for it. [Read more…]

The War Against “Fake News” Heating Up

walsh-richards(L) Edgar Maddison Welch, and (R) Lucy Richards of  Florida, in a police booking photo from the 1990s

by Dee McLachlan

I have noticed overthe last few days it takes a long time for sites like and to open. This was posted on today:

“EMERGENCY: The gov’t has announced they want to shut down this site. Obama Plans To Shut Down News Organization. [Read more…]

Welcome to a Front Row Seat at the Sydney Siege Theatre


by Dee McLachlan

All aspects of the way the police acted during the Lind Café siege point to a “staged performance.”

At this website I have repeatedly shown how the appropriate military persons were stood down during the 9-11 attacks in New York. The same occurred during the Port Arthur massacre of 1996.

My article “Permission denied; this has to happen” describes that day at the Seascape Cottage where a hostage situation was (allegedly) in progress. Tasmanian constables had the gunman in their sights but were not allowed to shoot him! Several personnel, including volunteer firemen, heard a senior police officer on the radio respond to the request to shoot: ‘Permission denied; this has to happen.’

Now we ask: What happened at the Lindt Cafe on 15-16 December 2014?  [Read more…]

Our “Survival Switch” and The Inability To Change Our Worldview. (Are We F*****)


by Dee Mclachlan

This is a follow up on two previous articles: A Letter To The ABC, and Just Who Is The Fruit Loop Here Mr Faine? (by James O’Neill).

To anyone not familiar with those articles, I will summarize: Jon Faine hosts ABC’s morning talkback radio, and chose “Fake News” as a discussion topic. I called in to complain that it is the mainstream media that are the experts in inflammatory, and also fake news. The discussion migrated to a clash over 9-11.  [Read more…]

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