Oh To Be in Montgomery, Now That Pride Is There

Mary Maxwell with rainbow flag at Montgomery rally

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

If you are not lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender, you should be sad – you weren’t part of a   beautiful love-in today, at the state capital of Alabama.

Although I am the original Mrs Straight, I was on the invitation list by grace of being a candidate in the forthcoming election. I had never been to such an event. Maybe this is what the flower children were like at Haight Ashbury in the 1960s? We all got tanked up on love, and I mean seriously.

The only whine I heard was that “Montgomery is 37 years behind Birmingham in having a gay parade.” Believe me this was no high-budget Sydney Mardi Gras — there were no floats, outrageous costumes, or baiting of the media. It was simply a family day in the park. [Read more…]

Birmingham’s Tornado and Mobile’s Rain – Caused by Geo-engineering? Introduction to Conspiracy Theory

A tornado hit the Birmingham area on June 22, 2017

 by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

 This just in from the Alabama Farmers Federation:

“While remaining rainfall from Tropical Storm Cindy whirls farther north, Alabama farmers are assessing damage to fruits, vegetables and row crops following the downpour. This year’s fruit and vegetable season started off promising at Sessions Farm in Mobile County, but 30 inches of rain in the past 30 days caused water-damaged produce to split and ruin. “We had the prettiest crop we’ve ever had,” said Art Sessions of Sessions Farm in Mobile County. “Now it’s gone.”

Also yesterday, June 22, there was a tornado near Birmingham. I believe the proper course – now that there are so many terrible weather events – must be to consider all possible causes, including geoengineering. I have long suspected that the word “manmade” would fit many events: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes.

In 1996, some colonels and majors of the US Air Force published a paper entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” The Air Force probably does own the weather by now.

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Trump Should Not Look Beleaguered

Donald Trump (b 1946), Steve Biko (1946-1977)

by Mary W Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

This is a bad scene. It should be stopped now. We have “senior people” (read: immature people) taking up a lot of air time on Nothing At All. The rest of the world must be disgusted. Do you know there is a cholera epidemic in Yemen? Well, you should know as it may be our responsibility, since the US inexplicably supplied the Saudis with weapons to harm the innocent Yemenis. [Read more…]

Congress, 9-11, and the Constitution

An official photo of Dick Cheney as he watches the towers burn

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Some people have claimed that 9-11 was an inside job. If that were in fact the case, or appeared likely to be the case, what resources are available within the United States federal government to address such a thing?

(Note: “inside job” can mean either that officials or private persons were able to actually perform the destruction of the World Trade Center, such as by a controlled demolition of the buildings, or were able in some other way to direct the events of September 11, 2001.)

In this article I only want to walk through the structure of how the matter could be dealt with, per the United States Constitution. I’m not here to make a case against a particular person. Let’s call the miscreant “John Doe.” [Read more…]

The US Should Not Fund Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen

(L) Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky     (R) King Salman of Saudi Arabia

by United States Senator Rand Paul

Editor’s note:  this first appeared on Senator Paul’s website on April 28, 2017:

American-built planes with American bombs were used by the Saudis to bomb a funeral procession in Yemen. Over 100 people were killed, and 500 mourners were wounded. Active duty American pilots have been refueling the planes dropping bombs across Yemen.

Sounds like war to me.

But when did we declare war on Yemen? When did Congress vote to authorize military force in Yemen? Who is the enemy, and why are we fighting them?

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Martin Bryant Birthday Series, Part 3: Where’s Mum?

Carleen Bryant describes son’s innocence to 60 Minutes

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This coming Sunday, 7th May 2017, is Martin Bryant’s fiftieth birthday. We’re making a “card” with pictures of cakes, to be sent as a laminated poster, rolled up. Surely they will let him see it. Surely he will be pleased. No doubt his Mum will bring him a real cake.

This article is about Carleen. Recently, I googled for “Port Arthur anniversary” and was shocked to see a headline “Martin Bryant’s mother now believes he is guilty.” I am not shocked that she said it. I am shocked because surely she did not say it – it is a lie.

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A Cop’s Suicide: Part 18 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

A wedding scene from New York City

Editor’s Note: This “story” will appear in Mary Maxwell’s new book about the child-abuse Royal Commission:

I wish I hadn’t killed myself, but nobody would listen. If I were alive today, the situation would be a lot easier.

When I was a boy, I used to eavesdrop on Dad and Uncle Ted talking about being “on the job”; this would fill my belly with fire and my heart with excitement. All I ever wanted to do was to wear the badge. That day eventually came, in the winter of 1979, shortly after my 21st birthday. I finished my cadet training and at last I was in uniform, just like Dad.

For the most part I loved my job.

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What’s Up at Risdon? Who’s This New Judge in Tassie?

Cherri Bonney’s last attempted visit to Risdon was in 2016

by Cherri Bonney

Last Friday – we are told by a “little birdie” — there was a mini-riot at Risdon. And for good cause. A prisoner was prevented at the last minute from attending his mother’s funeral. You only have one mother and she only has one funeral, you know. The man was devastated. This is partly because he had been told he could go. Indeed a nice suit for him to wear was dropped off by his family at the prison at 3pm the previous day.

Police were on standby (what, not on stand-down?) as it was said that a guard – pardonez moi, a “custodial officer” – may have been injured, and $50, 000 worth of damage done, by a ruckus of frustrated prisoners over this event.

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Crossing the Nullarbor, Perth to Adelaide

Ms PhillipsMs Phillips and her photos of wildflowers in Geralton WA

by Yasmine Phillips

It brings new meaning to the wide open road, but there is much more to the drive across Australia than simply a bitumen highway through arid shrubland.

Last week I was told to “jump in a car and get to Melbourne” for Fremantle’s historic Grand Final appearance.

The focus was supposed to be on football but, along the way, photographer Dan Wilkins and I saw a side of Australia not many get to see.

Hordes of pensioners towing caravans, backpackers in search of a great Australian adventure, truckies hauling road trains going about their daily business it’s a transient community in the middle of the desert.

And after driving the 3500km I’m more informed on what to do next time.

So if you’re thinking of heading east across the bitumen, here are 10 things you need to know about a trip across the Nullarbor.

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What’ll It Be, Justice McClellan: Forest or Trees? Part 17 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is not ready to finalize its mission, but it does show signs of winding down. As I reported on April 1, the Commission is holding some “overview” panel discussions.

Those are outstandingly good – such as the one on ripple effects of child abuse — but will there be an overview of major insights into the power behind the abuse? Is the Commission able to see the forest — or just the trees?

I have been an armchair participant in this Royal Commission for 18 months and hereby offer my overview. It is strictly about the “Forest.”

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A Vial of Bull Semen (Kissinger Eulogizes Rockefeller)

Bullfighter Enrique Ponce prays in the chapel before ‘work’

by Mary W Maxwell

The Washington Post must think we have all passed through the portal of the surreal, judging by its having printed, without comment, Kissinger’s panegyric on Rockefeller.

I will present it all here without the slightest interruption, and follow it with a Commentary.

Obituary for David Rockefeller (1915-2017) by Henry Kissinger (b 1923), former Secretary of State (1973-1977), in The Washington Post,  March 30, 2017.

In an egalitarian society such as America, the inheritance of great wealth presents a complex challenge.

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A New Legal Test: Conditioned Response Index for Brainwashing: CRIB

watchesJust keep watching my watch. You will feel sleeeeeeepy….

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The “fallout” from the Fringe play (“A Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant”) continues to be amazing. A fellow has just e-mailed me to say since I did such a good job of defending Bryant, he would like to know if I could defend John Howard on charges of war crimes.

I’m not making this up; I lack the imagination to think of such a question. Anyway I replied that yes I could attempt it, on the grounds that the PM was brainwashed and therefore not responsible. (And don’t you just love having prime minsters who are brainwashed and therefore not responsible, perhaps for anything? Don’t you love it!)

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