Collusion and Ridicule — Who Is “STUPID and WRONG”?

North Tower “exploding” out, and former Oz prime minister Julia Gillard

by Dee McLachlan

Gumshoe Commenters Gary and Eddy contributed to my August 19 article, which drew a comparison between 2001 and 2017 vehicular attacks – and called attention to the 9-11 False Flag. Gary wrote that “NONE of them [mainstream media’s supposed opposition] ever question these obvious False Flags.” And Eddy came in with, “…the MSM is simply a mouth piece for the powers that be…”

It is obvious that the mainstream media (including Australia’s ABC) are controlled. They not only refuse to question the facts surrounding a false flag event — but these organisations actually collude to perpetrate the lies — speaking as one voice. [Read more…]

Vehicular Weapons (2001 vs 2017) — But What’s Next?

by Dee McLachlan

Cars have been used as weapons for some time in places like Iraq (for example).  It is only a recent trend in the West — and this method of attack is on the rise.

Some of these ramming events have had suspicious false flag signs, but now, it seems, these events could have inspired more copy cats. It presents a serious problem to authorities and Intelligence agencies. This type of attack requires little planning, and no technical expertise.
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CIA Man Knows Who the Real President of the US Is!

by Mary W Maxwell

Picture me sitting in the Brekkie room of a nice motel here in the US. So what was on the big screen in the Brekkie room? Why, CNN of course. ( I’ll bet motel owners are not allowed to change to another channel.)

While others around me made pancakes and spooned out some grits, I sat mesmerized. The coverage was strictly about the Charlottesville tragedy. A morning TV host and his female co-host (a locum, he said) stared out at us. Their names do not appear on the screen; I guess every American knows who they are. [Read more…]

Vaccination Information in a Big Series Starts August 17

Candidate in the comfortable voting booth (at a church in Montgomery). Paper ballots are then read by machine.

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB, ex-candidate for US Senate

Yes, I lost the election in Alabama. Veni, vidi, non vici.  But I learned a lot! One thing I learned is that people who have seen the movie VAXXED are very inspired by it. Many people on the campaign trail thanked me for talking about that taboo subject.

Now I see that a vax-critic, Ty Bollinger, is proposing to run a 7-part series that will cover all sides of the argument. To be able to watch, you have to sign up with him. It begins August 17 in the evening in the US, which is August 18 morning in Australia. It includes interviews with Sherri Tenpenney, Joseph Mercola, and many other sensible doctors.

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Pauline Hanson’s Burqa Stunt — Are We Asking The Right Questions?

by Dee McLachlan

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson arrived in the Senate question yesterday wearing a burqa.

It was a stunt by Hanson — a prelude before asking her question about when Australia is going to ban the burqa. She insists that banning the burqa is a national security issue and is not compatible in Australian society — that it was “un-Australian”. She told a Sydney radio station this morning, KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, that “At no stage did anyone check my security… I think it’s totally wrong.”  [Read more…]

Doctor Faustus and Malcolm Turnbull: Some Parallels

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

By James O’Neill*

In the late 16th century the English playwright Christopher Marlowe wrote an Elizabethan tragedy, most commonly referred to as Doctor Faustus.  The play contained some memorable lines that have passed into common usage, often with the user being unaware of their literary origins.  The tragic tale of Doctor Faustus has been likened to that of the Greek fable of Icarus, one whose hubris thought he could fly to the sun, only to have his waxen wings melt and for him to plummet to his death. [Read more…]

Neurofuse, Mind Control, and Brice Taylor

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

There is a new product on the market for enhancing the brain. It is called Neurofuse and can be ordered without a prescription at Amazon for $44. You may be wondering if it is worth trying this pill. Some testimonials say it has great effect on one’s “focus.” I am here to say please hold off till you know more about mind control.

Specifically wait until you give a listen to what Brice Taylor said in her 1995 book Thanks for the Memories… I am going to reproduce below a lengthy passage in which Brice shows how California Governor Pete Wilson was the middleman for the high-level mind controllers. She alleges he used Don Zimring and Ann Ecklund to program children in Simi Valley public schools. Those two persons stayed in the teaching profession until they recently retired. [Read more…]

When Did Boston Go Scared? A Message from Alabama

“Ready to ride and spread the alarm…”

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

This morning I was interviewed on Alabama radio WYDE regarding tomorrow’s election. I have long been accusing media of hiding the truth about the Tsarnaev case, so was delighted when the show’s host, Jessica Borklund, asked me – yes asked me – to expound on the subject of the Marathon bombing.

I had only time enough to give her the main scoop about Aunt Maret’s affidavit, and about the ridiculous “video evidence” of the shooting of Officer Collier at MIT. But now that I am riled up about it, lemme say more. I particularly am thinking “How come a call-in show Down South can handle this subject but Boston radio hosts are too skeert to do so?” Maybe their fear is ungrounded! I hereby give them (the persons of Boston, the super-educated “Athens of the North”) a chance to redeem themselves by re-publishing this. [Read more…]

Vote to Keep Our Politicians (Safe) Behind Bars

The temporary fence before the real “wall” is built

by Dee McLachlan

As usual, the government is tight lipped and secretive — this time about a fence to keep them “safe.”

A security fence across the lawns of Parliament House will be under construction within weeks, and is the result of a September 2014 security review — prompted by the perceived terrorist threats in Australia. The attacks at the Canadian Parliament in October 2014, and the recent London’s Westminster episode has politicians worried — so many are happy with the 2.6 metre (nearly 9 feet) fence that will soon insulate them from the dangers of the outside world.

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Good Versus Evil: How To Level the Playing Field

The haka — an ancient Māori war dance displaying strength and unity, performed by New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team (courtesy

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

My 3-month campaign for a place in Congress is about to end. It has been a blessed experience. One thing I learned is that the people of Alabama, both black and white, are decent and strong individuals. They carry religion around with them in a most sincere and appropriate way.

But, unless I’m wrong – I hope I’m wrong – their goodness cannot rise up. No matter what percent of the people are good – and I think it’s a huge percent (you would really stick out around here if you were not good!), their morality cannot do the job against today’s evils. [Read more…]

Female Defence Ministers Please Apply — Male Soldier Applications Closed

Trailblazer Lieutenant Kate Munari, Australian Navy helicopter pilot , (courtesy ABC)

by Dee McLachlan

I can do four press ups — easily — so I’m off to join the army. (But I’m sure to be rejected on my age.)

A  Daily Telegraph article, “Australian Army bans male recruits to get female numbers up,” is about the new targets sent out to ADF recruiters. The focus seems to be all about recruiting women immediately. An ADF recruiter allegedly told The Telegraph: “Yes they [men] can apply – but only women will get the job,” — and that there are no vacancies for men in the next 12 months. The article continues:

“The recruiter said he had also been ordered to tell any male already recruited for a combat role, but not yet in training, to change their choice of job to make way for women recruits. [Read more…]

Fire, Fury and a Potential False Flag on North Korea?

by Dee McLachlan

Many “good” wars start with a false flag — so one must be wary of a possible conflict with North Korea.

As the story goes, Iraq deserved a “shock and awe” campaign because Saddam Hussein harboured Weapons of Mass Destruction.  All the intelligence agencies knew that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 FALSE FLAG attack on New York in 2001, as it had long been in the planning to destroy many countries in the Middle East. The bogus WMD claim was cooked up to destroy Iraq.

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