No Picnic on Mount Kenya

by Dee McLachlan

Most stories of war are about one side trying to kill the other side. So this Anzac Day morning I present a different story.

Having been a keen mountain climber in my youth, I remember reading a fascinating book — based on a true story during the Second World War, entitled “No Picnic on Mount Kenya.”

An Italian, Felice Benuzzi, was detained by the British at POW 354 Camp near Nanyuki, Kenya. Beyond the barbed wire and guard towers he could see Mount Kenya rising above the African plains. The mountain is the second highest peak in Africa and is 5,199 meters (17,058 ft) above sea level. [Read more…]

Martin Bryant Birthday Series, Part 2: The Cake Situation  

by Mary W Maxwell

Editor’s Note: this is a plea to readers to join the birthday cake fandangle for MB. has a few favorite topics, as can be seen on the masthead of the website. One is Port Arthur. Most of the articles on that subject up to May 2016 got put into a book which is a free download: Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, by Mary W Maxwell and Dee McLachlan. Since then there have been developments in Martin Bryant’s case — the present article will list them.

The 21st anniversary of the PAM (Port Arthur massacre) is this week: April 28.  The fiftieth birthday of the wrongly-imprisoned Aussie is next week. [Read more…]

Analysis of 9-11, Part 11: What Happened to America Airlines 77?

by Dee McLachlan

The FBI has recently made public several photographs inside the Pentagon just after flight AA 77 allegedly flew into the building on September 11, 2001. The images are now posted to the FBI’s records vault, and give a “new look” into the destruction (by the plane). [Read more…]

An ANZAC Day Puzzle: Should the Monarch of Oz Be Australian-Born?

    (L) no introduction needed   (R) book cover of “Australians All”

by Mary W Maxwell

This article is mainly about the role of the monarch in Australia. Although I have long been a monarchist, I now say it is absurd for the monarch of Australia to be simultaneously the monarch of a foreign country. If Oz is to have a monarchical government, the person in the role should be Australian. The whole royal family ought to look like a bunch of Aussies.

Many societies have a king; some do not. There were no kings in early human society and in the last few centuries some republics got formed by specifically eschewing monarchy. [Read more…]

Terror in France and the Human Microchip Agenda

Police on the Champs Élysé​e​s, Paris 

by Dee McLachlan

Yet another (terrorist) attack in France, and the French are becoming exasperated.

The “fight against terrorism” has now become a major factor in the forthcoming French election, and an ABC article today claims “Vote for president could reshape Western world.” The people want solutions to radicalization, and the extended state of emergency.

Why has France been the focus of terrorist attacks over recent years? Mainstream media are explaining that Islamic State gave out a worldwide message to its followers in September 2014, singling out France.

ISIS (supposedly) said:

 “…kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French…” [Read more…]

Dicks’ List — Publications by Tavistock Staff from 1920-1970, Listed in “50 Years of the Tavistock Clinic” edited by HV Dicks

The Rockefeller Foundation’s website says it is the creator of the Tavistock Clinic (not the same as the Centre, in London, shown)

by Mary Maxwell

We try to ensure that GumshoeNews is not gloom and doom every day of the week. Granted, we mention a lot of bad things – horrors, to be exact – but in my opinion that is joyous news as it means the criminals have become identifiable. We can stop living under illusion.

I decided to buy what looked like one of the few copies available of H Dicks’ history of the Tavisock Clinic. It makes for very dry reading, but I see some investigatory merit in the bibliography. [Read more…]

Are Vaccines Causing More Diseases Than They Are Curing?

by Alan Cantwell, M.D.

Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Centre, a consumer’s group based in Virginia, USA, has claimed vaccines are responsible for the increasing numbers of children and adults who suffer from immune system and neurologic disorders, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and seizure disorders.

Fisher calls for studies to monitor the long-term effects of mass vaccination and Fisher wants physicians to be absolutely sure these vaccines are safe and not harming people. [Read more…]

False Flags and the Northwoods Memo

JFK with General Lyman Lemnitzer

by Mary W Maxwell

Defeating one’s enemy requires both ruthlessness and strategy. Thomas Hobbes, who was born in 1588, wrote “Force and fraud are, in war, the cardinal virtues.”

GumshoeNews runs a lot of articles about false flags, as though they are very naughty. They are not intrinsically naughty – they are virtuous in the Hobbesian sense, provided they are not intended to deceive the domestic population.  You be the judge of Operation Northwoods. Was it naughty or virtuous?

It was written in 1962 with the intention of having the US invade Cuba, which was then the only communist nation in the Western hemisphere. Probably most Americans would have approved.  [Read more…]

False Flags and the April Glaspie Transcript of 1990

(L) Ambassador Glaspie (R) the Bush presidents in bronze

by Mary W Maxwell

The newspapers in Oz, for the last few days, have been sounding the alarm about a conflict with North Korea. Does this mean all debate and investigation will be short-cut and a decision about Australia’s need to go to war will be presented as a fait accomplis?

One cannot rule out that someone other than the apparent players are causing the NK “emergency” to arise. Let us look back to 1990.  It appears from the transcript printed below that the US Ambassador to Iraq, Ms April Glaspie, encouraged Saddam into action against Kuwait in 1990.

Did she do this for American interest? Does she even know why she did it? Did a war by the US against Iraq in 1990 help anyone? The number of soldiers with Gulf War illness – a terrible affliction – is officially 175, 000, not counting the many who died.

[Read more…]

Syria Explained

Passover, Wendy Hoffman, and the Law against Slavery

The feast of Passover (Pesach) is from April 10-18th this year

by Mary W Maxwell

It says in Exodus 12:17, “And you shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this very day I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt.” Did the Egyptian slavery of Jews ever take place? Probably not. In of April 11, 2017 we find:

“Here’s a question for you: what do actor Charlton Heston, DreamWorks animation studios and Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin all have in common? Well, they’ve all, at one time or another, perpetuated the myth that the Jews built the pyramids. … Even if we take the earliest possible date for Jewish slavery that the Bible suggests, the Jews were enslaved in Egypt a good three hundred years after the 1750 B.C. completion date of the pyramids..”

Pyramids or no pyramids, it’s very good to have an annual celebration of “freedom from slavery.” Or, should I say, it’s good to be reminded at least once a year that slavery exists. [Read more…]

The Adventures of Tex and Rex

The aftermath of the ‘Mother of all Bombs’, a GBU-43 (MOAB)

by G5 ©

I work from raw Intel. I remain purposely aloof. I am advised that at the moment it appears as though the doyens of the “Alternative” are running a week to two behind me. Now I wonder why that would be.

American and Afghani ‘officials’ have declared that ‘no civilians’ died in The Good Friday Celebrations. We can only suggest that Tex and Rex phoned ahead and checked the identities of all those in the rabbit holes in the former great mountain of ISIS. How else would they know. Any women or children who may have been an issue — were fully paid up and inducted members of ISIS. [Read more…]

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