Dark Forces — Manchester, Another Attack

by Dee McLachlan

Yesterday evening, 22 May, there was an explosion in the foyer of the Manchester Arena just after the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” concert finished. Grande’s fans are young teens.

This is what we have been informed of so far: [Read more…]

The “Armstrong Effect”

by Dee McLachlan

In this article I argue that the mainstream media and our politicians seem to be caught up in conspiracy of silence and denial.

My recent article, about the USS Liberty, proves this point. All evidence supports a deliberate false flag event  — yet 50 years on, Australian politicos and the media refuse to touch the story. They refuse to investigate the possibility of treason.

Why are these two groups unable to cross the line towards a more truthful and transparent discussion?

I guess these people sign up to “the program,” becoming ensnared, through circumstance, by (what I now call) the… “Armstrong Effect.” [Read more…]

New Book Exposes Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty — “Erasing The Liberty”

There is nothing like an eye witness account. And as the author of this new book writes,

“This book is dedicated to my fallen shipmates and to all patriotic Americans who, when they read it, will come away shocked and dismayed as to how the U.S. government lied to the American people about the cold-blooded murder of Americans on the high-seas, a cover-up perpetrated not just by them but by the government of Israel as well.” [Read more…]

Australian Critters Dragged From the Swamp

by Phil Hingston

You can’t make this s–t up.

Aussie taxpayers and citizens have, in the last days, been exposed to a bona fide Australian Swamp Critter. None other than the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, Michael Cranston. He has been charged with being involved in a tax fraud perpetrated by his son, daughter and various unnamed individuals, amounting in total to around $165million. [Read more…]

Just What Must the Americans Do to Lose Australia’s Fealty?

By James O’Neill*

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has once again declared that the United States alliance is the “bedrock” of Australia’s defence policy.  That and similar words have been used by Australian prime ministers for at least the past two decades.

One alleged pillar of this reliance upon the US is the ANZUS Treaty, perhaps more accurately described nowadays as the AYS treaty as New Zealand effectively withdrew in 1984.  Curiously, the sky did not fall in and no Chinese, Japanese, North Korean, Indonesian or other imaginary peril swooped on New Zealand and declared it part of “their” empire, as opposed to either the British or American empires to which allegiance had previously been owed. [Read more…]

A New Legislator on the Horizon?

Elvis has left the building

by Mary W Maxwell

This is a private letter to the Gumshoe Faithful. All others, please avert your eyes.

Dear Faithful, I have left the building. I have departed Oz, maybe never to return. I found out about a job opportunity, and, as the shades of night are falling fast, I thought I had better go for it.

Here’s how I found the “job offer.” On May 1 (“May Day! May Day alert!”) there was a headline at Yahoo that said “Disbarred judge seeks election to Senate.”  I figured he must be one of us, and that the disbarring was punishment for a dissident, per usual.

[Read more…]

The Land of Future Renters Down Under

One of South Africa’s 80 squatter townships for ‘whites’ 

By Dee McLachlan

Is it just me — or is there something amiss about the booming property market in Australia?

I was originally inspired to write this article when Nemisis made a comment on Gumshoe, on April 25, 2017. On the European arrival to Australia, he wrote in part:

“The original inhabitants of this land prior to white settlement, considered themselves as custodians only of the land that they dwelt on. There was no concept of ownership…

I replied (a brief extract):

“The “concept of ownership” allowed the present inhabitants of Australia to take over the land… but that very concept will be the demise for our great grandchildren.” [Read more…]

Virginia Livingston’s Cancer Cure

Virginia Livingston

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

During the last hundred years, a surprisingly large number of doctors  have found ways to cure or alleviate cancer. These ways are not the Big Three – surgery, radiation, and chemo – that are the ones almost exclusively recommended by the profession.

Let’s begin with Virginia Livingston (1906-1990), a graduate of Bellevue Medical School, daughter of Herman Wuerthele, MD (1885-1967). In her first book, Cancer: A New Breakthrough (1972), she claimed a success rate of 82%. Here are four cases: [Read more…]

Nicole Kidman’s Father Silenced by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

by G.I. Joe

(Editor’s note: With the explosive claims in the week-end papers of child sex abuse levelled against Cardinal George Pell, we reflect back to 2014. This article was originally posted September 15, 2014)

Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday (September 12, 2014) after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring.

A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. [Read more…]

Lying about Vaccinations — “Ought to be a Hanging Offense”

Measles outbreak in Minnesota among the Somali population

by Dee McLachlan

“These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.” Boston Herald 8 May, 2017

An article by the editorial staff of the Boston Herald concluded that those lying about the safety of vaccines to immigrant populations should be hanged. Quite extraordinary! [Read more…]

More Australian Swamp Critters and “The Flying Turd”

by Phil Hingston

Gumshoenews has written  in the recent past, about the Australian Defense Force purchase of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike fighter (aka “The Flying Turd“) at a meager cost of $130 million each, for an estimated minimum taxpayer outlay of between $17 to $24 billion!

We asked the obvious question, that if this fighter jet was so bad, why are we being dragged, kicking and screaming, to become the proud owners of 75 of these “Flying Turds??” [Read more…]

Deliverance Has Been Delivered

Front cover

by Dee McLachlan

Is anyone getting tired of the fabulous new books from Gumshoe writer Mary W Maxwell?

I have known Mary for several years now, and have never met a writer so relentless and persistent in putting her astute thoughts on paper.

The courier showed up at my door yesterday with a carton load of her latest — Deliverance!  [Read more…]

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