Prove To Us That You Are NOT “Fake News”


by Dee McLachlan

For several years now Gumshoe News has been trying to get a response from the mainstream media (MSM) on anything to do with 9-11. But Australia’s MSM just plainly refuses to discuss any of the facts surrounding September 11 — especially on subjects like the (part free fall) collapse of Building 7.

When confronted with the topic, radio hosts like ABC’s Jon Faine will denigrate anyone questioning the official story. And ABC’s popular scientist, Dr Karl, just shies away from the science of the three collapsed buildings. [Read more…]

The Day Israel Attacked… America (USS Liberty)


A note to Jon Faine (ABC 774 host):

When a former prime minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, informed you of the facts (on your radio show) regarding the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 — you did not believe him.

Now with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (above R) visiting Australia, maybe it is a good time to interview Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (above L) about the Israeli Air Force’s unprovoked attack on the ship. [Read more…]

Remember This Guy? He Didn’t Do It.


“Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant”

Adelaide Fringe – free, no need to book!

 Burnside Library, March 15 at 3pm

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Gumshoe readers know that this website has an ongoing interest in Port Arthur. This is partly because of the WA aviatrix Cherri Bonney, the WA Return-to-Sender guy Mal Hughes, and the “I know who came over on the ferry” stickybeak Kevin Woodman. Hey, he’s from WA too, is there something going on over there?

This short article is to tell you about Fringe developments.  [Read more…]

“We All Have To Worry That a New Epidemic Will Come Along”

by Mary W Maxwell

The title of this article is a direct quote from Bill Gates, when he was interviewed by Julian Barnes at Davos yesterday. “And he’s just the man to do it” – my comment.

I haven’t prepared an article here at Gumshoe today, but readers are invited to give this Truther Girls video a squiz:


The Titanic Sails at Dawn: Warning Signs Point to Danger Ahead in 2017


by John W. Whitehead

Editor’s note: this was published in January at the website

   “When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

Despite our best efforts, we in the American police state seem to be stuck on repeat, reliving the same set of circumstances over and over and over again: egregious surveillance, strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, government spying, censorship, retaliatory arrests, the criminalization of lawful activities … asset forfeiture, etc.    [Read more…]

Media Fakes — Come Out With Your Hands In The Air


by Dee McLachlan

There were several articles in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and The Herald Sun today about President Donald Trump’s 80 minute press conference. The mainstream media reports describe it as “rambling.” In the SMH:

“President Donald Trump’s combative news conference on Thursday afternoon left some people speechless.”

The mainstream media is stunned by so much opinion from a President. They have been trained to accept the staged and “scripted” press conferences.

NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers had this to say about Trump’s press conference:

“The Trump administration has been roiled by chaos, and today Trump doubled down on that chaos by holding a bizarre press conference full of false claims, grievances and attacks on the media… and then Donald Trump held what can only be described as a bats– crazy press conference that rendered this script [his show] completely meaningless…”

The President began the press conference by announcing his nominee for secretary of the Department of Labor at the press conference — Mr. Alex Acosta.

Then he continued on to skewer the media. This extract from the transcript (sourced from the New York Times) is abbreviated (for the record):

[Read more…]

Kay Griggs and the Anal Theory of Power

kay-griggs(L) Kay Griggs

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Kay Griggs is a very important person. She spoke out several years ago and has not been seen since (that I know of).  Her husband was (or is) big in the military and he would get drunk once in a while and tell her some secrets.

You can see her 8-hour Youtube interview with Pastor Strawcutter (and thanks be to him!).  In part of that talk she emphasizes the man-on-man rape that occurs at military initiation ceremonies. [Read more…]

A Win for the Deep State

michael-flynn-donald-trumpPresident Trump and Mike Flynn

Editor’s Note: I was surprised by the manner in which Mike Flynn was side-lined. That’s what happens when one tries to build bridges with Russia. The article below is about the ousting of Mike Flynn taking us down the road to a police state. But Rep. Devin Nunes is leading a push-back. The article is sourced from

by Justin Raimondo, February 15, 2017

Let’s be clear about how and why former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was ousted from his post: a cabal of current and former members of the “intelligence community,” fanatically opposed to Donald Trump’s stated desire to “get along with the Russians,” leaked the top secret transcript of Flynn’s conversation with Russian ambassador Sergay Kislyak. Although we don’t yet know exactly what transpired – as of this writing, BuzzFeed hasn’t gotten their hot little hands on the transcript – there was apparently some discussion of lifting sanctions on Russia, which is something the cabal and its collaborators in Congress and the media are determined to prevent at all costs. [Read more…]

Phone Call to National Security Hotline


by Mary W Maxwell

Grass does not grow under the feet of Gumshoe’s editor, Dee McLachlan. If she sees a problem, she jumps at it, often in real time, as with her recent radio call to Jon Faine’s morning program, or her email yesterday to Front Bencher, Kate Ellis, which Brae Antcliffe then expanded on brilliantly. And you may recall that Mal Hughes has a stack of letters he sent to everybody-and-his-dog regarding the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. This is great! But now there’s a Mexican connection…    [Read more…]

Barrister Reminds MP of Her Duties

9-11-kate-ellis(L) The North Tower exploding outwards, and (R) Kate Ellis MP

Editor’s Note: I publish below the open letter to Minister Ellis, and below that to Paul Barry (Media Watch) regarding their views on 9-11. Barrister Antcliffe, a member of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, provides Kate Ms Ellis a small sample of evidence regarding September 11.

Ms. Kate Ellis. MP.

And all staff members.

Parliament House. Canberra. ACT.

Dear Ms Ellis, and staff members.

[cc: Media Watch, Michael Rivero, Dateline, 7.30 Report, Senator D Hinch, One Nation]

I refer to a message sent to you by Ms Dee McLachlan on 13th February relating to your comments recently on the ABC “Q and A” program. [Read more…]

The Man Who Stabbed Verwoerd — NOT


Assistant editor’s note: This first appeared on Gumshoe on April 15, 2015 as “1960s Assassinations.” Now the author adds more about the patsy, Dimitri Tsafendas

by Dee McLachlan

After the 1960s and a spate of assassinations, leaders (with a few exceptions) have never really been able to lead again. And it seems it all started with Patrice Lumumba – the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  [Read more…]

“Controlled Insanity” – What an Amazing Goal

040519_911_commission_hmed8a-grid-6x2Christopher Brodeur disrupts Mayor Rudolph Giuliani testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission when security remove a woman (L).

Editor’s note: Following from yesterday’s comments about people being in denial, I am re-running Mary’s April 28, 2015 article:

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Although I have read Orwell’s 1984 a few times, I’ve only just noticed that he actually uses the term “controlled insanity” to tell us that the men in charge really do want us to be insane. It’s their goal. They engineer it. Wow. [Read more…]

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