Money Challenge

The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vaste in effect it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.


The Christopher Brooks Money Creation Challenge

“Money Creation is the foundation knowledge that must become common if solutions to war, poverty, injustice and sustainability are to be achieved. I intend to break the sorcery.” Christopher Brooks.



  1. That Chris Field book is absolutely top stuff. only 50 pages cover to cover and tells the reader everything they need to know

  2. Glad to see someone has a good handle on things

  3. “By policy letting deflation take its toll, domestically, while they apply their money overseas. They by goods of China and allow us to by them with consumer loans – but the drain – continues to take its toll. The result is the destruction of the country and the accumulation of all our money in China – so that when the time comes – China will not have to conquer this country, they will just move in and buy it up.” Dick Eastman.

  4. Thanks Christopher. I only discovered this myself recently with with Chris Field Book, Banks Lie. I don’t hesitate to talk to people about this as i think its a key topic for waking people up as nearly everyone has a mortgage or a personal loan.


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