Welcome to a Front Row Seat at the Sydney Siege Theatre


by Dee McLachlan

All aspects of the way the police acted during the Lind Café siege point to a “staged performance.”

At this website I have repeatedly shown how the appropriate military persons were stood down during the 9-11 attacks in New York. The same occurred during the Port Arthur massacre of 1996.

My article “Permission denied; this has to happen” describes that day at the Seascape Cottage where a hostage situation was (allegedly) in progress. Tasmanian constables had the gunman in their sights but were not allowed to shoot him! Several personnel, including volunteer firemen, heard a senior police officer on the radio respond to the request to shoot: ‘Permission denied; this has to happen.’

Now we ask: What happened at the Lindt Cafe on 15-16 December 2014?  [Read more…]

The Proposed Hate Laws Should Be Focused on David “Peddling of Lies” Cameron


Come on Britons – threaten those proposed laws on your Prime Minister, Mr David “Peddling of lies” Cameron.

MPs have called on the “Crown Prosecution Service to examine whether prevention orders similar to those which can be used to restrict sex offenders’ online access could be applied to hate crimes,” the Daily Mail reports. And speech the British government considers hateful should be outlawed and subjected to ASBOs, or Anti-Social Behavior Orders on conviction, according to members of the British Parliament. [Read more…]

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