The “Polish” Problem

by Mary W Maxwell

This is our shortest Gumshoe article ever. It is a 30 second commercial ad, being run on a Montgomery, Alabama radio station even as we speak.

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Are 1.9 Million Australians “Locked Out” of Gumshoe News?

Don’t be critical of your prime minister on social media 

by Dee McLachlan

There are just over 12.1 million people employed in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that in June 2016 there were 1,924,800 public sector employees (with 186,500 local, 243,300 Commonwealth, and 1,495,100 in state government).

That means 15% of Australia’s workforce (1.9 million people) are unlikely to make comments on Gumshoe News, as this site can be highly critical of Canberra. They would be risking their livelihood were they to share one of our posts. Wow.

New Social Media Guide Lines for Public Employees [Read more…]

Regime Change: Will the “Martians” Really Do It to America?

Whispering to Vito Corleone in “The Godfather”

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The question to be posed here is: is there a foreign entity working to unseat President Trump? The “foreign entity” need not be a nation, or an alliance of nations. It could be a private club. And it mightn’t be really foreign but domestic. Even if it’s domestic I shall refer to it as foreign or outsider-ish. I think the human brain can’t take in the prospect of mass treason by one’s “nice” compatriots.

(Hey, it might even pay to call the interferers “Martians” – that way there would be no sympathy for them. I will occasionally refer to them as Martians to make the point.) [Read more…]

Bravo to Dylan Voller on His Candidacy, and a Word about Tavistock

(L) Dylan Vollers in detention at Don Dale Detention Center in the NT, and (R) Taking a selfie

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate in Alabama

During my campaign I have been constantly surprised by the willingness of intelligent, educated people to accept whatever is dished out to us by The Powers That Be. My experience in Australia was the same; I don’t think I ever made a convert on my theme of “Arrest the bastards.”  You may say “Oh Mary dear, many people turned out for your Fringe drama, A Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant. No, that doesn’t alter my “statistic.” No one got converted during the play; rather those who attended (travelling even from WA, TAS, and NSW) were already persuaded of Bryant’s innocence. [Read more…]

Antidotes to Powerlessness, Part 1: Who Can Spank Whom?

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

While campaigning for the US Senate in Alabama this month I have frequently said from the podium: “The Constitution is a miracle.” Yes, it is. Too bad we have CNN all day, every day, trying to make us feel that we are but spectators of what’s going on in Washington and that only the high mucky-mucks are the players. Wrong-o, CNN, and you’ll be in for a surprise when you get indicted by a Citizen Grand Jury.

Hilariously (I don’t mean Hilleriously, but we’ll get to that), the talk is all about Trump implying that he wants rid of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  I’ll bet he doesn’t want rid of him. (Trump said he wished he’d known his AG planned to pull a recusal over the “Election interference investigation,” he’d have picked somebody else.). [Read more…]

Haiti’s Earthquake and the Clinton Foundation: a Double Disaster

by Malcolm R. Hughes

On 12th January 2010, the island nation of Haiti was hit by a devastating natural or man-made earthquake. French-speaking Haiti is on the west portion of an island in the Caribbean, of which the east side is occupied by the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic. Haiti’s capital, Port Au Prince, was hit severely, with most houses being demolished, leaving hillocks of rubble. Many people were killed instantly.

As usual after such a disaster, the World’s population put their hands in their pockets and donated eleven billion  dollars. Many were people who have very little themselves. However, the earthquake was not the worst part of the disaster. That happened when Bill Clinton, who had been US president from 1993-2001, was given the control of the clean-up and reconstruction of Haiti. [Read more…]

Health Care, Part 4:  Obamacare Out, Charity In

Jesus healed ten lepers

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

This article recaps the three earlier parts of my Health Care series, and makes a comment on helping the sick by charity. Part 1said please look at power plays.  Part 2 spotlighted our habit of shying away from calling Dr Bradstreet’s death an out-and-out murder even though there is no chance of it being anything other than an out-and-out murder. Heck, we don’t even demand that the “logical” culprits be brought in for questioning. This is a big mistake — anger toward a wrongdoer is one of the main ways to get a behavior changed. Part 3 covered the heroic life of Nick Gonzalez, MD, working for cancer patients.  [Read more…]

Australian Journalist Chris Uhlmann Demolishes Trump After ‘G19’ and Prostestors

President Putin and Trump at the G20

by Dee McLachlan

The Guardian reported:

“Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: ‘biggest threat to the west’.”

An Australian journalist demolishes Trump? And now Uhlmann’s commentary (a YouTube) of the American president has gone viral. He says Trump is a man with “no desire and no capacity to lead the world”.

If he had followed the election, he would have known that Trump had no desire to lead the world. Trump promised to focus on America. Uhlmann, in his broadcast (below), said: [Read more…]

 Exciting Times Ahead (for Gumshoers)

by Dee McLachlan

Dear participants and followers,

For over three years, has been a kind of “community board.” Over 17,000 comments have been published here, and we have run more than 1,100 high-quality articles — from many contributors.

I started this website because Australia is poorly served, not only by the mainstream media (dominated by Murdoch), but also by the public broadcaster, the ABC. They constantly publish and report scripted propaganda, and much worse.   [Read more…]

What Is NATO Doing Tonight?

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

In 2011, I wrote a Q&A about relationships among three entities: the US, the UN, and NATO. The focus was on our bombing of Libya “for no good reason.” Although that episode is no longer newsworthy – we pretty well destroyed Libya – the legality of the relationships is still a pertinent question. NATO seems to be expanding its bailiwick all the time.

Here are 42 questions with answers that should interest military officers and citizens interested in protecting th Constitution – before we lose it altogether. Each time I say “Libya” you can substitute whatever country is in the news, such as Iran or Qatar. [Read more…]

Melbourne 3CR Community Radio “Keep Left” Program to Discuss Building 7

The “collapse” of Building 7

by Dee McLachlan

Presenters Chris Gaffney and Irene Bolger, of the “Keep Left” 3CR community radio, have promised to discuss the collapse of Building 7 on their next program.

With comment and analysis on the political questions of the day — with talkback — the program is scheduled from 10 – 11 am this coming Friday, 7 July, 2001. [Read more…]

Made My Day!

by Mary Maxwell, current Republican candidate for US Senate

“President Trump shared a video Sunday on Twitter of himself slamming WWE President Vince McMahon to the ground and punching him, with the CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s head, escalating his recent attacks aimed at the news media.”

Total happiness here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! The man in the White House has done the right thing. I can’t ever remember a president doing the right thing like that. Maybe that’s ‘cuz our US presidents and the mainstream media have worked for the same boss.  [Read more…]

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