A New Legislator on the Horizon?

Elvis has left the building

by Mary W Maxwell

This is a private letter to the Gumshoe Faithful. All others, please avert your eyes.

Dear Faithful, I have left the building. I have departed Oz, maybe never to return. I found out about a job opportunity, and, as the shades of night are falling fast, I thought I had better go for it.

Here’s how I found the “job offer.” On May 1 (“May Day! May Day alert!”) there was a headline at Yahoo that said “Disbarred judge seeks election to Senate.”  I figured he must be one of us, and that the disbarring was punishment for a dissident, per usual.

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Virginia Livingston’s Cancer Cure

Virginia Livingston

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

During the last hundred years, a surprisingly large number of doctors  have found ways to cure or alleviate cancer. These ways are not the Big Three – surgery, radiation, and chemo – that are the ones almost exclusively recommended by the profession.

Let’s begin with Virginia Livingston (1906-1990), a graduate of Bellevue Medical School, daughter of Herman Wuerthele, MD (1885-1967). In her first book, Cancer: A New Breakthrough (1972), she claimed a success rate of 82%. Here are four cases: [Read more…]

More Australian Swamp Critters and “The Flying Turd”

by Phil Hingston

Gumshoenews has written  in the recent past, about the Australian Defense Force purchase of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike fighter (aka “The Flying Turd“) at a meager cost of $130 million each, for an estimated minimum taxpayer outlay of between $17 to $24 billion!

We asked the obvious question, that if this fighter jet was so bad, why are we being dragged, kicking and screaming, to become the proud owners of 75 of these “Flying Turds??” [Read more…]

The US Should Not Fund Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen

(L) Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky     (R) King Salman of Saudi Arabia

by United States Senator Rand Paul

Editor’s note:  this first appeared on Senator Paul’s website on April 28, 2017:

American-built planes with American bombs were used by the Saudis to bomb a funeral procession in Yemen. Over 100 people were killed, and 500 mourners were wounded. Active duty American pilots have been refueling the planes dropping bombs across Yemen.

Sounds like war to me.

But when did we declare war on Yemen? When did Congress vote to authorize military force in Yemen? Who is the enemy, and why are we fighting them?

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Martin Bryant Birthday Series, Part 2: The Cake Situation  

by Mary W Maxwell

Editor’s Note: this is a plea to readers to join the birthday cake fandangle for MB.

GumshoeNews.com has a few favorite topics, as can be seen on the masthead of the website. One is Port Arthur. Most of the articles on that subject up to May 2016 got put into a book which is a free download: Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, by Mary W Maxwell and Dee McLachlan. Since then there have been developments in Martin Bryant’s case — the present article will list them.

The 21st anniversary of the PAM (Port Arthur massacre) is this week: April 28.  The fiftieth birthday of the wrongly-imprisoned Aussie is next week. [Read more…]

False Flags and the Northwoods Memo

JFK with General Lyman Lemnitzer

by Mary W Maxwell

Defeating one’s enemy requires both ruthlessness and strategy. Thomas Hobbes, who was born in 1588, wrote “Force and fraud are, in war, the cardinal virtues.”

GumshoeNews runs a lot of articles about false flags, as though they are very naughty. They are not intrinsically naughty – they are virtuous in the Hobbesian sense, provided they are not intended to deceive the domestic population.  You be the judge of Operation Northwoods. Was it naughty or virtuous?

It was written in 1962 with the intention of having the US invade Cuba, which was then the only communist nation in the Western hemisphere. Probably most Americans would have approved.  [Read more…]

Syria Explained

Blowing in the Wind!

Picture and caption from The Age regarding a story at Pacapunyal Base

by Cherri Bonney

One feature of Port Arthur and other prominent events that are used to promote an established agenda, is the way the public is expected to pass over certain items of information as if they were not problematic at all. All the crappy footage of a blonde shooter off in the distance was passed off as Martin Bryant.  Virtually nobody took stock and said, “Hang on, I can’t actually see this person’s face.”

It’s the same with the ASIO, fooling the public once again, (Oh I can’t stop laughing!) NOT!!    We can’t actually see the shooter’s face — though, these days, with all the ability to fake footage, perhaps it doesn’t matter. Still the government sure isn’t taking any chances.  [Read more…]

How Can We Live? Part 1, Starvation in Yemen

A child in hospital in Houdieda, a port city in western Yemen

by Mary W Maxwell

Don’t rate your children’s chances by your current position in the social system. All could change rather drastically before they reach adulthood. In fact, don’t even rate your own chances a decade hence according to what you’ve always been accustomed to. We are in a period of upheaval.

I’ve lived my life in what I consider to be unbelievable luxury – I have never wanted for food, shelter, clothing – or social events, education, security, music, etc. It all fell like manna from heaven into my life. No, wait, it didn’t fall. The system I lived in somehow saw to it that I would have all those things. [Read more…]

A Cop’s Suicide: Part 18 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series

A wedding scene from New York City

Editor’s Note: This “story” will appear in Mary Maxwell’s new book about the child-abuse Royal Commission:

I wish I hadn’t killed myself, but nobody would listen. If I were alive today, the situation would be a lot easier.

When I was a boy, I used to eavesdrop on Dad and Uncle Ted talking about being “on the job”; this would fill my belly with fire and my heart with excitement. All I ever wanted to do was to wear the badge. That day eventually came, in the winter of 1979, shortly after my 21st birthday. I finished my cadet training and at last I was in uniform, just like Dad.

For the most part I loved my job.

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What’s Up at Risdon? Who’s This New Judge in Tassie?

Cherri Bonney’s last attempted visit to Risdon was in 2016

by Cherri Bonney

Last Friday – we are told by a “little birdie” — there was a mini-riot at Risdon. And for good cause. A prisoner was prevented at the last minute from attending his mother’s funeral. You only have one mother and she only has one funeral, you know. The man was devastated. This is partly because he had been told he could go. Indeed a nice suit for him to wear was dropped off by his family at the prison at 3pm the previous day.

Police were on standby (what, not on stand-down?) as it was said that a guard – pardonez moi, a “custodial officer” – may have been injured, and $50, 000 worth of damage done, by a ruckus of frustrated prisoners over this event.

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A Syrian Quarry Vs Trump Tower

Trump Tower

by Dee McLachlan

The president of the US lives in a tower glittering with gold, while the folk in the village of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria live in simple homes. Good for them. The buildings and streets of the small town encircle the khan — the caravanserai — built in the the 14th century.

Khan Sheikhoun [Read more…]

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