Introducing Canberra to Dr Paul Craig Roberts

-paul-craig-robertsWhy should Canberra take notice of this man? Paul Craig Roberts – former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, listed by Who’s Who in America as one of the 1,000 most influential political thinkers in the world and PhD economist is warning us of WW3. And Tony Abbott is unwittingly leading the charge – firing accusations at Putin and stirring up anti-Russian sentiment over MH17 before any investigation – ignoring the basic presumption of innocence. Well lets see what Paul Craig Roberts has been saying recently: [Read more...]

Disgraceful Reporting.


I read over the week-end the most disgraceful distorted reporting in the Herald Sun by Patrick Carlyon. You would have thought that the pro-Russian separatists were responsible for the decomposition of the bodies (I’m sure those same poor souls wouldn’t compose on Australian soil – as we’re ‘nice’ people). [Read more...]

Monsanto Hoax

A hoax claiming that Michelle Obama had signed on to a Monsanto program to produce “healthy GMOs” for children went ballistic. As the hoax story went viral, social media erupted with outrage and anger as people expressed their desire to protect their kids from the dangers of GMOs. [Read more...]

One Question Is Not Being Asked

bishop Australian families deserve the truth about MH17. Julie Bishop was in Kiev and could have facilitated that. But with Tony Abbott having already ‘accused’ Putin being party to this crime, and the public bleating about banning Putin from the G20 – it might be difficult for Bishop to have simply asked: “Please can we have the full transcripts from the control tower?[Read more...]

Perception Deception

Some hours after the MH17 disaster, a video flashes across mainstream media implicating pro-Russian separatists (and the Russians) as they talk about how they downed the aircraft. I was suspicious of the perfect timing and efficiency of this hugely important audio (and then YouTube) ‘evidence’ . [Read more...]

Help Bob McIlvaine


I have rarely been so inspired by the tenacity and passion of a father trying to seek justice for his son. I have watched many of the talks (videos) that Bob McIlvaine has given – and every time I am moved. It seems he will not stop demanding the truth of what happened to his son.  [Read more...]

Investigation MH17

28 Australians were on MH17, which US intelligence officials say was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile – killing all 298 people on board when the plane crashed near the village of Grabovo – an area under the control of pro-Russian rebels. PutinAbbottRegurgitating the US line and mainstream media spin, Tony Abbott came right out of the starting blocks accusing Russia – and Putin – with the strongest language – calling it an “unspeakable crime”. You would think he might have learned to become a little more cautious. [Read more...]


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