Burying the Evidence?

lie The stories spun by MSM and Canberra on MH17 and Russia (above).

mh17 truthThis is where MSM and Canberra have buried the evidence. [Read more...]

Doctrinaire Hypocracy

syriaThis is how the Syrian Rebels reportedly looked when we (the West and CIA) first funded them  (This photo looks perfectly ‘staged’ to me)

isisNow they look like this  (and much worse) – lets bomb the crap out of them.

Not long ago the west (CIA) was funding, training and supplying weapons to Syrian rebels (top pic) as reported here in The Australian.

[Read more...]

Another Major NSA Whistleblower

The mainstream media seemed fairly comfortable reporting on NSA Whistle-blower, Edward Snowden. But be guaranteed much of the Australian mainstream media, especially the Murdoch press, and even radio personalities like Jon Faine will not be comfortable reporting on this NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney.  


So who is Bill Binney? [Read more...]

Insanity is Your Normal

I have to agree with David Icke on this. The present world is INSANE. That is the “normal” we exist in – and it is run by energies aligned with psychopathic, murderous criminals (human or otherwise).


If another galactic empathetic race were to arrive and monitor us – they would report back: [Read more...]

MH17 Update.

I called DFAT on Monday 25th August requesting confirmation: Had Australia signed a non-disclosure agreement (which requires consensus of 4 countries, and will this allegedly give Ukraine veto on releasing the investigation outcome). I thought this agreement could be a problem – considering the evidence points to a Ukrainian jet fighter downing MH17. [Read more...]

Vaccines link to Autism Exposed

Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on #CDCWhistleblower. What next Australia?



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