Perception Deception

Some hours after the MH17 disaster, a video flashes across mainstream media implicating pro-Russian separatists (and the Russians) as they talk about how they downed the aircraft. I was suspicious of the perfect timing and efficiency of this hugely important audio (and then YouTube) ‘evidence’ . [Read more...]

Help Bob McIlvaine


I have rarely been so inspired by the tenacity and passion of a father trying to seek justice for his son. I have watched many of the talks (videos) that Bob McIlvaine has given – and every time I am moved. It seems he will not stop demanding the truth of what happened to his son.  [Read more...]

Investigation MH17

28 Australians were on MH17, which US intelligence officials say was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile – killing all 298 people on board when the plane crashed near the village of Grabovo – an area under the control of pro-Russian rebels. PutinAbbottRegurgitating the US line and mainstream media spin, Tony Abbott came right out of the starting blocks accusing Russia – and Putin – with the strongest language – calling it an “unspeakable crime”. You would think he might have learned to become a little more cautious. [Read more...]

Crash Site Investigation Required

What really needs to be investigated is the crash site of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.  This is what it looked like.

images (1)

And this is what Malaysian Airlines 17 looked like this morning – across a wide debris field. [Read more...]

The Presstitutes, Gate Keepers & 28 Pages

Rep. Massie speaks at Press Conference Regarding 9/11 – challenging Congress to read the 28 redacted pages, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

But the presstitute media and gate keepers keep the populace unquestioning.

Unaccompanied Children

52,000 – yes 52,000 unaccompanied children have arrived at the US/Mexican border seeking asylum since October 2013 – almost double the number in a similar period last year. Approximately 39,000 adults with children have been apprehended around the same time. In comparison, in Australia, in early 2011, there were 468 unaccompanied children in detention seeking asylum. [Read more...]

Photoshop History

rolf2014 will be a new era of erasing criminals from history. A public mural in Melbourne will be altered to remove Rolf Harris’ image. Yep – just wipe his memory and all that art and music off the face of the earth. Shouldn’t he be left there to remind us that humanity is terribly flawed?  But a much more sinister removal plan is in process. Criminal histories could be erased through Google’s “right to be forgotten” ruling – resulting in negative reports on the rich, famous and the criminal (elite) being removed and forgotten. [Read more...]


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