Cancer – A War of Medical Mindsets

I have watched several episodes of the new series THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER – which includes 28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors And 1 “FDA Dragon Slaying” Attorney. These people break their ‘Code Of Silence’ and expose the TRUTH about cancer and how to prevent, treat and beat it 100% naturally. See more here. As I had a brother die from colon cancer many decades ago, I appreciate a bold new mindset in this field.  [Read more...]

Laurie Oakes – Just Another Australian Presstitute

oakesOur esteemed Laurie Oakes looking very gravitas.

Laurie Oakes writing in his latest articleNow Prime Minister Abbott must act over Vladimir Putin” for the Herald Sun October 17, 2014 – has proved he is just a patsy of the mainstream propaganda media. He has long been in the top list of journo’s in this country, but this article reveals his true colours. Firstly he should have done his home work and just a little bit of investigating before trying to inflame tensions with a country as powerful. And like the rest of Abbott’s team, maybe take into account that there is a presumption of innocence in a sane world. [Read more...]

An Analysis of General Wesley Clark (Ret) and the Memo of Destruction.


This once Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO (1997 to 2000) revealed the the plan’ to destroy 7 countries in 5 years. How and WHY was Clark ‘allowed’ to reveal this Neocon plot of destruction?

[Read more...]

German Journalist Clarifies What the Hell Is Going On:  May Explain Ebola, Too

By Mary W Maxwell, LLB

When I saw the video by Udo Ulfkotte on 9 October 2014 at, I was pretty sure he was genuine. He whined about how he was led down the wrong path, to produce pro-war propaganda for the CIA. He kept saying “I am ashamed of myself; I don’t want to bring a new war to Europe.” Still, many such confessions are really plants, so my skepticism took over.

Then, however, having googlized the situation, I found a statement that Udo made seven years ago. He was in the middle of being persecuted, in 2007, by the German authorities, for saying that Islamic extremists were causing trouble. Huh? Yes, they went after him if he tried to publish anti-Muslim news reports. [Read more...]

The Madness of McCain

I have written about Senator McCain before in The Maestro of the Arab Wars - and this war-monger (for the globalists) keeps coming out with the most extraordinary statements. [Read more...]

Mr Abbott, please put your arms in these extra long shirt sleeves.


There are two moronic miscreants in this “shirtfront” mess:   1. Tony Abbott (plus many Canberra politicians), and 2. The Mainstream Media. [Read more...]

What Lucky Country?


“Aussies, wake up, you are riding on MERE LUCK. Your leaders are second-rate. Go on, put a little effort into it”.  There were many surprises last Thursday at a Canberra meeting that went over Donald Horne’s famous book with a fine tooth comb.   [Read more...]

We Need Aussie ‘Bantustans’

Gerald I have the perfect solution for you: The creation of Aussie ‘bantustans’. You can glumly present it on your next politically predictable television appearance on the presstitute media.


Mr Glum – Gerald Henderson (Executive Director of The Sydney Institute and often seen on television) says the minimum wage of $17 ($16.87) is way too high.  And this in Australia where CEO pay is 93 times more than the average Australian worker (at $45K) (says this study in the business spectator). [Read more...]

Team Australia vs Team Russia


“I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin”

It is a shame that Australian politicians are so naive and a disgrace that Australian media are so negligent in reporting the facts.

“Shirtfront” – That is what the prime minister said on Monday. Reported in the Australian: He said he would also be demanding Russia co-operate with the criminal investigation and if evidence is sought it should be provided. “I’m going to be saying to Mr Putin, Australians were murdered”. Mr Shorten said there was plenty of evidence pointing to Russian involvement in the July 17 downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine, and that “It was an act of murder” Mr Shorten echoed.

Pravda editorial states: “Tony Abbott displays a degree of insolence, arrogance and incompetence which mirrors the intrusiveness, belligerence and chauvinism inherent in other members of the Anglo Saxon alliance in NATO. You know, that global terrorist organization whose budget is a staggering one point two trillion USD a year, each and every year.  [Read more...]

Malcolm Fraser on USS Liberty and False Flags

“… it demonstrates that a major power – when believes its vital interest are involved – will sacrifice any number of its own people“. Malcolm Fraser. [Read more...]


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